Unicorn Masks

    15 products

    15 products

    With our pretty collection of Unicorn masks, not only will you protect yourself from air pollution, but you will also replace your beautiful smile with a beautiful, colorful and soft Unicorn. Wearing a mask will become a pleasure, for you and for the people you meet. Up the Unicorn masks and forward for new fairy tales.


    At Unicorn Village, as you now know so well, we have several lines of products and accessories of all kinds that can make you smile at worst and at best make you dream and give you an incredible desire to have these things.

    And among these accessories that make you dream big and small, there are our wonderful and mysterious Unicorn masks.

    With these, it is the class and the laughter assured ! What could be better than to come back to a party or to relax on the weekend wearing a fabulous mask with the effigy of a majestic unicorn ?

    For example, for Halloween, a party that everyone loves, wearing the "Halloween Unicorn" mask will make you the scariest person on that dark night ! With this mask, it is a certainty that your neighborhood will offer you sweets at lightning speed !

    A very creepy unicorn with red eyes, even the worst horror masks don't reach such a level of horror !

    Let yourself be tempted by our wonderful Unicorn masks available in our store !

    In addition, our fabulous tracked deliveries are FAST and FREE ! Come on, no more excuses, go explore our store !


    Would you like to have a comfortable Unicorn Night Mask with an ultra soft lining so you won't wake up and have a restful sleep ?

    Discover our collection of Unicorn Sleep Mask and be blindfolded so you won't be bothered by the sun anymore and take restful naps to say goodbye to dark circles and insomnia !

    Relax your eyes with a velvet unicorn night mask for a deep sleep and therefore a good quality sleep, (can also help for lucid dreams).

    Adjustable with its elastic band, softens your wrinkles thanks to total darkness and a cotton padding as soft and cute as a plush toy, you can finally fall asleep well.

    With a unicorn eye mask, pillow and ear plugs you can have a good night's sleep.

    Go to bed with our Unicorn cute Night Masks for girls and women, available in various colours such as : rainbow, white, pink and purple.

    And enjoy several very comfortable models like a simple unicorn resting mask or with the night mask with a unicorn horn like the "Unicorn Face Night Mask" or another model with a horn on the head of the unicorn with the ''Unicorn Night Mask'' to have a good night sleep.

    Unicorn Sleeping Mask - protect your dreams from the light 🌛

    Is your partner reading late or are your curtains too thin to block out the morning sun ? Well, we have the perfect unicorn to take care of all the extra light, whether you're travelling or at home. In either case, a unicorn sleeping mask could be very handy to allow your dreams to continue and avoid disrupting the magic.

    Our sleep masks allow you to choose a new unicorn-themed mask almost every day of the week ! The colours are quite extensive, and you will have cute, cheerful and fun unicorns to replace the light trying to disturb your sleep. The size is adjustable for all types of unicorn fans, and the soft material will gently support your eyes and feel good against your face.

    If you want to be yourself like a sleeping unicorn, these masks are just about perfect. The soft fur will give you the impression that a little unicorn is sleeping next to you - which your cat could normally do ! You will show everyone who sees your unicorn mask that you are a person who loves magic and mystery.

    Join the land of dreams and imagination while you sleep with the Unicorn night masks from Unicorn Village in different designs !

    There are different types of unicorn face masks that you can use to get the perfect look you want for your face.

    You may not be able to make yourself look like a Disney princess on a regular basis, but you can still get great looks with a face mask. It's important to note that this doesn't mean you have to be a prince or princess to benefit from these products as well as anyone else can.

    Different types of masks will offer different benefits to the person using them. For example, some will make the skin more beautiful, cut and smooth, while others will make it firmer. 👨👩👧 Some will help soothe any type of skin irritation while others may even help to heal any skin problems that may be present. If you have a skin problem and don't want to take any chances, it's best to find the right product before you do anything else. This is not always easy because there are so many different types of products available today that it is difficult to know which type you should try. Here are some things you should know about unicorn masks that you might consider when buying a product like this. 💝

    Also discover our collection of unicorn headphones to relax while listening to your favourite music on public transport !