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    11 products

    Unicorn madness knows no limits ! Unicorns are everywhere : on the clothes of adults and children alike, in drawn books, on the duvets of toddlers. Of course, they can also be found in our kitchens ! Unicorn mug here, unicorn mug there ! The fairytale world of this friendly creature emerges in ours, realistic and dull, to spread its cheerful colours.

    Whether you are single, in a couple, or with your little cherubs, the unicorn would be delighted to accompany you. On your dining room, these unicorn cups will take part in breakfasts, and during the long winter afternoons, they will keep your palms warm with a delicious herbal tea.

    These unicorn cups and unicorn mugs are available in a variety of designs ranging from the most colourful and Kawaii - to please small children and adults who love this style - to the more serious ones reflecting shades of gold or silver. In short, there's something for everyone !

    Why fall for a unicorn mug or cup ?

    Do we really have to point out the reasons to be seduced by these pretty unicorn mugs ? We doubt it very much, but are there any reasons ? Reasons we will give !

    Unicorn mugs and mugs to give them the world they dream of !

    Unicorns are such adorable creatures that children love them. If you give your little girl a unicorn mug for her birthday, for example, she would certainly be overwhelmed with happiness ! Think about it : another friend is added to her world, which becomes more and more real as other unicorn objects, such as a unicorn mug, are added to it. Don't deprive her of such joy !

    Unicorn mugs to start the day in style !

    Waking up to the sight of bright colours is recommended by psychologists ! So your unicorn mug will do you good, if you drink your morning coffee from it. No superstition involved, but you have to believe in magic from time to time. The magic of the colours, creativity and beauty of these pretty unicorn mugs.

    A unicorn cup to encourage them to eat their cereal in the morning.

    You won't have to pull out your negotiating heel at every breakfast ! In a cup or even a unicorn mug, the cereal won't stay there any longer. It's unicorn cereal now !

    How to choose your unicorn cup or mug ?

    Your unicorn mug should be chosen with great care. It is bought with the intention of using it for the long term, without leaving you prematurely or losing your interest in using it. Also, you don't want to spend a lot of money on a small object ! So, we find ourselves with three criteria for choice :

    Choose a refined quality of design

    From one unicorn mug to another, you don't always find the same quality of design. Only give up your money if the decorative work on the unicorn mug is impeccable : the features of the unicorn, the quality of the paint, the finish must be smooth and shiny.

    A solid and safe design material

    You want a unicorn mug that doesn't break on first use, let alone a unicorn mug whose design material or the paint itself is dubious. Health comes through the mouth, and here you need maximum attention.

    Reasonable value for money

    Forget about these exorbitantly priced unicorn mugs. Although the price is a reflection of quality, it should not be exaggerated. You can very well buy a unicorn mug for around twenty euros and end up with a good quality. You will find on our site a whole range of unicorn mugs and mugs that will delight you, your children and your wallet !

    How to take care of your unicorn mug or cup ?

    It is often in the maintenance that the charm breaks. This is not to celebrate pessimism, but it is reality, not only with unicorn mugs, but with all products. Here's how to prevent something bad from happening to your pretty unicorn mug :

    Don't wash your unicorn mug in cold water when it's still hot !

    When one temperature is too high and another very low is on an object, it generates a thermal shock. Although your unicorn mug is of very good quality, it will not last long. Let your unicorn mug or cup return to room temperature before washing it in cold water.

    Keep your unicorn mug in a safe place.

    Accidents are the sworn enemies of ceramic utensils. Your unicorn mug must be religiously preserved from accidents or falls, otherwise its beauty would be history.

    Bleach your unicorn mug if necessary

    If it is in your unicorn mug that you drink coffee daily, you will notice brown spots growing larger every day. Use bleach to remove these unsightly stains.

    To go further

    And finally, we would like to make a small suggestion in passing. A unicorn cup is not only for use in the kitchen, it would be a shame not to enjoy its beauty to the full.

    So you can put your unicorn mugs on the living room shelves, put your favourite candle in it and put the pair on your bedside table, just to bring back the magic in your sleep. One of these unicorn mugs is clearly visible on your children's work table as a pencil holder. The colours of the pencils will match the colours of the unicorn. Unicorn mugs and unicorn mugs are essential decorative items. Finally, perhaps you will need much more than just one unicorn mug ?

    The material

    Unicorn fan, do you want a unicorn mug to take away, a ceramic or glass unicorn mug ? Plastic will be perfect for your outings. The isothermal travel mug without a handle will allow you to show off to the whole world, unicorn in hand. The ceramic mug is more delicate, but so much more refined for your princess hands. Are you a man ? You also have princess hands, that's the magic of the unicorn. Whichever material you choose, pay close attention to the materials it is made of, because as a food container, it must be flawless.

    Tip : An assortment of unicorn mugs makes a trendy breakfast service.

    The design

    From the funny bowl to the girly mug with comfortable curves, with or without handle, your unicorn mug will be stable and will stand up to both hot and cold. Dressed in pastel colours, gold and mimi illustrations, customizable with your first name or a nice little word, your adorable unicorn will come galloping into your kitchen or slip into your hands in its fairy-tale way. Not kawaii, this ?

    Tip : a chocolate, all frothy with whipped cream suits him so well !


    On a soft winter evening, curled up in a cosy armchair, suspended time, you sip a magic drink with your favourite unicorn. But your pretty mug must be practical to use. To make it easier to clean, avoid odd shapes with inaccessible corners and check whether it is microwave or dishwasher safe. Protect your mug from shocks because, unfortunately, it is not as indestructible as the legendary horse it represents.

    Tip : Fill your unicorn mug with sand and plant a candle or pencils in it.

    Do you like unicorns and hot chocolate ? Then you're in luck : here you'll find plenty of Unicorn Mugs that will turn your drinking moments into a pure moment of pleasure !


    Lovers of tea, coffee or other cappuccinos will be delighted to drink their beverage in a Unicorn Mug ! You will find in this collection :

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