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    10 products

    Unicorn lamp : to create a fairy-tale atmosphere in every room of the house

    Straight out of a fairy-tale world, the unicorn is nowadays also invited on our lighting fixtures. Bedside lamps, nightlights, desk lamps, floor lamps or wall lamps. They can all be adorned with the effigy of the magical unicorn horse.

    A unicorn lamp ? It can illuminate our bedrooms, the office, the kitchen, the living room and even the outside space. Both decorative and functional, the unicorn lamp can be placed anywhere in the house, on the bedside table as a night light for magical nights, or on the walls to provide excellent accent lighting in the living room or in the corridors of the house with a high quality LED light source or an incandescent light source.

    Let's go to the world of the white horse with its twisted horn with the designer and super practical unicorn lamps to create a more magical atmosphere !

    Decorative and trendy luminaires with unicorn lamps

    Don't you think your baby's room would look much better with a bright unicorn-shaped decoration ? Nightlight, garland or bedside lamp, a unicorn lamp with a very soft, two-coloured LED light would be much more appreciated by baby and would allow him to sleep in peace and quiet. That's right ! Remember that the unicorn wonderfully embodies its role of protection and luck carrier wherever you can have it at your side. At the same time, magical and magnificent, the unicorn lamp can also find its place on your bedside table in your parents' bedroom to give you a real atmospheric light. The soft light of a multicoloured LED lamp gives a cosy and romantic atmosphere to the bedroom. With a unicorn wall light that reveals a magical silhouette when switched on, you will have an authentic and original eye-catcher.

    Remember, unicorns are in fashion. But then again, there is no age to adore these magical unicorn horses. If you've always dreamed of making your little world a real glittering fairy tale, you're sure to find pleasure in browsing through our collection of unicorn lamps. A decorative object as original as a trendy light, the unicorn lamp combines elegance and practicality. Young and old alike are sure to have stars in their eyes with our wide choice of unicorn lamps that could be presented as a night light, bedside lamp, compact size table lamp, desk lamp, 3D creative transparent acrylic table lamp, lantern, lantern, garland, floor lamp, wall lamp, torch, ceiling lamp and starry sky or rainbow projector. So many types of unicorn lamps that will allow you to illuminate and decorate every room with magic and enchantment.

    Give a unicorn lamp as a gift

    Unicorn addict or not, you can perfectly buy a unicorn lamp and offer it to all those people who are so dear to your heart. This mythical animal, more precisely a white horse with its horn twisted in the middle of its forehead, is said to be magical and only allows itself to be approached by those who have a tender and pure heart, according to legends. Thus, giving a unicorn glass lamp as a present to a loved one would inevitably be giving him a gift that would prove how much you feel affection for him, a gift that would further demonstrate how special this person is to you. Moreover, because of the originality and quality of our unicorn lights, the recipient is sure to love it.

    With the wide choice of unicorn lamps presented in our collection indeed, you will be able to better orient yourself towards a gift that could perfectly serve everyone. If it is for a friend or colleague at the office, it would be better to opt for a LED desk lamp or a decorative unicorn lamp with dimmer or bluetooth speaker for colour change. These lamps can be found on a desk or in a bedroom. On the other hand, if your friends have just had their baby, an excellent birth gift will be a baby unicorn pebble nightlight or a multicoloured unicorn spotlight that diffuses a soft light and even better unicorn patterned suspensions. An original gift that will certainly please your little girl will be the unicorn-themed decoration for her birthday party. Indeed, the lights with the effigy of the magic unicorn horse are also available in magnificent night lanterns and multicoloured RGB lanterns, but also as a light garland. Our unicorn lamps will provide you with a light that is as soothing as it is luminous, according to your needs, as well as lighting adapted to create a warm atmosphere in every room of your home.

    What you need to know to choose the right unicorn lamp

    Choosing a unicorn lamp ? It's not really easy when you are faced with so many choices as you will find in this unicorn lamp collection. Whether on a desk or a bedside table, the unicorn lamp will spread its magical glow. As a lampshade with motifs featuring a white horse with a single twisted horn, it is perfect to be used as an accent light in a shady corner of the living room or sitting room. As a design wall lamp, it provides a pleasant light in the corridor. In a child's room, in floor or projector lamp or nightlight or mood lamp version, the unicorn lamp adds a touch of fantasy with an illumination perfectly suited to relaxation and rest.

    So how to make the best choice among all these cute things ?

    The unicorn lamp in a bedroom

    A first essential criterion to take into account when choosing the best unicorn lamp is its intended use. In a child's bedroom, a bedside lamp with a unicorn head generating a soft white light will be perfect. If it's for a parents' bedroom, a stylishly designed unicorn bedside lamp with a yellow light tinted with orange or with a coloured glow will provide a warm and equally soothing atmosphere to help you sleep in the best possible conditions. If it's for interior decoration, unicorn lamps can be chosen in a trendy wall hanging, or why not in a uniform and sleek look. You can also opt for a unicorn ceiling lamp, which, apart from its decorative touch, will also illuminate your room with a beautiful warm white light. Unicorn lights will brighten up your dark nights while decorating every room in perfect harmony.

    A unicorn lamp for its various functions

    If there is also one important criterion you should consider before buying a unicorn lamp, it is its function. So, if you are looking for a desk lamp or a bedside lamp for children, remember that it must be stable and take up little space. However, for a unicorn lamp as a gift idea, prefer models made of natural wood, such as oak, or ceramic. Indeed, these materials are very noble. A glass lamp can also be more resistant, while being more aesthetic and elegant. You can also opt for other more interesting and trendy models, such as the unicorn lamp with timer and alarm clock function, which can be placed in a teenager's bedroom. Whether you would like to find a ball-shaped or moon-shaped unicorn nightlight with motion detector or a singing or lullaby unicorn nightlight for your children, or a led table lamp as a discreet light source, you will be fully satisfied by our collection.

    Unicorn lights with different options

    That's right ! The unicorn is fashionable, but not only in terms of design. Under their different appearances as lighting fixtures, these lamps in the shape of the magic unicorn horse can also be equipped with the best lighting technology. You can indeed opt for a unicorn nightlight with touch-sensitive ignition or a brass touch-sensitive bedside lamp if you want a more user-friendly luminaire. It will also be a model adapted to children so that they can develop independently. There are also models with changing colours. A remote control will accompany the light in this case, so that you can choose the colour change according to your needs. The type of power supply must also correspond to the use. A led desk lamp will suit you better by being rechargeable on a PC or any other usb port with a classic usb cable. Floor, wall or wall lamp, or ceiling and spot lamp will be much more practical when powered from a wall or mains socket. There is even the connected unicorn lamp with Bluetooth speaker.

    Bulbs to make the most of unicorn lights

    LED lighting is nowadays more popular because it is particularly versatile, has low power consumption and is much cheaper. In addition, it does not heat up. A LED bamboo table lamp will certainly find its place in a corner of your living room, while a LED desk lamp will light up your workplace more safely. A wide choice of unicorn lamps with LED bulbs is present in our selection. However, a unicorn lamp with a halogen bulb offers an excellent colour rendering with a more diffused light. On the other hand, it is more energy efficient, even if it is compatible with a dimmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity.

    Metal unicorn industrial lamp, neon tube lamp, unicorn night-light plush, flashlight, light garland, rechargeable outdoor led portable lamp, led table lamp, multicoloured lantern... these are all forms in which you will discover the unicorn lamps in our collection, which include only the best of the moment !

    Decorate your environment with unicorn stickers that will last over time !