Unicorn Keychains

    9 products

    9 products

    Discover our collection of unicorn key rings to always have with you.


    If you're looking for a detail that will make the difference in your outfit compared to your girlfriends, we have what you need.

    Attach one of our key rings to your handbag, clutch, tote bag or even better, your unicorn backpack, and accessorise it in a very trendy but also very cute way.

    You can also attach one or more keys to one of these unicorn key rings that fit all the keys and put it in your bag. This way, your keys will be easy to find when you need them.

    You have a wide choice of unicorn key rings which we will detail here.

    Small unicorn head with its multicoloured horn. Different colours available : pink, purple, blue, yellow or green. For a touch of gaiety in your life as a unicorn.
    Unicorn head with fake fur and rainbow mane, to see life as a unicorn
    Unicorn head with its pink or blue mane and with its black, white, pink, blue, purple or blue faux fur ball according to your taste, for a guaranteed anti-stress effect
    Magic unicorn head : either fluorescent or luminous, the choice is yours. In both cases, the bright colours are there.

    Whole body of a white unicorn with its multicoloured horn, mane and tail. His eyes are closed, for dreamy unicorns. Whole body of white unicorn with pink or blue mane and matching charms (star and bell).

    This one closes with a carabiner system. Whole yellow body with a ball of yellow fake fur and matching charm: small yellow and white bell that makes a little noise when shaken. Whole white body with pink mane and small shiny stars and horn for sparkling unicorns.

    They are all cuter than each other. The hardest part is choosing your favourite. Don't hesitate to adopt one or more of them and even give them as gifts to your friends and family. Have with your BFF, the same key ring to show your bond of friendship stronger than anything else.

    It's a great idea for a birthday or Christmas present, or for an intermediate holiday (Mother's Day, grandmothers' day, saints' day). All occasions are good to display your pretty unicorn key ring as a fashion accessory.

    Throw your dirty laundry into a unicorn laundry basket worthy of welcoming your precious clothes !