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    20 products

    Unicorn necklace : the ideal adornment to add more enchantment to your style

    Unicorn magic horse, the unicorn never stops being talked about everywhere in our time. What little girl doesn't dream of having a unicorn dress or a magnificent unicorn jewel ? Even adults love this magical horse with its beautiful horn standing in the middle of its forehead. Whether you're a true unicorn enthusiast or you have children who love unicorns, treat yourself today with our wide selection of unicorn necklaces.

    Our collection of unicorn necklaces includes a wide range of styles and designs, as well as necklaces in all materials to suit all preferences and budgets. The designers have focused on all styles, which allows us to offer you through our collection unicorn necklaces that are both modern and carefully crafted down to the smallest detail to suit all tastes and outfits. Better still, these unicorn necklaces are imbued with a dreamy, little-girl feel while being enriched to suit all women. Boys will not be excluded either, as unicorn necklaces in stainless steel or rhodium-plated silver worn around the neck will provide them with perfect elegance.

    A fashion accessory that is becoming more and more trendy these days, the unicorn necklace will not only be an ornament to be acquired as soon as possible, but will also prove to be an excellent gift idea to be offered on all occasions, whether it be for Christmas, a communion or simply to please someone dear to your heart. So treat yourself with a fancy unicorn necklace or a chain with a silver unicorn pendant or a gold necklace with a unicorn pendant with precious stones or diamonds. Our collection is as rich in models as it is varied in style and you will surely find the unicorn necklace you have always dreamed of for yourself or your children or for those people you hold so dear in your heart.

    Buy a unicorn necklace for what occasion ?

    Unicorns ? It's all the rage. Buying a unicorn necklace would be a great idea to be at the top of the trend while having a fashion accessory suitable for all styles. That's right ! For all girls, women and also teenagers who want to look as original as elegant, unicorn necklaces are magnificent beauty ornaments. They can be worn on a daily basis and can be adapted to any outfit, but you have to know how to choose the right materials for a perfect combination with your style. A rhodium-plated silver necklace with a pink and blue unicorn pendant or a rhodium-plated silver chain necklace with a unicorn head pendant would be excellent designs to wear every day.

    A unicorn is a magical and equally majestic animal and is known to be a true symbol of peace and joy. Whether you are buying a unicorn necklace for yourself or giving it to a family member or friend, you are opting for a lucky necklace, an ornament that reminds you of the joy of living in a colourful, rainbow world. If you give a unicorn necklace in pink gold on Valentine's Day, you will be showing your affection. For a communion or a christening, a unicorn necklace with precious stones or a unicorn necklace in silver metal will signify purity and faithfulness. If you want to surprise your best friend, a unicorn heart necklace is an excellent idea. But you can also buy yourself a unicorn choker in a beautiful pink or blue or yellow or grey colour, just to please yourself and bring that little bit of madness to your style.

    In any case, don't forget that a unicorn necklace indicates, above all, your passion for this magical and mysterious animal. However, its style also gives you the opportunity to represent your personality and your openness to the world around you. Whatever the occasion and whatever the reason for buying a unicorn necklace, our collection is sure to contain the model that will suit you best.

    Unicorn necklaces for all tastes and styles

    There are many reasons to wear a unicorn necklace. You are free to wear them, whether it is for a special meaning or simply to feed your passion for unicorns. So indulge yourself by visiting our extensive collection of unicorn necklaces, which feature many designs true to the majestic, legendary and understated style of a unicorn.

    Unicorn necklaces for girls

    Find beautiful models of unicorn necklaces for girls in our assortment of trendy unicorn necklaces. A silver necklace decorated with astral charms such as stars or metallic blue or pink unicorns will be a very trendy and chic ornament for a little girl. For a teenager, a fancy model adorned with a unicorn pendant or an open heart unicorn will perfectly enhance your necklines. A necklace with an adjustable spring ring clasp will allow you to adjust the length of the necklace according to your preferences. Our unicorn necklaces are unique and make a great gift idea for a girl, whether it's for a birthday, Christmas, New Year's Eve or to celebrate friendship. Very appreciated by little girls as well as by teenagers, we have made sure to offer only trendy and timeless unicorn necklaces.

    Unicorn necklaces for women

    Whether you want to look like a unicorn or just want to be trendy with the unicorn necklace as a fashion accessory, you can certainly enjoy our collection of unicorn necklaces. If there are indeed some for little girls, there are inevitably some for older girls. That's right ! You can opt for a unicorn necklace that combines elegance, originality and a timeless style. A unicorn necklace has above all a chain that can be made of different materials, such as :

    • silver or rhodium-plated silver or fancy silver
    • stainless steel
    • gold, which can be white gold or rose gold or white gold or yellow gold
    • leather or other types of durable fabric for chokers

    If you have a choice of materials, you will have more choice in the style and design of your necklace. Indeed, an ideal woman's necklace can also be composed of pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, all elaborated in a style as discreet as elegant. All the unicorn jewellery is thus within reach of all the purses and all the preferences. All you have to do is choose the ones you like best between unicorn chokers, bibs, bohemian gypsy necklaces or even a long necklace like a chain. Don't forget that you can also choose more luxurious or high-end models, such as a unicorn necklace set with diamonds or a unicorn necklace made of gold and fine precious stones. However, even if you don't have the budget to afford a diamond unicorn necklace, you can always opt for a model with zirconium oxide or zirconia, a ceramic technique that, thanks to its opaque and transparent aspect, perfectly imitates a diamond.

    unicorn necklaces for men

    If you think that men do not also have the right to dream, to rediscover their childlike soul and a certain sweetness of life by wearing a unicorn jewel, you are completely wrong. Yes, a unicorn necklace in rhodium-plated silver with a unicorn pendant always in sterling silver or a model in silver mesh with a unicorn pendant hammered on a pebble like a superb medallion, these are all unicorn necklaces for men. Without further ado, find your unicorn necklace for men among our most fantastic collection of unicorn necklaces on the net !

    A unique collection of unicorn necklaces

    Are you looking for a unicorn necklace that is as original as it is perfect to wear around your neck in all elegance ? Among our unicorn jewels, distinguish our collection of necklaces that offers as much choice on the material and style of unicorn chains and pendants. Whether you are a girl, a boy, a woman or a man, you can choose between different models in gold or silver colour. If a multicoloured or rainbow-coloured unicorn pendant is perfect for a little princess, an alloy or zircon chain will offer a more minimalist look, but just as romantic as a necklace. Moreover, the clasps of the chains are small snap hooks for most models. This type of lobster clasp actually offers easier handling. Our unicorn necklaces can also be adjustable to fit all body types.

    Take advantage today of our exceptional unicorn necklace collection to treat yourself at a lower cost !

    From a very young age, we love wearing jewellery and unicorn fans naturally turn to unicorn jewellery. That's why Unicorn Village offers you its collection of unicorn necklaces to make our unicorns even more radiant than ever !


    Gold necklaces are our best sellers because it is true, they give radiance to the face and thus brings an additional radiance to your look. They go well with all skin tones. Women and girls particularly like those with zirconium, rhinestones or crystals. We offer them in different styles such as kawaii or ethnic.


    Silver necklaces are a very simple way to enhance an outfit. They bring a touch of elegance while sobriety. They are suitable for all styles, for all ages, for children, for women and for men.

    Some are very original, others more classic. The unicorn is represented either standing, with its wings spread, rearing up, or its face in profile or full body. For men who would like an even more virile piece of jewellery, in the gothic theme, they will be delighted to wear the "Death Metal" Unicorn Necklace. A novelty in the land of unicorns.


    All girls who are fans of unicorns dream of having unicorn jewellery. Girl Necklaces are a must-have in our shop. We know how much you love them.

    They are also a great gift idea for a birthday, anniversary or even during Christmas. They are very popular with girls, teens and women because they are trendy and timeless.


    For best friends, it is important to be able to show their complicity, their bond even when they are not together. This bond can be represented by one of our Friendship necklaces. We have several models : for 2 best friends or for 3 too.

    Show your everlasting friendship to your BFFs by wearing a Unicorn Friendship Necklace. The magic of the unicorn works even from a distance. Stay inseparable with these trendy necklaces.


    Wearing a unicorn necklace can have several meanings. First of all, it signifies your attachment to this mysterious, faithful and pure animal. It can represent your personality. It can represent your openness to the world around you, and it can give you that extra something to add to your style.

    Whatever your reason for wanting to wear a unicorn necklace, lighter or deeper, it's a good reason. Feel free to add your own meaning or make it your favourite piece of jewellery with no special meaning.


    We have a wide range of necklaces for everyone to find THE unicorn necklace that suits them best. Different styles are proposed to you : with gold or silver unicorn pendant, necklaces, chokers. Whatever your look, you will find the jewel you are looking for.

    Our necklaces are made of stainless steel in solid silver or yellow gold alloy. Some are set with semi-precious stones for a sparkling diamond effect. Several colours are available to choose from according to your taste or mood : from ruby red to sapphire pink to amethyst purple.

    The clasps on our ball chains are small carabiners for added security and convenience when putting on and taking off. They are also adjustable. They are therefore adaptable to all situations and all body types.

    Whether you are a Cartesian or not, find a bit of magic and your child's soul with our necklaces made for all. Fans of unicorns will find their happiness in this exceptional collection of unicorn necklaces.

    Take advantage today to treat yourself or to offer a Unicorn Necklace because we have promotions and always the standard delivery offered.

    Unicorn necklace

    Mark of elegant discretion as well as of assumed power, a necklace is a key accessory among all the jewels that exist. At Unicorn Village, it is obvious that we propose some and attention, QUALITY unicorn necklaces !

    Our gold-plated unicorn necklaces, in silver 925, enamel or blue crystal see with a magic jewel, these sublime jewels will seduce you efficiently. Take a look and discover our different Unicorn necklaces here.

    Forget your old jewels and low-end vintage accessories that ended up changing colours and losing their designs after a few weeks, you have in our superb shop necklaces that will do you good.

    Indeed, the unicorn symbolizes power and purity, having it around your neck can only have glorious benefits for you.

    Take a look at our precious materials that will please you or the person you are going to offer these unicorn necklaces to.

    Gold plating, 925 silver, enamel, diamond effects, crystal effects, all this elegance and rarity is now within your reach !

    Whether you are wearing a unicorn t-shirt, a unicorn sweater or an old-fashioned striped jacket, a unicorn necklace will have the gift and the power to make its way into your torso with subtlety.

    Oxidised, with medallion, with carats, they will have the intelligence to blend in with your rings, pendants and other bracelets with fine or semi-precious stones.

    These models are exceptional in jewellery stores and that is why we have them in stock at Unicorn Village. Indeed, our necklaces also represent us : subtle, refined and classy.

    Your ruby, labradorite, amethyst or even stainless steel ring will match perfectly with a very nice Unicorn necklace for example.

    You will then have the chance to play with different colours and patterns as you wish. So, you will be original and unique !

    Remember your first necklaces, those made of shells or golden steel, you were already dreaming, weren't you ? Well, the best thing is that we remind you of this joy in a necklace that is delicate, of quality.

    Earrings in serpentine, sapphire, rose quartz or ceramic will also match our unicorn necklaces perfectly !

    Imagine now that for your work, you have to emphasize your person. You will then dress in a professional and elegant way but only your cuffs in lapis lazuli or garnet colours will have to be in harmony with a pendant of your choice.

    And it's your lucky day because our unicorn necklaces offer you a wide choice.

    Of all colours, pink, bluish, dark, light, sober or even imposing, you will no longer have the problem and the morning stress of knowing what to wear before leaving for work. For example, this one is original

    This will make you arrive on time with a big smile to start your day in the best way. Didn't think of that ? No problem, we've thought of it for you to offer you the best conditions for success !

    As for you, sir, who have been desperately looking for a gift for months, a subtle and refined offering that would make your wife blush with joy, our unicorn necklaces will be able to sublimate her at any time ! Whether it's in a casual weekend outfit or her work outfit, our necklaces will make her shine like never before and you'll score even more points.

    What's more, our necklaces are said to bring out the eyes, and what could be better than the tender gaze of your beloved ?

    And then, nothing obliges you to offer it to your companion a friend, your mother or your sister would be very happy to receive this gift. They will then wear a piece of "you" around their neck all the time. And what could be better than someone you care about thinking about you as often as possible with a small accessory filled with elegance and refinement ?

    Throughout this beautiful description, which was close to our hearts, we have delivered knowledge and an irresistible desire to please your loved ones. And all this while praising what our unicorn necklaces have in them : class, subtlety and lots of love.

    So it's up to you to take advantage of this and as you know so well by now, our deliveries with tracking are fast and FREE ! And that's just at Unicorn Village. Now, if you procrastinate too much, we can't guarantee that we will have any stock left. So take this one chance !

    Adorn yourself with a magnificent Unicorn Necklace from Unicorn Village ! True lucky charms, their pink stones will illuminate you with their magic !


    Impossible not to melt with admiration in front of a girl who wears such a beautiful jewel ! Enhance your neck and your cleavage with a Unicorn Pendant. And what's more, you're spoilt for choice :

    • Gold Unicorn Necklace
    • Silver Unicorn Necklace
    • Rainbow Unicorn Necklace
    • Unicorn Necklace for Little Girl

    You will find what you are looking for !

    Access the largest selection of trendy unicorn watches that will delight the hearts of young and old fans of the magical horned animal.