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Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy
Unicorn Piggy Bank Do It Yourself
Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy
Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy
Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy

Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy

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    Use the Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy to give your child the joy of expressing their creativity !

    Offer this Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy to your child and let him use his imagination to customize his little fluorescent unicorn. He will have the opportunity to save his pocket money in order to build up a real little loot. What could be more original than a piggy bank to be personalized to surprise and please your child !

    Supplied with :

    • A customizable glow-in-the-dark unicorn
    • 2 sheets of decals with all kinds of colours
    • 1 sheet of stickers with glitter
    • 1 sheet of rhinestones

    Characteristics of the Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy

    • Box dimensions : Height 22cm, Width 20cm, Length 10cm
    • Colour : Phosphorescent White and Multicoloured
    • Material : Plastic
    • Money box for children, from 3 years old
    • Has a plastic cap for easy coin retrieval
    • Save your pocket money with an original piggy banks with decorative designs.
    • Premium quality money box
    • Free delivery

    The Unicorn Piggy Bank DIY : A real object to educate your little one about money.

    We are not born knowing how to manage our money and it is more than important to take the first lessons on money management from a young age. The Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy is a very effective educational tool as it monopolizes the attention of little cherubs with the aim of teaching them about money. Because there is no better fertilizer than enthusiasm to learn, an original piggy bank with the appearance of a toy will be a good idea to invite your little boy or girl to become a responsible and independent person. It will accompany them throughout their growth and help them to realize that every euro spent must be taken into account and that they must be careful in their spending. When your toddler learns how to calculate, the Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy can be a complementary accessory to pocket money to make them aware of the importance of putting their small savings in it. Little by little he will become aware of the value of work and will understand that if he absolutely wants to buy a new video game, he will have to wait. He will then realize that money does not fall from the sky. A piggy bank can also be seen as a way of showing those around us something that is important to us. Because we all have our own personal stories. So our preferences in terms of design and meaning will vary.

    Where does the Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy come from ?

    The main purpose of the money box is to protect cash and jewellery from burglars. During the Middle Ages, cash was stored in earthenware containers with a slot that served as a money box. At that time, it was compulsory to break the piggy bank in order to regain possession of the money. One thing is certain, it was not the most ingenious ! However, it did at least have the merit of making the person reconsider his future spending before thinking of spending his loot. Similar receptacles have been used for this purpose since the appearance of money. They represent the oldest means used to store cash. Today, it takes many different forms and is much more than a simple storage box. Numerous closing systems, more and more clever, have appeared in order to make the treasure inside more and more secure. The cheap orange terracotta, called PYG, gradually gave way to more solid or more noble materials which gradually replaced it. As the English language evolved over time, the word "PYG", meaning clay, slowly but surely joined the word "pig" phonetically. The Pig Money Box became popular as a result of this abuse of language, and as a result of this phonetic drift, British potters began to create Pig Money Boxes in clay en masse. But traces of pig-shaped earthenware jars can be found as far back as the 14th century in Java, Indonesia. The pig is capable of producing a large amount of meat and therefore represents wealth. You too can be creative and design your own piggy bank using a wooden box to relieve your wallet of the small red coins and banknotes lying around.

    Subtly decorate your living room with this beautiful Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy.

    Much more than a storage box for your pocket money, it is a decorative object in its own right, not to be confused with a statuette or a figurine. Whether in the children's bedroom or near the front door, piggy banks now have a distinctive design that will fit into any room in the house. Take a moment to choose a customizable piggy bank that matches the mood you want to convey in your home. Timeless, it clearly adds an original touch to your home décor and will help you make ends meet. By gathering all your money in one place, you clean the different surfaces where you used to leave it. As if keeping things clean wasn't enough, you'll also avoid misplacing any coins you might have left lying around on a shelf. Because seeing money lying around all the time is an additional temptation to spend it. We offer original money boxes in a variety of materials such as porcelain or wood in our specialized online shop. Store, Decorate, and Save !

    Offer this Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy as an original gift for a special occasion.

    Many of us once owned a piggy bank during our childhood. In order to offer an original birthday gift that is personalized according to the temperament of the person concerned, you can opt for a humorous piggy bank or a piggy bank with a more refined design. By giving a gift of this Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy to your little one, you are showing them that you believe in their dreams. If boys appreciate decorating their bedroom with a money box imitating a figurine that is close to their heart, girls will often focus on fairies. Older people, on the other hand, prefer to decorate their homes with a decorative money box. For adults and children, boys and girls, it is always fun to be given an original piggy bank.

    Put your money in your Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy to fight your bad financial habits.

    Adults also sometimes need a goal to reach in order to take charge of their lives and become more responsible. Your goal must be achievable in the medium term, because it could make you feel sick. Whatever your goal, you will need to be patient and rigorous in order to achieve it. Automatically spending all your menu money as soon as it comes into your possession is nothing short of killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Do you want to break a bad habit or go on a trip ? You can store a small note in your Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy as soon as you force the regulation which constrains you. In order to invest yourself to the maximum towards a goal, it is important to be able to be aware of your deviations. Get into the habit of systematically putting your pocket money into it in order to put all the chances on your side and achieve your goals.

    The Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy to face the unexpected.

    Because it is never pleasant to be caught off guard, having an emergency fund to face events is a responsible attitude. Because it is never pleasant to be caught unprepared, having a precautionary savings fund intended to avoid being surprised by life's hazards is a responsible attitude. By using this Unicorn Piggy Bank Diy, you will certainly be pleasantly surprised to see the exceptional speed with which your treasure will accumulate. With a little discipline, you will not be disconcerted if you break your mobile phone. As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. To avoid having to ask for a deposit, make sure you are able to deal with these events like an adult.

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