Unicorn Sandals

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    10 products

    Our Unicorn sandals

    The pretty liberation of the feet arrives as soon as the beautiful season arrives with the unicorn and barefoot sandals for women (and men). And yes, you can finally unveil your ankles with the different models of unicorn sandals that embrace your legs. With our wide range of unicorn garments, you won't look or feel like a fool ! Indeed, the shapes, colours and textures differ according to your tastes, no doubt you will find a sandal to suit your feet.

    Protect your feet from the heat

    Find now our charming collection of unicorn sandals (also called unicorn barefoot) for women and men. During the summer, whether on the beach or at home, the sandals are suitable for all types of uses, comfortable and will keep you safe from the heat !

    Unicorn shoes for the summer, but not only

    What an incredible chance to have the opportunity to enjoy this accessory during the spring but also during the autumn. Your loved ones will directly notice their fitted lines, which reveal your toes to better hide your feet right down to your ankles. We also love the unicorn products whose opening embellishes the heels. A comfortable way to display the magic of unicorns that lies deep inside you. Also, have you thought about not wearing these shoes that go perfectly with synthetic leather stockings ? Keep it simple by adding a gathered outfit to your waist. Platform unicorn sandals are always at the forefront of the trend for outings, especially with a beautiful lace babydoll dress.

    The Unicorn Sandal is a wonderful gift you can give to someone

    It is an ideal gift for your mother, sister or another member of your family. There are many different styles and models of this wonderful shoe. It is a unique gift that you will never forget as long as the person wearing it is happy. You might consider giving them one of these amazing sandals to wear at work or in the city.

    Let yourself be carried away by the comfort of a unicorn bathrobe after your hot bath !