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Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank
Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank
Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank
Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank
Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank

Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank

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    Your child will be able to watch his savings grow through the glass of this Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank.

    What could be more educational than a Transparent Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank to teach your child how to save money and allow him to watch his pocket money accumulate inside ?

    Sometimes it's tempting to get your savings back early. You can opt for the Unicorn Money Box and seal the plastic cap with plaster to avoid this temptation. Don't hesitate to browse our collection of Unicorn Moneyboxes to find THE moneybox that will delight your child !
    If you are looking for other original wooden moneyboxes, go to our dedicated collection.

    Characteristics of the Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank

    • Dimensions : Height 22cm, Length 18cm, Thickness 3cm
    • Colour : Pink and White
    • Material : Wood and Plexiglas (acrylic glass)
    • Money box for children, from 3 years old
    • Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank is the prestigious gift that will make you stand out and your loved ones crack up 🎁
    • Has a cap for easy retrieval of parts
    • Money box for children
    • Save your small coins with our original and decorative moneyboxes
    • Premium quality piggy bank
    • Keep your change safe

    Our wooden piggy bank add a warm atmosphere to your home.

    The Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank has been made from wood to appeal to people who want to avoid synthetic materials. This Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank comes from a handcrafted work that has been brought up to date until it reaches us. Often handmade, these are authentic wooden decoration figurines. Wood diffuses heat 250 times slower than steel, it is a material resulting from photosynthesis, and is perfectly suitable for children as well as adults.

    Our shop has selected for you many Piggy Banks in natural wood in order to avoid plastic. The wood is sanded with sandpaper to avoid splinters. These are toy-like and will allow your child to store his or her daily change while decorating it. It is truly the kind of playful tool that will last for generations and that a child will remember throughout his life. Your child will enjoy creating stories or embellishing his Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank in order to personalize it. They may even discover an interest in wood and decide to create a recyclable money box. It is also a hiding place for money inside an object that looks like a toy with no other value than that of a beautiful wooden toy. If you are looking for an authentic Money Box, our Wooden Piggy Bank will take you back to the old days. A common object of our childhood, the Wooden Piggy Bank conveys with nostalgia its authentic charm.

    Save your treasure every day in a beautiful Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank

    This is the perfect object to get into the habit of storing the small coins that litter the bottom of your wallet in a safe corner. It will remind you of your financial goals every time you look at it. Symbol of abundance and justice, the Unicorn Money Box will be a unique tool to help you collect a little money. Its magical powers will take your teenagers to the fairytale kingdom of rainbows. The Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank will be ideal to keep your savings and stop leaving them lying around at the risk of losing them or spending them.

    Every month, you will be able to list the amount of money in your Unicorn Money Box in order to be aware of how much money you have. You can, for example, estimate how much money you expect to have at the end of the week and compare this amount of money with the savings in your piggy bank. This will allow you to monitor the difference between what you expected to get and what you actually saved in your Unicorn coin box. This is a good way to see the impact of unnecessary behaviours that add up when you add them up.

    A Unicorn Money Box is a great accessory to organize your budget

    Good money habits are taught at a young age. This Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank is an important playful device to help children integrate the value of money and adopt a self-reliant attitude. This is an original gift to celebrate your teenager's entry into the adult world, and to help him become a mature child.

    The Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank is a great way to teach grandchildren that money doesn't grow on trees and that sometimes you have to be patient. Learning from your mistakes helps to develop good financial habits early on. So if your teenager wants to spend all their money, they will have to face the consequences sooner or later.

    Finance your projects with a Unicorn Money Box

    Would you like to put an end to bad behaviour, or do you want to save money to discover the world ? Do you want to stop smoking ? Do you want to stop uttering obscenities ? Every time you break the rules you have set for yourself, you can save a few cents in your piggy bank to save money. This is a good way to quantify your deviations to motivate yourself to fill your piggy bank. The Wooden Unicorn Piggy Bank is ideal to help you save money to reach your goals !

    The Transparent Unicorn Head Money Box to embellish your grandchild's bedroom

    In addition to their primary purpose, original moneyboxes make beautiful decorative objects that are popular with children and adults alike. Find our online shop to find the one that will satisfy you the most according to the characteristics you are looking for. So, of course, you may prefer a more decorative piggy bank than an ancestral unicorn piggy bank. Today's piggy banks come in many different shapes and materials. Whether you want an unbreakable money box or one made of polyresin, you will certainly find something to decorate your home in an ingenious way. However, you have to admit that the age-old piggy bank has now taken on original shapes. When they are made for teenagers, they usually have a pleasant design. For adults, it has a mainly discreet and mature appearance to blend in with your interior decoration.

    Give your little one an original christening present and give them the chance to start saving money with this beautiful Unicorn Piggy Bank

    Whatever the event to celebrate a birthday or a christening, the Unicorn Piggy Bank makes a great impact. It is an unexpected and sensible gift to give to a loved one. They will discover that you trust them and that you want to give them access to it. Give them a piggy bank that suits their tastes or ambitions.

    Reawaken good financial routines with your Unicorn Piggy Bank

    Getting a Unicorn Piggy Bank means believing in your future by adopting good financial behaviour. Indeed, saving is a behaviour that takes time. Storing all your yellow coins in one place will prevent you from losing them unexpectedly. When you come back from your work, think of getting rid of the money in your wallet in your Unicorn Money Box to free yourself from compulsive temptations. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to realise that savings accumulate every day, and this, much faster in your piggy bank than you might have thought. You will give your child the opportunity to get involved in collective chores to earn a coin that he or she can put in the piggy bank.