Unicorn Makeup Brushes

    10 products

    10 products

    Imagine what your dream hairdresser would look like, mine would most certainly have these beauties ! Like miniature pieces of our unicorn fantasy, these Make-up Brush Kits are simply gorgeous ! All shiny and colourful, these make-up brush kits are sure to make make make-up a little more fun !

    Each Unicorn Brush meets a very specific need. Discover our unique make-up brushes for a magical makeup effect.


    Every woman likes to take care of herself and to have the most beautiful accessories to have the pleasure of using them and showing them to her friends or sisters. Make-up brushes are one of them. That's why we offer you the best brushes, each one more beautiful than the other.

    We have a wide choice of brushes so that you can always find the one you need to achieve the most perfect make-up and thus be as attractive as possible.


    With the multiple make-up brushes, you will be able to say goodbye to dark circles, spots, bunched liner lines, poorly blended eye shadows. It's up to you, with a unified complexion, a doe's eyes and a pulpy mouth that will make all your girlfriends envy you and give you maximum self-confidence.

    Our brushes are sold in batches to help you choose from the multitude of choices available to you. In addition to the tips, you can also choose plastic or resin handles in a range of colours and with or without glitter, transparent or opaque, and twisted or smooth.


    To help you make your choice on which brushes to choose for your make-up, we are going to give you some details to advise you at best.
    Brushes with a brush are for eyelashes and eyebrows : discipline them to get a great look.

    The smallest and thinnest brush will be used to trace your eyeliner line.

    To hide your imperfections, you can use a small, pointed brush to apply a touch of anti-imperfections just where you want.

    Use the small bevelled brush to create a pretty eyebrow shape.

    The more or less round foam brushes will be used to apply eye shadow, blending and shading.

    For loose powder, use the fan-shaped brush. It will fit your face perfectly to apply the bare essentials.

    For the complexion, always use the largest brushes. The bevelled one will be used to apply the blush to your cheeks, while the two larger ones will help you stretch your foundation perfectly.


    The specialist shop Unicorn Village offers a collection of the most imaginative brushes to bring magic to your make-up routine. The handle in the shape of unicorn horn or with glitter from the wonderful world of unicorns will bring you a real pleasure to make up. If your friends are too envious of your brushes, you can give them some as a present. Take advantage of our offers.

    Protect yourself from stormy weather with a unicorn umbrella that will keep you dry even when it rains horns !