Unicorn Leggings

    10 products

    10 products

    Discover our new collection of unicorn leggings, each one more hypnotic than the other.


    If you are looking for one or more leggings for everyday, but not ordinary, from the fantastic world of unicorns, you have come to the right place.

    We have selected pink tones for a more girly look, but also a darker model with the inscription "I'm Unicorn" for those who are more assertive in their choice. This bestseller is a sure value.

    Our different models of unicorn leggings :

    • A pink with white and pink unicorn heads, a tone on tone, ideal for a very soft and reserved unicorn.
    • A pink with unicorn heads, doughnuts and rainbows and stars, blue, white and touches of yellow, made for a dreamy and greedy unicorn.
    • A pink with unicorns with a Christmas hat, barley sugars and Christmas stars, fun, for unicorns who love Christmas.
    • A plain pink with a rainbow on the sides of the legs, ideal for unicorns with a dreamy soul.
    • A shaded purple blue with unicorns, ice-cream, cakes and stars for unicorns who like a bit of originality.
    • A black with unicorns, stars, donuts, rainbows, multicoloured with inscriptions for unicorns proud to be part of the unicorn community.

    Whether you are enjoying yourself or want to give one or more, unicorn leggings are always a great gift idea.

    Whether the wearer is sporty, homebody, slender or rather small, thin or round, the different sizes offered (from XS to XL) and the stretch material (polyester + elastane) allow our leggings to adapt to each of our unicorns.

    As mentioned above, Unicorn Village unicorn leggings are made of a material mainly made of polyester, which allows the skin to breathe. We advise you to combine it with the unicorn sneakers and the unicorn cap for a trendy look.

    They are soft and comfortable, ideal to stay cocooned at home. You can also wear it with one of our unicorn jumpers or unicorn pullovers. It's up to you to create your own unique style while staying in fashion.

    You have understood that every occasion is good to wear one of our unicorn clothes and accessories.

    Summer days at the beach are unthinkable without a pair of unicorn sandals !