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Baby Unicorn Pajama
Baby Unicorn Pajama
Baby Unicorn Pajama

Baby Unicorn Pajama

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    • Super warm and super soft pyjamas
    • Material : high quality flannel
    • Long Sleeve : It will keep you warm
    • Comfortable to wear : closes and opens with snaps for easy changing
    • Very comfortable
    • Solid pressures : resistance to repeated dressing
    • 100% organic cotton with extra long fibres


    - Full body coverage : If our Baby Unicorn Pajama allows to embody so well this entity, it is because it covers all the body of your baby. These pajamas have long sleeves, so once put on, your baby will be warm and comfortable while embodying his favorite character or animal.

    - Hood : Our Baby Unicorn Pajama have a hood (similar to a sweater). Each pair of pajamas is unique and therefore each hood is unique. They often represent the face of the entity (character, animal, superhero, creature, etc.) with all the details it encompasses.

    - Zipper : Our Baby Unicorn Pajama can be closed with a zipper, so you can put them on and take them off very easily.

    - Loose fit : Our Baby Unicorn Pajama have a wide fit that will allow your toddler to be comfortable in his bed or in his parents' arms. It will also allow him to have a great freedom of movement when he wants to have fun with his friends.

    - Side pockets : Our Baby Unicorn Pajama have side pockets that will allow your boy or girl to put their toys in them, thus avoiding the need for a bag.

    - Elastic sleeves: Our Baby Unicorn Pajama are fitted. Indeed, it has long sleeves which are elastic at the level of the handles and the ankles, which makes it possible to prevent the cold from infiltrating inside. Your child will be warm all day and night.


    Babies have been used to being warm for more or less 9 months. As soon as they are born, they are sensitive to the cold, to their environment and to what surrounds them. They need a garment that can keep them warm during the day and at night, just like when they were in their mother's womb. We want the best for our customers but also for their little one that's why the Baby Unicorn Pajama are made of flannel, a material that we are used to see in high quality pajamas. So, in addition to keeping warm, this material is also very soft and hypoallergenic, which helps to protect the soft and precious skin of your boy or girl .


    A lot of parents have trouble dressing their child and this is understandable. Indeed, according to the seasons, the clothes change, the summer you will be more brought to equip it in a light way, the winter you will be rather in the exploration of an insulating clothing. At first, you have to find these clothes and this is long, then the purchase of all these clothes creates big expenses. So instead of buying a lot of shirts and shorts for the summer or sweaters, jackets and pants for the winter, get the Baby Unicorn Pajama ! Indeed, thanks to its flannel fabric, it will transmit warmth and softness to your child during the winter periods. But this material also makes our Baby Unicorn Pajama very light, so your boy and girl will be able to wear it also in summer. They will be at ease when they will do all kinds of activities or when they will rest after a hard day.


    You have decided to have a sleepover ? A school party, carnival, Christmas or Halloween is coming ? Only problem, you don't know how to dress your little one. Don't worry, we have the perfect item for your toddler. In addition to being comfortable, warm, hypoallergenic, easy to put on and wash, the Baby Unicorn Pajama also have another advantage : they can be used as a costume ! So instead of spending a lot of money on different clothes, buy him this baby set, it will serve as pajamas and disguise at the same time. One thing is sure, your baby will be the happiest and you will be able to impress all your acquaintances !


    A collection for adults and a collection for children have been designed so why not a baby collection ? Unicorn Village thinks of everyone, even the little ones. Discover the collection with a large choice of colorful and quality baby pajama suits. You will inevitably find happiness for your little one in this magnificent collection. We recommend you to make your choice according to what your boy or girl likes. In addition, new collections are regularly released, so stay tuned !

    Your child learns a lot when he is little, and the education you have given him has made him appreciate some things more than others. Even as a newborn, you can already see his preferences. Indeed, he already has for example his favorite superhero thanks to the movies he has watched, or his favorite animal thanks to the books he has read. So why not offer him a baby set of his favorite animal (teddy bear, giraffe, tiger) or his favorite character (Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Stitch) ? Thanks to the Baby Unicorn Pajama, he will be able to literally embody the entity he admires, an invaluable detail because quite different from having only a T-shirt or a sweater with the effigy of the character or the animal in question. This gesture will make him happy and will contribute to his growth. And if he's happy, you'll be happy too, so everyone wins !


    The first goal of the baby pajamas combination in general and of the Baby Unicorn Pajama is that your child embodies something, which he appreciates. This garment for boys and girls represents most of the time an animal but your boy or girl can also wear it to embody characters, monsters, legendary creatures, and much more. The baby romper also has other advantages : it keeps your baby girl or boy warm. Moreover, it will allow your baby to be comfortable at any time. The baby kigurumi is therefore an alternative to normal pajamas, but it is much better because it will allow your baby to embody the character or animal of his choice, instead of having poor prints of what he likes on his pajamas or his tee shirt.

    Gone are the days when toddlers put on pajamas with a simple print or plaid pajamas to sleep in. So what can your toddler wear ? Well, the answer can be summed up in just three words : Baby Unicorn Pajama. We are here to replace your toddler's worn out bodysuits with the absolute comfort that is this sleepwear, well yes, baby fashion exists too ! Your toddler will also be able to part with his bathrobe and add the Baby Unicorn Pajama to his baby clothes as it will take the place of the latter thanks to its absorbent flannel fabric. Then, between us, when you put it on him, he will look even cuter than in ordinary ready-to-wear. These girls and boys clothes are unique, fun and adorable. Depending on the baby romper and the character or animal they embody, some have tails, manes, a snout, a beak while others have ears, big eyes, scales, teeth, and more. So details are essential elements on a pajama suit because they will allow your boy or girl to get a complete look. But no matter what baby pajamas he wears, the main goal remains the same: your child will always be warm and comfortable no matter what time of year, where he will be or what he is used to doing !


    We always demand the best for our customers but also for their little one, that's why the Baby Unicorn Pajama is one of the best on the market in terms of quality. Here is the secret : it is elaborated with elements of high quality : the flannel, the organic cotton and the fleece. What is flannel ? It's a very soft fabric, as soft as plush and with heat retention capabilities. This fabric is often found in nightwear and is therefore ideal to wear during the cooler seasons of winter, spring and fall. The cotton is as for him soft will allow your little one to stay warm throughout the night. The Baby Unicorn Pajama are also hypoallergenic, which does not harm his soft skin.


    It's very simple, the Baby Unicorn Pajama are designed for all babies on the planet ! No matter his age, his weight, his size or his sex, this baby bodysuit will fit everyone ! Indeed, it is unisex, so it is made for baby girls as well as for baby boys ! You want to offer a baby kigurumi to your boy who loves superheroes ? Don't worry, we have it in stock ! Want to give a gift to your daughter who loves cute animals ? We have the world's most famous baby animal combos in our online store ! We have a lot of baby pajama suits so whether it's for your baby, your nephew, or the child of someone you know, this could be a great baby gift ! All you have to do is browse our online store and choose the tunic that best suits your baby so that he or she can be a real treat !


    Your little one will be able to wear our Baby Unicorn Pajama for all circumstances ! You love to participate in cosplay events, these events that originate from the kigurumi phenomenon and that gather a very large number of enthusiasts, each embodying his favorite entity ? Then equip yourself with one of our pyjama suits and offer our pyjama romper to your baby! One thing is sure, this great gift will make him happy and you will not go unnoticed! You wish to organize an original evening with your entourage but you don't have any idea? Prepare a theme party today and motivate your friends and family to choose and wear one of these clothes among the many models ! You can also equip your child with the Baby Unicorn Pajama to surprise them all ! One thing is sure : there will be atmosphere, everyone will have fun and it will be an incredible evening ! So take some pictures and send them to us. We will be happy to see the cocooning and relaxed atmosphere created by our lovely outfits! In addition to having the properties of pajamas (warmth and comfort), our baby suits and therefore our Baby Unicorn Pajama, can also be used as a costume. So if your baby needs a costume for Halloween, Christmas or any other event, don't look any further, you will find it here ! Once you put one of them on, he will be able to scare all his friends or even become Santa's best friend ! New collections are frequently released with fabulous colors, but you already have something to make your boy or girl happy, so don't waste time and buy one today ! Of course, you don't have to wait for an event to equip your boy or girl with this sleepwear, it would even be a shame if they didn't enjoy the warmth and comfort it brings today !


    Washing newborn clothes is frequently a parent's nightmare. Fortunately, washing our Baby Unicorn Pajama is a breeze. All you need to do is turn the pyjama suit inside out and put it in the washing machine at 30°C max. Add of course detergent, and if you can, a bit of flexibility. If you prefer, you can of course wash the sleepwear yourself with hot soapy water. When it is washed, hang it up to dry by itself or if you don't have time, put it in the dryer on low heat. This baby garment can take repeated washings without losing its shape and if there is a stain don't worry, the stains will simply be removed thanks to the flannel fabric.

    Instructions to follow :

    • When washing for the first time, we recommend washing it cold
    • No need to iron
    • Do not use bleach
    • Do not wash above 30°C


    It is sometimes hard to find a garment in the size of our baby on the Internet, this is mostly due to a lack of information. Don't worry, here we inform you that our baby pajamas are designed for babies who are out of their mother's belly until they are 24 months old. However, if you need more details, Unicor Village has created a size guide for you! You will have all the essential information in a table : size of the pyjama set, size of the individual, chest size, shoulder length and arm length.


    Our Baby Unicorn Pajama can be used as pajamas, disguise or bathrobe. Finally, it's warm, it's soft thanks to the cotton, it's comfortable thanks to the flannel, it's easy to put on and finally, it's easy to take care of, so what more could you ask for ? Whether you're buying one for your baby girl or baby boy or for another baby, with one of our baby kigurumis, you won't make any mistakes. What are you waiting for ? Add our Baby Unicorn Pajama to your cart now !

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