Unicorn Squishies

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    10 products

    Complete your collection of anti-stress toys with the squishy unicorn and create your own little magical and kawaii universe.

    If you too are a fan of unicorns then you owe it to yourself to have your squishy unicorn ! Here you can find your fairy squishy in different forms : the unicorn horse, the unicorn cake, the unicorn donut and much more.

    A small, soft and very satisfying toy to squeeze.

    Sometimes called unicorn squishy, they all have a very pleasant smell and return to their original shape slowly or quickly. So you can relax quietly at home with your unicorn squishy, and proudly display it at home.

    Squishies are soft toys that come from Japan. They are a kind of stress ball because they have the same effect. Only they are less boring and they are especially very "kawaii" (equivalent to the word "cute" in Japanese). They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some are even fragrant ! Unicorn squishies are perfect for those who like to have fun and relax with a unicorn you can see in your favourite cartoons.

    These squishies can take more or less time to return to their original shape. This is what gives you different sensations. So try both types of foam to get to know the two different and very satisfying textures of unicorn squishys.

    Efficient objects to fight against stress.

    Squishies allow children and adults to get rid of excess energy through repetitive movements. Simply press and release the unicorn squishy tone constantly. The robust polyurethane design of the squishies allows them to survive even the most frenetic crushes !

    Studies show that repetitive movements, such as squeezing a squishy, improve concentration and information retention. Playing with a squishy can also increase grip strength and accelerate reflexes. Squeezing a squishy can also be very calming. It cuts off the flow of stress hormones in the brain and body, as in meditation or yoga.

    With their soft patterns, bright colours and calming scents, squishies have also become a popular toy for people with sensory processing disorders or autism spectrum disorders. Their size, light weight and key ring attachments also make them a comfortable object to take to school, work or on holiday.

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