Unicorn Slime

    10 products

    10 products

    Are you a slime enthusiast ? Discover our pretty collection of Unicorn Slime, rich in colours and made for small and big children alike !

    The Slime Unicorn is a game for children from six to twelve years old, and allows you to play alone or in a group with your family.

    A slime ball is a balloon-shaped container that can be used in two ways, either to bounce a ball in your hands or to propel the slime through the screen. The player must push the slime in the right direction, otherwise it will not reach the end of the screen. Each slime ball contains a "slime ball" inside that releases the slime when touched and is collected when it is returned to its original position. The first person to collect all three types of slime wins the game.

    The purpose of the game is not really clear to me and the slime has no visible texture but the sound seems to suit it. The first steps are a bit difficult because the slime is more slippery than usual and it is difficult to know in which direction to push it. However, the levels improve as you get better and better as the game progresses. The graphics are very colourful and I found myself playing the game more than I had imagined.

    If you want to involve your children, you can try playing the slime with one or two friends. The slimes look like ordinary balloons, but there are different coloured balls that are harder to pick up. This makes the game more difficult for young children and adults.

    Discover our Unicorn Slime collection for children and babies. These cute, anti-stress (unicorn poop) sticky slims will amuse the little ones.

    A unique collection of unicorn slims for children and little girls. You will find several sizes of slime, either in kit, box or individual jars. These ready-made slimes are incredibly satisfying and sticky, just like modelling clay, but better ! Real unicorn poop ! A nice surprise to give to your children as a gift !

    Creative games are one of children's favourite hobbies. Especially when they cross the path of fairy animals. For the princesses, these educational games and playthings allow children to have fun with a spongy and sticky texture.

    Which unicorn slime to choose ?

    It all depends on your tastes or those of your children ! Different formats are available, in a boxed set, or in a single box. The main thing is to have fun in fun and satisfying slime workshops. What better way to unwind after a hard day's work than to release stress with slime that is viscous, spongy, but so enjoyable ! We also advise you to browse through our collection of squishy unicorn toys, they generally go well together The differcence!