Unicorn Pajamas

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    50 products

    Embark on a wonderful world of rainbow colours with our unicorn pyjamas.

    Among the latest trends, unicorn pajamas are not on the fringe. This is a new fashion that has become increasingly popular in France in recent years. It is impossible to pass through several streets in the city without admiring the models in the shop windows.

    Perfect for sleeping or for a TV night, our unicorn pajamas will not leave you indifferent. So, are you ready to embark on a magical rainbow-coloured journey ? For your information, our collection is made for women, men, girls, boys and babies.

    What exactly is a unicorn ?

    An imaginary creature during the medieval period of the Samurai in Japan, the unicorn takes the form of a white horse. Its body is covered with scales and fur. In addition, it has a unique antler horn. This legendary animal walks as much on water as on land. However, when it treads the ground, nothing trembles, not even a blade of grass. The unicorn takes great care not to destroy anything under its hooves.

    It is often said that a unicorn always lives close to the wise men. It is therefore a blessing to come across a unicorn. In the land of the Rising Sun, for example, all those who wore clothes bearing the effigy of several species of animals were considered protected and honest. In fact, it is not uncommon to find an adult in the street wearing unicorn clothing. The cosplay costume can only represent a unicorn.

    Visitors may be surprised to see it. Whereas for the Japanese, this is quite normal. Whether in households or offices, the unicorn is very present in the form of pajamas, disguises and costumes. And at the moment we are seeing a surge of this curious Japanese fashion internationally, including in Europe.

    Unicorn pajamas are far from being an ordinary item of clothing.

    Have you always dreamed of slipping into the shoes of a unicorn ? Are you looking for this pajama to chill in front of the TV on a Sunday ? Would you like to wear it to become the star of that fancy dress or cosplay party you're invited to ? Whatever the occasion, don't hesitate to put on our pajamas made of flannel or cotton.

    A legendary animal, the unicorn, has gradually become a part of our nightwear. A cosy pyjama coloured in the shades of the rainbow, this curious nightwear will make you succumb to its well-being and mysterious charm.

    You will discover in our collection a wide range of pajamas all equipped with iridescent horn. Our pyjamas will keep you warm and make you spend a soothing night full of enchanting dreams. Thanks to a combination of style and comfort, enjoy a soft and deep sleep with this tunic.

    I would like to buy unicorn pyjamas, what do I need to know ?

    Unicorn pyjama suits are one of the most fashionable ways of dressing. It can be used for sleeping as well as for hanging out on the sofa on rainy days. Everyone wants one and many recommend it. Would you also like to enjoy this comfortable and original pyjama set ? We'll give you a few tips on how to choose your outfit.

    The colours of the unicorn pyjamas

    As you might have guessed, the universe of unicorns is a fantastic multicoloured universe ! You can find unicorn pyjamas in many colours. A pink combi for princesses, rainbow, space or blue pyjamas for boys, and much more... As far as the designs are concerned, you are free to choose the one that suits your taste. One thing's for sure, you have the choice !

    The size of our unicorn pajamas

    The last thing you need to consider is size. Be aware that for a unicorn pyjama, it is not very risky to choose a size above. So if you wear M, don't hesitate to choose an L pyjama suit. This will accentuate the warm and cocooning side of our unicorn pyjamas. In addition, the legs and arms of our unicorn wetsuits have elastics that will allow you to be comfortable in your movements.

    Once you've taken these two elements into account, all you have to do is choose the sleepwear that most closely resembles you or that best suits your child and buy it. But you don't need to look any further, our collection is there to satisfy you.

    Why wear unicorn pajamas ?

    The unicorn style is very present in today's fashion, do you know why ? Unlike your old pajamas, a unicorn jumpsuit combines comfort, style and elegance. Find out below why you should absolutely buy unicorn pajamas.

    Warmth and comfort when wearing a unicorn pyjama

    Among the many advantages attributed to pilou pilou, the comfort of this outfit naturally tops the list. Our unicorn suits are nightwear made mainly from stretch cotton and flannel. Our pyjamas offer unequalled and undeniable comfort. Very easy to wear, they will help you get a good night's sleep. Our coveralls will also protect you from the wind, especially in cooler periods. It is actually a romper suit that covers all parts of the body, accompanied by a hood and, as an extension, a pair of slippers.

    Unicorn pajama with all kinds of styles, all very original.

    Apart from its comfort, this disguise also brings out something cheerful and cute. We combine the pyjamas with figure accessories. This gives the pyjamas an even more unique and original charm. In addition, the colours of our unicorn pyjama suits are as elegant as they are varied.

    To adapt to the demand, our pyjamas are made in a wide range of colours, usually soft and pastel. It is a symbol that brings out the magical side of unicorns. Generally speaking, pink, white, rainbow, green and blue can be distinguished. However, if you are interested in a particular colour, please let us know.

    Unicorn pyjamas, a disguise off the beaten track

    Your children are going to the school fair and it's time to find a disguise ? Halloween is coming up, and you don't know what to wear yet ? You're going to masked balls and want something original ? Unicorn pyjamas are not just for home use. Many people find a second use for it, it's a perfect item for girls, boys or babies.

    It is no longer necessary to look like a scary creature, let alone wear something very bulky. Just choose one of our romper pads and you're ready to go. With unicorn pyjama suits, there's no need to worry about finding clothes and accessories for an effective change of appearance. Transform yourself directly into a fairy-tale animal who embodies beauty, the result will be irrevocable !

    Unicorn pyjamas, an item with unbelievable convenience

    Our unicorn suits can be adapted to everyone's needs. Whether you are a child or an adult, woman or man, our collection has a wide range of pyjamas to choose from. You are bound to find the size that suits you.

    The unicorn pyjama suit, a fun outfit

    One of the most appreciated advantages of a pyjama suit is its crazy and fun look. A unicorn pyjama suit with its fun look brings cheerfulness and good humour to the user. And the youngest ones will not be afraid to dress up as their favourite animal.

    Can unicorn pyjamas be given as a gift ?

    The answer is, of course, yes ! You can give our unicorn pyjamas as a gift to someone you love or find unique. It's an original gesture of love that many would appreciate.

    It is, for example, possible to buy our unicorn pyjamas for the angelic beings that are your children on their birthday. If it's for a girl, don't hesitate to choose the pink unicorn pajama. If it's for a boy, buy blue or rainbow unicorn pyjamas. If your husband or wife is also a unicorn enthusiast and loves to wear unicorn clothing, choose from our extensive catalogue of men's or women's pyjamas.

    The Unicorn Pyjama : A disguise as warm as it is enchanting !

    The Unicorn Pyjama will be your sweet fairy partner ! When the nights are cold in winter and the days are rainy and gloomy, it will brighten up your day with its magical and comfortable coat ! 🦄 Unicorn pyjamas will keep you warm, fill you with happiness and take you to wonderland. In its company, you will shine like a star, whether at a costume party, Halloween, a birthday party or even at a party with friends or family ! 😊

    Have you ever dreamed of riding a sparkling white Unicorn through the deepest forests and jumping through the rainbow's multicoloured rays ? 🌈 Of course we knew it ! The Unicorn Pyjamas will be your faithful downy ally to make this fabulous dream come true !

    Our Unicorn Pyjamas are soft, cuddly, warm and simply great. And no, you don't have to be ashamed if you are a grown woman and like to sleep in Unicorn Pyjamas ! On the contrary, be proud to wear this fantastic and magical combination ! 😌

    For the older ones, if you want to be the king or queen of a costume ball, then don't hesitate to adopt an Adult Unicorn Pyjama ! And of course, if you're thinking of going out for a walk in your Unicorn Pyjamas, don't forget to buy the right Unicorn slippers ! 😝

    The Unicorn Pyjama : Your ticket to the wonderful world of this mythical being !

    We're going to entrust you with something ! Our Unicorn Pyjamas have always been made in secret workshops of magical tailors. Thus, anyone wearing such a disguise can enter the wonderful world of Unicorns directly through the magic door ! 🤫 So if you too dream of entering the extraordinary world of these magical animals, get one of our Unicorn costumes !

    If you're tired of your night clothes and you're cold, we've got just the thing for you ! Not only will it be a very pretty homewear, but it will also allow you to embody your fantastic creature in all its splendour ! 🥰 If you think wearing such a disguise is absurd, you're wrong ! Much warmer and more original than basic fleece pyjamas, Unicorn pyjamas have become very trendy in recent years ! They are very popular with young people and adults alike, especially during winter thanks to their comfort and warmth. 🙂

    Unlike a dressing gown, a nightie or a basic pyjama set, our Unicorn Pyjamas can be worn on different occasions ! Like other animal pyjamas, you can wear them at a party or an evening out with friends ! 😄 In addition to being totally original and adorable, you will truly be the most sparkling and majestic. So be proud to wear a unique look in the company of these fairy-tale disguises and believe us, you'll be the envy of many ! 😉

    Our Unicorn suits in flannel flannel close to organic cotton are suitable for both men and women !

    Our Unicorn pyjamas will be your ideal companions for the nights ! What could be better than sleeping with a Unicorn, an animal as mystical as it is legendary, to make your nights a dreamlike journey to soft and faraway horizons ? ✨

    What do our Unicorn Pyjamas offer ?

    First of all, they keep you warm. Secondly, they are really super comfortable ! They are so pleasant and relaxing to wear that once you're in them, you won't want to let go of them ! 🤭 What's more, our Unicorn pyjamas are so cute. You can truly embody this legendary horse thanks to their Unicorn head hood, mane and rainbow tail ! 🌈

    To say the least, anyone who has ever slept in Unicorn pyjamas immediately fell in love with them and never wanted to part with them afterwards ! You have to admit it, wearing a Unicorn jumpsuit is truly a magical experience. In his company, you will be able to fall into the arms of Morpheus serenely, he will take you to a peaceful and cosy sleep. 😴

    So it's only natural to be completely hooked on this nightwear. Made of cotton or flannel, you can wear your Unicorn Pyjama not only to sleep, but also to relax, play or party ! 🥳

    Why choose our Unicorn Pyjamas ?

    Our Unicorn Pyjamas have been specifically designed to guarantee maximum comfort and softness ! For this, they are made of soft polyester cotton flannel. The fabric is therefore light and allows for great breathability. Many children prefer pyjamas made from this organic material because of their uncontrollable softness. 😉 Our prices are reasonable and we put the quality of our products at the top of our list of priorities.

    We have a wide variety of Unicorn Pyjamas, available in different styles as well as in different colours, which can be adapted to everyone's personality or preferences! From the beautiful winged Unicorn suit with majestic, starry patterns to the irresistible Kawaii Unicorn Pyjamas, you will find what you need ! 😊 Say goodbye to nightgowns and other generic clothes, let your imagination come alive by slipping into our superb Unicorn costumes !

    Unicorn Pyjamas for children and babies !

    If you are a mum looking for a pyjama suit for a girl, a boy or a baby, our Unicorn pyjamas can also be the perfect gift for any occasion ! 🎁 If children love magic and imaginary worlds, our Unicorn Kigurumis will be a good way to bring them happiness and enchantment.

    Providing a comfortable rest and a jovial atmosphere, children will recover their energy efficiently while having fun by playing their favourite fairy animal.

    Rather than putting on a normal pyjama set, children prefer to slip into a Unicorn Pyjama, which will allow them to fully develop and make them look adorable ! 🎀 The latter will keep them warm and they will feel soothed until it quietly takes them off to Wonderland at night.

    All little boys and girls will want to be this fantastic animal with the pretty rainbow mane. Their dream can come true with our Unicorn pyjamas for children ! The zip fastening on the front allows easy opening and closing. Their hood equipped with a twisted horn, sometimes golden, sometimes silver, ears and wings in the pastel colours of the rainbow will allow them to fly away to dreamland. 😋 Of course, our suits can be worn as much as a night outfit as for a sleepover with friends and even for a carnival or a convention ! It transforms the child into an adorable Unicorn, just like Japanese kigurumis that allow them to disguise themselves as manga or cartoon characters !

    Dressed in beautiful Unicorn pyjamas, the little girl is transformed into a real princess from a fairy-tale world. 👸 Her imagination is stimulated and fantastic stories are created ! What's more, in her very cute Unicorn pyjamas, her look will be really cute and will give her a pure and magical look !

    Our Unicorn Pyjamas are therefore ideal to sleep in good conditions, to enjoy a moment of comfort and to embody our mythical creature from legends and our imagination. At Unicorn Village, we have a wide range of Unicorn pyjamas to suit all tastes ! 😃


    Trends often disappear as quickly as they appear. After a short high phase, they disappear again in the wreckage. In general, the unicorn as a motif is also a trend. It is only in recent years that it has become very popular and can be found more and more everywhere.

    Unicorn products as well as unicorn pyjamas are everywhere and are very popular with young and old alike. As the unicorn is already present in ancient mythology, this being is more than just a passing trend. Even if the hysteria of today's unicorn subsides at some point, the mythical creature itself does not simply disappear from the picture. As a result, you may still be wearing unicorn pyjamas in a few years' time.

    Even though the horned animal is very popular today, it remains timeless because of its history. And this is also the symbolism of the unicorn - independence and individuality. In general, there is no need to worry about following a short-term trend.

    It is not always easy to find the perfect gift for friends and family. This is an opportunity to consider the person, the season, etc. You want to give something he or she doesn't have yet. Something that someone might like to get for himself or herself, but hasn't yet done so, or (....)


    If you choose unicorn pyjamas, there are some things you should be careful about. This applies to your own pyjamas as well as to pyjamas as a gift.

    The right size and fit are especially important. You want to be comfortable and cosy in bed. Nothing should be too tight and pinched. Zips and buttons that don't close properly are also annoying. This is the best way to try on buttons and zips in advance.
    The washability of the pyjamas is also important. The best models are those that can also be washed at 60 degrees.

    The print quality is also important for printed models. If the prints flake or fade after a few washes, this is also a disadvantage.

    In general, you also have to decide which model you want for which application. Summer pyjamas, for example, are lighter and more airy, with short arms and legs. On the other hand, winter models are dominated by long sleeves and long trousers. In addition, monoblocks are generally better suited to colder temperatures.


    The Unicorn Pyjama Suit is the top of the line in terms of comfort ! You will appreciate it especially in winter or if you are cold in general, because it is very warm with its velvet fabric. As soon as the temperature is not too high, you will want to wear it because it is so cosy ! It is also well suited for sleeping. You can also organise Unicorn Pyjama Parties where everyone has a different Unicorn Pyjama Suit ! What a great time !


    Our little princesses are among the most fond of Unicorn Pyjama Suits, and for good reason: there is nothing better for the house ! Not crazy the wasp ! We will find in particular :

    • Unicorn Pyjamas for juniors
    • Unicorn Pyjama Toddler
    • Rainbow Unicorn Pyjamas
    • Pink Unicorn Pyjamas


    For our friends the boys, there is a whole range of Unicorn Pyjama Suits with more spatial or bluish patterns for example ! There is something for absolutely every taste :

    • Blue Unicorn Pyjamas
    • Multicoloured Unicorn Pyjamas
    • Black Unicorn Pyjamas
    • Space Unicorn Pyjamas
    • Unicorn Onesie Pyjamas for Toddlers
    • Children's Unicorn Onesie Pyjamas


    You are a grown-up and you wonder if it is reasonable to dress up as a unicorn ? Nonsense ! The answer is obviously yes. Especially when we're talking about a Unicorn Women's Pyjama Suit, an outfit that will give you infinite pleasure because of its softness ! And don't forget that this outfit is going to make you absolutely adorable because it is so cute. So don't wait any longer and make the others addicted to your softness with a Unicorn Women's Pyjama !


    The men are not left out and can put on one of the Unicorn Men's Pyjamas in our shop ! Especially for those in a couple: it is important to respect the harmony. If one of the two partners has an Adult Unicorn Suit, the other must have one too !


    And what do you do in the summer when the heat gets a bit too much ? It's simple : switch to the Unicorn Short Pyjamas ! Much lighter but just as comfortable, they'll keep you cool while making your summer holidays magical ! So don't hesitate to check out our Unicorn Summer Pyjamas !

    By the way, if you are looking for a unicorn t-shirt, this is the place to find what you need.