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Are you a fan of our wonderful horned horse ? Then you've come to the right place ! At Unicorn Village we offer you the best items related to this magical horse. From bags, dresses, slippers, plush to unicorn pool floats, we assure you, you will find what you are looking for.

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When you buy from Unicorn Village, you can be sure you're buying a quality product at the best price ! Satisfied or your money back ! We are also committed to offer you a fast delivery to any destination. Moreover, our large choice of products allows us to cover all our customers' expectations. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day for any questions. You can contact us via the dedicated page, dynamic messaging or social networks. We listen to our customers on a daily basis to provide the best service. So what are you waiting for ?

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Unicorn Village is the number 1 shop in the world for everything related to unicorns. Discover a multitude of quality and affordable products. You can now buy our unicorn pajamas, unicorn slippers or unicorn dresses and enjoy free delivery anywhere in the world.

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The myth of the unicorn has long been a source of enchantment. Solitary, fast and graceful, the unicorn had a single spiral horn growing from its forehead. Sought after by many, this horn was said to have medicinal and magical properties. According to legend, the unicorn ignored Noah's call to board the ark, preferring to frolic in the rains of the flood. Since then, some people believe that unicorns exist only in our imagination. And then there are the rest of us.

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Unicorn Pajamas : The World's Softest and Most Comfortable Clothing !

Put on your Unicorn Slippers to be warm !

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The Unicorn Plush : an Adorable Partner !

A Unicorn Duvet Cover to Decorate your Bedroom and Sleep Well !

But what is a unicorn ?

The unicorn is an extraordinary and mystical animal, often looking like a horse with white fur and a golden horn on its forehead. This horn has magical powers such as healing and counter-poisonous properties, basically we are made to help our human friends. We are probably the most beautiful animals in the world, but we are struggling to be recognized as such, so it's time to help us by joining our pack, so that unicorns rule the world !