Unicorn Pool Floats

    20 products

    20 products

    Giant inflatable unicorn pool float : our speciality.

    Giant inflatable unicorn pool floats for swimming pools are our speciality. This model of giant inflatable unicorn is probably the most popular among the giant animal pool floats.

    This air mattress with the image of this legendary animal needs no introduction, it is now the star of the pool every summer. On instagram, facebook, snapchat and at all Hollywood pool parties, the giant inflatable unicorn appears as the favourite attraction of American influencers and stars. Like its cousins the flamingo and swan pool float, the inflatable unicorn has become very popular in recent years. But why choose our models ?

    Giant unicorn pool float : quality is our priority

    We specialise in inflatable pool floats, our giant pool floats are designed with a high quality reinforced PVC which allows them to last over time. So you can enjoy them for several summers.

    Pool games, outdoor accessories or garden furniture, our inflatable pool floats and especially our unicorn pool floats have a trendy design that will fit perfectly into your outdoor environment, whether for fun or decorative purposes.


    Summer arrives ☀️ you start to make your first jumps in the water. Then you invite your friends to share your pool all afternoon, but you think that something is missing. We've got the answer to your problem - pool balls !

    Whether they are round or for babies, none will leave you indifferent.

    We'll give you an overview of all the categories of inflatable pool floats on our site so that you don't get lost in our impressive catalogue.


    Our first stop is baby floats, which are essential for your child to take his or her first steps in the water safely.

    You'll find all sorts of different shapes of pool floats, from the classic duck to the whale and the friendly shark. This is the perfect way to introduce your baby to the world of water and have fun at the same time. What better way to get your child excited about swimming than with a pool float that's as cute as he is and that he can trust.

    All our baby pool floats are suitable for use at the beach or pool, so learning to swim can be done on the surface most suited to your availability and desires 👶.

    Caution ⚠️ You should always keep a watchful eye on your child to avoid accidents. ⚠️


    Just want to relax in your pool while getting your skin browned in the sun ? All this is possible using one of the airbeds in our collection.

    And if your friends want to join you for an afternoon of chilling out, don't hesitate to introduce them to our airbeds. They will find the one that suits them, as we have something for everyone. You can debate the news for hours while sipping lemonade kept safely on the water with our inflatable drink holders, which we'll see later in the book.

    Our inflatable mattresses are so comfortable that you could fall asleep on them in the middle of a pool party. But watch out for your friends who don't spill you in the water while you sleep.


    We can't offer you a multitude of pool floats without providing you with the most classic and iconic beach pool floats, the round pool floats. We have compiled a complete inventory for you, tracing the history of all the round pool floats that you have surely seen in your life, and we have taken the liberty of offering you some new ones that we will let you discover.

    If you have a sweet tooth, you will find something to satisfy your appetite, between the donut pool floats 🍩, pineapple pool floats and others. You prefer wildlife ? Don't worry, the range of round animal pool floats is made for you with pink flamingos, bears, etc. There are even unicorns !


    You're not interested in the classic pool floats anymore because everyone has one ? This collection is for you with a range of pool floats that you've probably never seen on the beach before, let alone in your friends' pools.

    Your friends' pool parties will never be the same again, once you introduce them to all your original pool floats, and you'll be the first person your friends see in their pool.

    We put a lot of emphasis on originality with our pool floats, because we also like to stand out and be unnoticed by our friends.


    You always want more ? We would like to introduce you to our XL pool floats, which, as the name suggests, are bigger than the classic pool floats.

    In this category, all pool floats are 120 centimetres in diameter. No more, no less, so you know what to expect without any unpleasant surprises.

    This type of pool floats is mainly appreciated by our customers, because they are suitable for all categories of people, except for babies and small children, who might have difficulties to hold on to the pool floats.

    If you just want a pool float to chill out in your pool, but don't want an air mattress, then our selection of XL pool floats is for you.


    Your pool party is in full swing but your friends are spilling drinks in your pool while trying to take them into the water with them. No problem, provide them with one of our inflatable drink holders so they can continue the party in your pool without spilling their drinks 🍸.

    You don't have to be at a party to find a use for an inflatable glass holder. You're on holiday and you're in your pool, but there's one concern, you're thirsty. So you want to relax as much as possible and do it with as little effort as possible. No problem, if you have one of our cup holders, you can insert your glass and you don't even have to get up and you can continue to enjoy your rest with everything at hand.

    Can holders have a hidden feature that few of us know about. Instead of putting your drink inside the hole provided for this purpose, you can put some appetizer cakes inside so you can snack while staying in the water.

    Caution ⚠️ Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health ⚠️

    We have finished the tour of our different categories of inflatable pool floats, we would first like to thank you for coming all the way here and also hope you enjoyed the explanations.

    We would like to inform you that all our inflatables are made of reinforced PVC which makes them both strong and flexible.

    They are all easy to clean and can be stored quickly and conveniently anywhere, so you can take them to beaches all over the world 🌍.


    We are the only ones to offer you pool floats especially for the beach, so that you and your friends can enjoy a unique experience in the sun 🌞.

    Only two categories of pool floats are present here :

    - Giant pool floats, so you and your friends can enjoy the sea, while getting away from the crowds a bit. Be careful not to go too far from the beach.

    These pool floats are made to accommodate an average of 6 people inside, so you can have real parties in a pool float, original isn't it ?

    You can even let the pool float dock on the beach or in your garden to create a VIP lounge for your prestigious guests.

    Our giant pool floats are made from reinforced PVC which makes them resistant to almost any type of ground they are placed on.

    - Towed pool floats, for thrill seekers, for a fun day out with your friends or family behind a boat 🚤.

    We offer you several sizes and shapes of towed pool floats, from the simple towed pool float, then make way for the inevitable unicorn pool float with up to 10 places !

    Our unicorn pool floats are handcrafted to withstand the speed and weight of each individual. Now will you be able to hang on to our pool floats ?

    Our beach unicorn pool floats are mainly intended for outdoor use, so you can make the most of them.

    Your afternoons or evenings with your loved ones will not be the same after using our two types of pool floats. The experience you get from them will be unique and your memories will remain engraved.

    Don't forget to send us your opinion or photos of you using our pool floats, to share your satisfaction with our brand 📷.


    You didn't come here to sunbathe, but to train. We have thought of you and created a category just to satisfy your needs.

    In this category you will find 2 collections : Swimming pool floats and diving pool floats, both with different characteristics, which we will introduce to you.

    We would like to inform you that our sports pool floats are suitable for use in large areas of water, and therefore not useful for activities in the pool.

    - Swimming pool floats : This collection of pool floats will be suitable for you, if you like to swim near the beach 🏊♂. Several pool floats will be presented to you, with as a short example : The floating unicorn pool float. It allows you to store all your stuff in a small floating and waterproof bag that you tie around your waist so you don't have to watch your stuff constantly left on the beach. We'll leave you to discover the rest of the collection on your own, as we don't want to give away everything.

    Our swimming pool floats are light on the water so they won't slow you down while you swim, how convenient is that ?

    - Diving pool floats : A little diving trip with your friends 🤿 ? Our diving pool floats, allow you to mark your diving spots so that people understand that you should not be disturbed during your underwater excursions with friends.

    The diving pool floats come in different sizes and colours, so that there is something for everyone. This way, you only have to watch the fish in their natural habitat. But be careful not to disturb them, as they say : you only touch with your eyes.

    Our tour of the sports pool floats category has come to an end, and now it's time to get in the water !

    We hope you will find what you are looking for in this category. If not, don't hesitate to send us a message explaining your dream pool float, maybe one day it will be added to our shop 📧.

    Protect yourself from head trauma with a unicorn helmet. Safety must be your priority !