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    10 products

    Unicorn Sweatshirt, the elegant jumper you've been missing

    Dressing with your favourite animal ? It's the best. Sweaters are special clothes, very practical and can be worn all the time. When they contain magical unicorn prints, they are even more swaggy. It's hard to beat the beauty and purity of the white horse with its twisted horn ! With a trendy unicorn sweater, you keep your casual look while staying cool.

    Unicorn sweaters are the perfect way to start the transition from autumn to winter. They are more or less light and their organic cotton construction makes them the perfect tracksuit to stay warm. With a fitted unicorn sweater for your size, you will look more charming and radiant all day long.

    Buy a unicorn sweatshirt that suits you

    At " unicorn-village.com ", it is difficult to leave empty-handed. Indeed, we offer a varied range of sweatshirts that will meet your expectations. You'll find comfortable men's hooded sweatshirts, zip-up hooded sweatshirts, women's sweatshirt models for men, and so on.

    If you want a large, medium or small size jumper that has a unique style and offers optimal comfort, a ready-to-wear unicorn jumper is the appropriate garment. It is available in all colours and adapts to every taste. You will find models in blue-grey, round collar, light yellow, purple, women's/girl's hoodies, etc.

    Where to find a unicorn sweatshirt at the best price ?

    Do you want to buy a unicorn sweatshirt to go to the city or to the beach ? Maybe you want to give it as a birthday present to a friend or your little girl ? Whatever the reason for your purchase, you should think about saving as much as possible.

    Indeed, the prices of unicorn sweaters vary from shop to shop. When you want to get the best value for your order, it's best to opt for shops that are 100% unicorn-specific. This type of shop has the particularity of offering the best quality at reduced prices. All over the world we have established ourselves as the market leader.

    Discover our collection of Unicorn Sweats from Unicorn Village !


    As soon as you feel a bit cold you want to put on a sweatshirt and what better way to do it than to put on a unicorn jumper. They all have long sleeves and a hood. Some have drawstrings and others have little ears or a unicorn horn, and the wrists and waistband are elastic. They have either a high collar or a round collar. They come in a variety of sizes so that you can choose to wear them loose or tight, depending on your taste.

    They are comfortable, very soft and thick with a fleece lining (does not itch). You will find a wide range of printed jogging tops whether you have a casual, sportswear or streetwear look, or whether you like to dress in oversize or slim fit.

    We offer unicorn sweaters for children, women, men and unisex, as well as crop tops. They go very well with slim jeans, or high waist jeans, sweatpants or leggings and trainers. You will be able to enjoy all your favourite activities in total relaxation.

    The materials used are mainly cotton and polyester. Some drawstrings are made of braid and a kangaroo pocket. A multitude of colours are available: white, black, turquoise blue, red, green, purple, yellow, pink, light grey, mottled grey, bicolour ... in plain or multicolour, with images, photos, symbols or even more or less humorous messages in silkscreen printing.

    So go ahead and adopt a unique style that will make your friends jealous when they see your wardrobe.

    Discover our models of unicorn sweatshirts and pullovers for children, teenagers and adults.

    Made in Cotton Polyester, these beautiful unicorn sweatshirts are printed with fairy-tale unicorn motifs. For all seasons, our unicorn jumpers are fitted for girls and women looking for a comfortable and super kawaii outfit ! An essential top for a unicorn wardrobe !

    Discover our selection of comfortable and cheap Unicorn Sweaters and Sweatshirts. For women, girls and children, knitted or printed, multicoloured etc. Our Unicorn sweatshirts and pullovers are the perfect gift for your loved ones. With different patterns and in various colours (pink, blue, yellow, green, multicoloured). Find the rainbow universe summed up in this new collection of trendy and cheap jumpers.

    With a round or V-neck, these feminine unicorn sweatshirts are enchanting and will embellish your dressing room. Beautiful women's clothing in a variety of colours and patterns. A nice shopping moment for women looking for kawaii glamour for autumn winter. The range of kawaii unicorn clothes par excellence.

    Which unicorn sweat or sweatshirt to choose ?

    It depends on your taste. Are you looking for a hooded sweatshirt or a simple wool jumper ? Or cotton and polyester ? Or maybe you are looking for a unicorn sweatshirt. Do you want a warm jumper for the winter or a light sweatshirt for the summer ? Once you've found the answer to these questions, explore the styles and graphics of our unicorn jumpers and pullovers. They are very varied.

    Find long-sleeved women's sweatshirt that are a wardrobe must-have for a casual outfit for any occasion ! With basic styles, embroidered, striped, with emojis and in a variety of colours, this collection of clothing is simply fantastic.
    Tip from the kawaii unicorn, to complete your style, look at the side of the unicorn trousers. All women's and children's fashion on our site dedicated to rainbow unicorns.


    Our superb unicorn sweaters are a must see, it is the case to say it ! And it seems, it's a persistent rumour that you'll get super-powers by wearing our unicorn designs !

    At Unicorn Village, what is already certain is that quality is an important word in our ethics.

    So, before we subtly charm you about the benefits in your everyday life of wearing our sweaters, we tell you right away that they are original and unique pieces since many colours, many sizes (from S to 4 XL) and many crazy patterns are waiting for you!

    Well, let's be clear, the delivery is FREE and our products are unisex but wait, read this precious description before ordering.

    Forget the striped hooded jumpers with round collars and long sleeved jackets with disgusting bi-material prints just by looking at them, make way for our incredible sweatshirt with various Unicorn patterns !

    In jeans, low-range cotton or fleece, vintage jumpers are no longer as good as Unicorn Village products !

    From size S, the slimmest adult size up to the large size 4 XL, no more excuses to wear oversized knit oversized zip-up sweatshirt, two-tone and old-fashioned since the Iroquoise cut. Our unicorn sweaters with a kitten motif with its head in the stars are still a class act !

    In other horizons, find also our famous unicorn sweater with an aquatic spirit which will make you feel like you're in the middle of the mysterious abyss of our oceans! A sort of twenty thousand places under the sea in a quality textile !

    What's the point of wearing a quilted bomber, a sportswear top with a high collar or a navy blue cardigan with the look of a cursed poet ?

    The novelty that dazzles women and men is present and the unicorn is the theme as you can see for yourself !

    With a sweatshirt like this one a nice pair of trousers, jeans or even a jogging suit and our Unicorn Slippers and there you have the perfect thing for a Sunday or a cocooning, cosy, quiet evening.

    With a pair of trainers, you will make passers-by jealous, obsessed by the beauty of your top.

    Royal isn't it ? No more waistcoats, fleeces, velvet and 90s hoodies, this Unicorn sweater will protect you from the winter cold !

    Not only does it give you a cool effect, it also protects you ! Discreet and as discreet as a picture in your dressing room or wardrobe, it will take up little space and is very easy to wash without losing the quality of its pleasant to the touch material.

    Offer yourself the luxury of wearing a Unicorn T-shirt underneath like a trucker's tank top in cotton mix or even viscose, you deserve class all the same !

    For cold days, say goodbye to shawls, furs and faux cashmere sweatshirt with integrated hood, the Holy Grail is the Unicorn ! Stylish effect guaranteed !

    So get rid of the metallic khaki-green elastane jackets in camouflage sauce that scare your pet, just like your old sleeveless jumpers in dastardly red cotton, treat yourself to power, fun, world class, treat yourself to good humour and smiles with our sweaters from Unicorn Village !

    What better way to spread the unicorn trend than with a Unicorn Sweatshirt ? Dress up in this classic that can be worn at any time and in any season !


    Choose your Unicorn Hoodie with your favourite designs :

    • Unicorn Sweat Girl
    • Unicorn Sweat Woman
    • Unicorn Sweat Dab

    And show off your friends !


    The unicorn phenomenon has now become a viral movement across all platforms as well as various online social networks such as YouTube or Facebook. Even in everyday life, when you walk down the streets or in a shopping mall, you will always find objects, gadgets and costumes related to unicorns. Yes, it must be said that this mythological creature, which has been featured in various fantasy series, 3D films and cartoons, has now become a real celebrity. Jewellery, including rings, necklaces, and pendants, as well as clothing such as pyjamas, t-shirts, jumpers and some unicorn hoodies collections are currently enjoying great success.

    Whether for yourself or for a loved one as a gift, unicorn clothing is really appropriate to follow the unicorn-mania phenomenon. It also makes for a totally comfortable and very casual outfit. Adopting a unicorn hoodie or sweatshirt will keep you warm in cold weather, or when the weather is a little cool, rainy or windy. In short, in addition to being in perfect comfort, it is obvious that you will have an original look, but also fashionable thanks to this kind of unicorn clothing. So don't wait any longer and get yourself a unicorn hoodie to be stylish and out of the ordinary. Combined with a unicorn t-shirt, you will stand out from the rest and show everyone your taste for unicorns.


    Have you ever seen the animated series My little pony on TV ? When you saw this cartoon, did you think you might never wear a hoodie with the unicorn characters from the series ? You'd look funny and be judged for your abnormal taste in clothing at your age. You should know that wearing clothes with cartoon characters is not just for children. Even if it's original, childish and whimsical clothing, grown-ups can also adopt a unicorn jumper or sweatshirt, it will nevertheless remain more sober than our many unicorn pyjamas or even our most colourful unicorn slippers. To dream and reveal your fantasy side, it is not forbidden to put on a garment with imaginary and fairylike creatures like unicorns.

    Unicorn clothes are really suitable for any age and any sex. There are no restrictions, whether you are a girl or a boy, you can wear a unicorn hoodie. You should not think that this style of clothing is only for women or little girls. Far from this kind of cliché, unicorn clothes are suitable for everyone and give a really trendy unisex look. Note that the real purpose of unicorn clothing is to amaze and amuse those around you. Wearing a unicorn hoodie, whether it's for a man or a woman, aims in principle to please and bring good humour.


    Do you want to wear clothes that make you look cool and impressive ? Do you want to adopt a look that matches your casual side ? With a unicorn jumper or a unicorn hoodie, you'll manage to look stylish and cool at the same time. So if you combine one of these unicorn outfits with a nice pair of trainers and torn trousers, you'll really be in the fashionable clothing style of the moment. To reflect a part of your personality, you can also choose a unicorn hoodie with customisable messages on it. Yes, to be even more trendy and swaggy, texts and graphic illustrations are available for your future unicorn sweatshirt. This really allows you to convey a certain pleasant and entertaining humorous message to those who will read what has been written on your unicorn garment.


    Whether you decide to stay at home or go outside to relax, wearing a unicorn hoodie allows you to have cozy moments in a garment that makes you feel really comfortable. For evenings with friends, adopting this type of clothing allows you to be both the trendiest and the centre of attention. You will certainly not go unnoticed with this type of hoodie. If you like flattery, with a unicorn hoodie, your need will be totally fulfilled. Note that this unicorn garment is in the category of timeless clothing. So bet on these clothes in order to be really in the spirit of the times. Do you want to give your lover a gift for Valentine's Day ? Offer her a hoodie or a unicorn accessory. Your girlfriend will be over the moon !

    Embellish your feet with our range of unicorn socks made to make you happy every day !