Unicorn Toilet Seats

    8 products

    8 products

    Unicorn toilet seat

    Do you want to decorate all the rooms in your home ? It is important not to forget the toilet. Indeed, it is quite possible to make this essential place much more comfortable thanks to some decorative elements such as a unicorn toilet seat !

    A unicorn toilet

    We have noticed that all the rooms in a house are always beautifully decorated, such as the bedroom, the kitchen or the living room. Many people neglect the toilet or even the bathroom. So don't wait any longer, our flaps are easy and pleasant to place in your toilet ! No more excuses for not adding a unicorn decoration to the little corner. Moreover, don't hesitate to add other unicorn decoration elements in this room used daily.

    Which unicorn toilet seat to choose ?

    Thanks to the Unicorn Village shop, discover among all our articles models of unicorn toilet covers that are both funny and cute ! Also, some of the toilet seats have a fall prevention system : perfect if you have a child at home. This will prevent the toilet seat from being damaged when you slam it shut. Your child will also love his or her flap for imagining a lot of stories with their favourite mythical creatures !

    Comfortable even in the smallest corner

    Would you like to sit comfortably and warmly on your toilet ? Choose the unicorn flaps with fleece ! You'll never be cold again during your little tour.

    Change the world with Unicorn toilet seats.

    Everyone wants to create an idyllic place in any room of your home. Adding a touch of enchantment to your cosy corner is very important to you. And you'll love having unicorns everywhere in your home. By buying our unicorn toilet seat you will add a touch of magic to your toilet and you will see that this room will not be like before. When you enter this room you will enter a world of unicorns, filled with magic. You will know how unicorns live and this will make you a real unicorn.

    Discover our collection of all our unicorn decorations to show your love for the legendary horned creature and the whole universe around it. This is the best opportunity in the world for you to become a true free spirit. See you on the other side for more decorations from the fairy castle !