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    10 products

    Unicorn slippers, your comfortable slippers

    The unicorn slipper is designed to keep your feet warm even on the coldest winter days. Very comfortable and of superior quality, this unicorn slipper is ideal to accompany your unicorn pajamas. If you are looking for an original gift idea for a loved one's birthday, this slipper is the perfect choice.

    Indeed, unicorn outfits make us all fall for them. This fantastic creature has tamed the universe and now exists everywhere. It comes to you today in its new shape of funny, soft and warm slippers.

    unicorn slippers collection

    Synthetic unicorn slipper, adorable slippers for women, girls, boys and babies.

    After a long day at work or at school, there's nothing better than putting on a pair of unicorn slippers to put you back in the right mood. These soft unicorn slippers have magical powers that will not leave you indifferent.

    They are easy to put on and fit perfectly to your feet. Whether you are an adult woman or man, unicorn slippers will give you a new fashionable and elegant look. They can be worn from a young age and replace baby sandals. Their comfort, their synthetic material, and their non-slip sole make them 100% safe for your children.

    Unicorn slippers : too cute to complete your unicorn outfit

    Although they are usually sold separately, unicorn slippers are a perfect complement to your unicorn disguise. They are available in several colours and sizes and are suitable for all types of fashion. In addition, their foam padding offers you optimal comfort and allows you to siesta comfortably inside the house.

    Both children and adults love the unicorn. To please your friends or guests, you can simply give them a pair of fairy-tale unicorn slippers light up to spend the winter.

    Buy a kawaii slipper in the shape of a unicorn

    Unicorn Village is the ideal corner for lovers of the white horse with the unique horn. Here you will find luxury brands at low prices. In addition, each of your purchases is rewarded with exclusive discounts. As well as benefiting from a 100% secure payment, you will earn loyalty points for each item selected. These points can then be used to reduce your bill.


    To keep your feet warm this winter, it is advisable to cover your feet well. Opt for good shoes that insulate against the cold is essential. Of course, the most beautiful unicorn slippers are those featuring our adorable mascot. That's why we offer you a wide range of different colours, patterns and sizes.

    We also have a range of unicorn slippers led. To glow in the night and avoid bumping your feet in the corner of the table (so painful) or to spend a fun time in the dark.

    As you can see, there are a lot of shoe choices and the hardest thing is to choose the model that suits you best or that you like the most.


    Children, especially girls, want nice slippers. If they can be kawaii it is even better to make all the girlfriends envy them.

    Incidentally, the fact that they have non-slip soles for safety is not an important detail for them. Only parents like to know this.

    They are lined with cotton or fake fur so they won't get cold even when walking on tiles. Winter evenings in front of the TV or the fireplace will be unbeatable comfort and you won't be able to do without them.


    Those who like to create a cosy cocoon for themselves will adopt one of the pairs of unicorn slippers for women and their soft lining will be a great comfort. These slippers have beautiful finishes that make them not only attractive but also feminine.

    Some men may be tempted to wear the fun, original and fancy bootie of the moment but they will put a little bit of their manhood aside. Only certain models in more masculine colours (blue, white, black) can make them hope that they remain a little virile.


    Indoor shoes to be put on like mules are called slippers rather than slippers, but we are not going to discuss that now.  

    It's time in these temperatures that the whole family has warm feet and is happy to relax, coming home from work or school with unicorn slippers at their feet, which are more trendy than one another.


    First of all, ask yourself if you want to put them on and take them off without using your hands. In this case, slippers are to be preferred.

    If not, do you want to :

    • a light, pastel, fluorescent or dark coloured slipper ?
    • the horn of the golden or multicoloured unicorn ? 
    • a slipper that wraps or not ?

      Once you have answered these simple questions, you will be able to make an effective choice from the collection of slippers on offer.

      Be careful when choosing the right size, not taking the right size can be judicious. Sometimes one size up will make you feel even more comfortable.


      The unicorn phenomenon is currently raging. Yes, everyone is embracing the unicorn trend. Many accessories, outfits, pyjamas and pairs of unicorn slippers are currently invading our daily lives. I'm a fan of cute and beautiful things, so I would advise you to follow the trend. The unicorn lifestyle has become a worldwide fashion phenomenon. Joining the community of unicorn enthusiasts is a great adventure that offers the possibility of going back in time to the heart of a more than fairy-tale world. This mythical animal from the fairy tales has truly joined the real world. It is no longer a fiction that has been invented in beautiful stories of princesses and charming princes to put little children to sleep.

      With a pair of unicorn slippers, you will rediscover the pleasure of putting on comfortable and magical slippers on occasion. I can assure you that I am not talking nonsense, when I bought my first pair of unicorn slippers, a feeling of great happiness overcame me. Funny and very funny, these slippers really make you smile when you put them on at home after a hard day at school or at work. For my part, I felt so comfortable. Soft and cozy, the unicorn slippers have become number one on my list of must-haves. The sensations are really pleasant when your feet are in contact with the materials inside this slipper. What's more, if you combine your pair of unicorn slippers with a pair of unicorn pyjamas, you'll have a total unicorn look to walk around the house relaxed.


      The unicorn slipper is available in several models and allows you to have an atypical fashion accessory as well as a very singular one. There are even unicorn slippers that light up. Each model has been carefully designed to guarantee the comfort of its wearer. Made with very soft materials, putting on a pair of unicorn booties offers warm sensations to the feet. For those of you who sometimes have cold feet like me, I quickly recommend that you put on unicorn slippers at home. If you have tiles as a floor in your house or flat, these slippers will keep your pretty little feet warm.

      There's nothing softer than a pair of unicorn pajamas or a unicorn t-shirt to complete the look. Possessing a horn made of sequins and a rainbow mane, the unicorn slipper will enchant and bewitch anyone, from the smallest 5-year-old girl to the young woman in her quarter or even in her thirties. Those who have kept their childlike souls will die for the sheer desire to wear them at their feet.


      For cold nights, it is best to wear a wetsuit that offers both warmth and comfort. In this case, don't look far and opt for unicorn pyjamas combined with a pair of unicorn slippers. This is the perfect combination for a magical and whimsical look that is very pleasant. It should be noted that no matter what your age, a unicorn pyjama and a pair of unicorn slippers will suit everyone.

      There's no need to be embarrassed, it's currently an unavoidable fashion phenomenon. You'll experience sweet moments dressed in your adult romper or unicorn sweater and your pairs of unicorn slippers. If you are still a big child, this style of nightwear is ideal. Sweet nights in the arms of Morpheus await you with this fairy-tale look.

      Looking for Unicorn slippers ? We have the right ones for you !

      At Unicorn Village, we have the cutest and probably the most fabulous Unicorn slippers there are ! 😊 Our slippers are elegantly chic, keep your feet warm and are available in one size. They are also an original gift to give to a close fan of this mythical horse. 🎁 Who wouldn't be happy to receive such a unique and great gift ?

      Unicorn slippers : fairy-tale slippers !

      Whether for a birthday, a Christmas present or just for fun, Unicorn slippers are a recommended gift for children and adults alike. 😉 Unicorn slippers provide a pleasant feeling of comfort and always keep your feet warm thanks to their soft plush material. Of course, they are particularly suitable for the cold season, when the feet of princesses need to be not only pretty but also warm ! 😌 What's more, their appearance as adorable as they are magical will make you fall for them ! True emblem of purity and happiness, Unicorn slippers will always ensure you're in a good mood in the morning when you wake up ! 😃

      Why buy Unicorn slippers ?

      First of all, Unicorn slippers will complete your Unicorn Pajama with finesse and elegance ! 😉 You can also combine them with other Unicorn outfits or accessories. Our Unicorn slippers are ideal for little girls and princesses, but they can also look just as cute and charming on boys and men! Princes too are entitled to their dose of comfort and enchantment ! Then, when you wear these Unicorn slippers, you'll feel magical powers permeate you ! 😯 With their warm fur and thick soles, you'll feel like you're in Wonderland or in a world full of fairies and other magical creatures ! 🦄 Immerse yourself in a fabulous world by putting on our fantastic Unicorn slippers, make your most wonderful dreams come true and join in the fairy tales ! 

      Many of our Unicorn slippers have a real unicorn horn ! Symbol of magic and enchantment, it is said that some of them might even light up ! If you are interested, you should take a look at our pink unicorn slippers ! ✨

      Where can I get Unicorn slippers ?

      Have you fallen under the spell of these magic slippers and would you like to buy some ? After all, it's common to fall for these cute little mystical creatures. 🤭 They are elegant, Kawaii and warm your feet better than any other slippers ! What's more, by getting their magic, who knows, maybe you'll enter the realm of fairies and elves ? That alone should be enough reason to buy these sumptuous slippers ! But what's the most important question for you, which Unicorn slippers would suit you best ? 🤔

      Of course, we recommend that you make your choice on Unicorn Village, our online shop dedicated to this mythical horse. We offer a wide range of Unicorn shoes in different shapes, colours and sizes. From the rainbow unicorn slippers to the beautiful purple unicorn slippers, there is something for everyone. 🙂 Our products are of high quality and are made of a material specially designed to give you optimum comfort. Our site offers the widest range of unicorn slippers at the best prices ! And above all, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return them quickly and easily. 😎

      Unicorn booties for children and babies !

      At Unicorn Village, we have thought of everything ! We know that children and babies love this legendary horse that makes them dream. That's why we offer a selection of unicorn slippers for children ! 👧 For adult men and women, we also have several one-size Unicorn slippers that fit your size, if that's not magic ? 

      What colour should I choose for my Unicorn slippers ?

      In pink ? Purple ? Rainbow ? It's up to you ! Select your Unicorn slipper according to your tastes and preferences. Our Unicorn slippers are available in countless colours ! You're sure to find what you're looking for. 🌈

      What should I wear my Unicorn slippers with ?

      There are a lot of clothes you can match your Unicorn slippers with. We recommend wearing them with Unicorn pajamas to perfectly match your outfit. But you can also wear an accessory such as a Unicorn night mask or a Unicorn headband. All of this will give a really charming and fairy-tale look ! 😆

      For what occasions can I wear my Unicorn slippers ?

      There are hundreds of occasions to go out with your Unicorn slippers ! Although they are mainly designed to laze around the house, they can also be worn outside, for example at a birthday party, a sleepover with friends or on Halloween ! 🥳 Don't be afraid to show off your fabulous look, be proud to show off your head-to-toe magic !

      Because each follower of the legendary creature is far from ordinary, your shoes must also be out of the ordinary. That's why we have grouped all the most beautiful models in our collection centred on unicorn shoes.