Unicorn Sleeping Bags

    10 products

    10 products

    You are about to buy a unicorn sleeping bag : an essential piece of equipment among your camping, trekking or hiking gear. In this category, discover a strict selection of unicorn sleeping bags : models for positive or negative temperatures, mummy type or square type. Find in particular unicorn sleeping bags available for sale online on our site : models recognized for their performance.

    How to choose a Unicorn Sleeping Bag ?

    When buying a unicorn sleeping bag for your child, consider the following criteria :

    • Size : Your child should be able to fit in it completely. Choose a size that is big enough to accommodate your child's rapid growth.
    • Portability : Choose a unicorn sleeping bag that is light, easy to store and transport. Choose a model that your child can wear and thus adopt it more quickly. Avoid models that are too rigid.
    • Maintenance : Choose a unicorn sleeping bag that is easy to clean and wash. For example, if you are choosing a sleeping bag for a potty-trained child, consider choosing one that is not absorbent, that protects the carpet underneath and that can be washed after an accident. If you are choosing a unicorn sleeping bag for an older child, you may want to focus more on comfort and choose a soft sleeping bag that can be machine washed.

    Cover your sheets with a unicorn duvet cover to get a magical and restful sleep thanks to its powerful powers !