Unicorn Watches

    14 products

    14 products

    When you love jewellery and unicorns, it is obvious that you want to wear a watch bearing the effigy of this wonderful animal. He offers us a multitude of models, each one more beautiful than the next.


    Whatever your style, you will find something to suit you in our timepiece collection. The wide range of models available gives you the possibility to personalise your watch to suit your personal taste and mood. Whether you prefer imitation leather or silicone straps, you will find the comfort you need at work, at the office or even at school.

    They are all adjustable to best fit the morphology of a child, a teenager, a woman or even a man. The many colours on offer will appeal to the greatest number of people.


    Children love to imitate the adults around them. Wearing a watch can give them the confidence they may have lacked. The size of the dial may differ from one model to the next, but it will always tell the time perfectly, whether it's a quartz or digital model.

    To keep up with the trend, the contours can be gold, silver and sometimes set with crystals or zirconia. Their manufacture is of high quality, hypoallergenic and sometimes waterproof.


    We have a wide choice of watches for girls as they all love this wonderful and magical animal. We have a wide range of watches for girls, as they all love this wonderful and magical animal. You are sure to find the watch you are looking for among our many different styles.

    One of our current best sellers is the unicorn watch for little girls.. In the very kawaii style with a dial surrounded by the head of the rainbow horn unicorn in 3D. The silicone "clap" strap makes it easy to put it on by itself.


    Wearing a unicorn watch can have several meanings. Having a watch on your wrist is quite visible to everyone so it can mean that you want to show that you are part of a community. That of people who are open-minded enough to love unicorns.

    It can also mean that you love originality and want to stand out and assert your tastes without complex, in the simplest way for you.

    You are also free to wear a unicorn watch just out of envy without giving it a special symbol.


    If you would like to give a unicorn watch as a present to someone close to you, you have a very good idea. Whether it's for a birthday, a party or just for the pleasure of giving, the unicorn watch is an ideal surprise, regardless of the age or the look of the person receiving it.

    In our specialist shop in honour of the unicorn, Unicorn Village offers you quality items at the best value for money. Our team takes care to make our collection evolve to always put on sale the most trendy jewels to satisfy all our customers. Take advantage from today of the promotions that are currently applied and the standard delivery offered.

    Once again, we invite you to discover our collection of unicorn rings to see all of our most famous unicorn jewellery.