Unicorn Rugs

    10 products

    10 products

    Discover our Unicorn Mats for babies and children ! Newborns love unicorn rugs because they are great play and learning materials. With their rainbow colours and unicorn patterns, round or rectangular unicorn rugs will embellish the decoration of a bedroom. Little girls will love them !

    A magnificent collection of decorative unicorn rugs. Play mats, play mats, absorbent unicorn mats for the bathroom. There is everything !

    This collection of unicorn rugs is unique and very extensive. It includes different types of unicorn mats. From play mats to play mats to absorbent bathroom mats !
    The unicorn bedroom mats or living room mats are soft and non-slip. The children's rug is ideal for the bed area to keep feet warm on a smooth and comfortable surface like carpet. With multicoloured patterns and prints, these small rugs for babies and children are essential to the decoration of a kawaii bedroom.

    How to choose a decorative unicorn rug for girls ?

    The choice is wide. You will find a wide choice of materials, whether they are made for playing or for moving around safely when getting out of the bath or shower. These unicorn rugs are also differentiated by their size. Some will be more suitable for small rooms than others, which will fit better in a living room or a children's playroom. What they all have in common is their low price, their impeccable quality and their aesthetic appeal. All the rugs feature the fantastic rainbow animal and are full of fantasy.
    In acrylic or polyester cotton, you will find all kinds of playful and cosy baby mats. For little princesses who want to play on a comfortable cotton mat. Kawaii and original room decoration in this collection of round and rectangular rugs.
    Round / circular rugs are more popular than ever and here you will find a great selection of round and circular rugs on everything unicorn. The advantages of opting for a round rug are that they creatively offset the natural linear angle of walls, doors, beds, dressers and most furniture.

    Sit comfortably in your unicorn chair made to give your back a good rest !