Unicorn Jewelry

    44 products

    44 products

    Discover our superb collection of Unicorn Jewellery for Girls and Women. Composed of Bracelets, Earrings, Rings, Necklaces and Unicorn Watches, our selection of jewellery is the most fanciful ! In gold or sterling silver, in metal or surgical steel, with rainbow or emoji unicorn motifs, there is something for everyone !

    The widest collection of unicorn jewellery on the internet !

    It looks like a real jewellery store ! For girls, teenagers and women who want to get ready with beautiful beauty ornaments. We have selected unique unicorn rings, in gold or silver colours, mostly adjustable to satisfy women of all ages. But you will also find glittering unicorn earrings to be fitted for special occasions. Made of pearls, stones or discreet and elegant, you will have something for every princess' taste. Then bracelets are added to the collection, bringing a certain touch of glamour. In leather or metal, they will sublimate your ready-to-wear. Finally you will find unicorn necklaces, pendants with silver chains and digital unicorn watches ! Unbelievable isn't it ? Are you more of a silver or gold jewellery team ? The must have unicorn costume jewellery.

    Unicorn fans love to have the magic of their favourite magic animal in all their everyday objects including on them as well as with the jewellery. There are a multitude of different representations of the unicorn and in all forms of jewellery. This is what we are going to detail now.

    A marvellous collection of unicorn jewellery for girls

    Unicorn Rings : Beautiful silver or gold coloured unicorn rings with sparkling reflective diamond type stones. Some are made of sterling steel for unparalleled durability. Others are made of stainless steel. The rings are adjustable to ensure adaptability and comfort for every woman or lady who is lucky enough to wear them. Beautiful gifts to offer for an engagement, a wedding, a party or simply to please.

    Unicorn Earrings : Glittering unicorn earrings to make sure that they will not go unnoticed on special occasions. Be the princess of the evening by proudly wearing a beautiful pair of earrings. Very elegant, some are made of pearls, rainbow patterns, or available in a box. In a variety of colours, pink, blue, yellow, red or multicoloured!

    Unicorn bracelets : Beautiful unicorn bracelets. In leather or metal, they will sublimate your wrists and arms. You will love their quality of finish and their totally chic look ! Some bracelets are even transformable !

    Unicorn necklace : Unicorn necklaces that are hyper kawaii and sparkling. Made of real silver chains, these gold pendants will amaze you ! You will find unicorn heart necklaces, or best friend necklaces !

    Unicorn watches : Sublime unicorn watches. For babies and children, these educational watches are kawaii and wonderfully represent the magical universe of the rainbow unicorn. Beautiful digital watches !

    Exceptional quality unicorn jewellery for a golden gift

    The unicorn jewellery presented on our website belongs to different collections. Our collection of unicorn jewellery is one of the largest product offers for a specialist unicorn shop on the Internet. Unicorn jewellery shops are only part of a huge variety, our website has one of the largest offers of unicorn tricks as gifts for yourself or for others.


    We would like to answer and why not but that would be too simple. We agree that sometimes life is not simple for everyone and that everyone needs to escape in one way or another. Unicorns are the fantastic animal that has often been evil in the eyes of the world, but in reality is a very gentle and protective animal.

    Wearing unicorn jewellery is :

    • opening one's mind to the world without limits
    • demonstrate maturity while retaining a childlike spirit
    • bring joy and smiles to the people around us
    • wanting to stay in the trend while asserting its original side

    The list would be long, but do you have to justify everything you love to be able to do it ? No, we don't agree. There is not necessarily a rational reason. We wear unicorn jewellery because we want to, don't we ?


    All our jewellery is classified by collection to help you find your way around. We add new items very often to offer you always the trendiest jewellery, the newest as well as the unpublished ones.

    They are all hypoallergenic to respect the fragile skin of some of you. From time to time, we make promotions and offer delivery to allow you to have all the unicorn jewellery you want at the best price.

    To accompany your unicorn jewellery, you can offer yourself a superb unicorn necklace to obtain an ornament worthy of the fairy animal with the magic horn.