Unicorn Duvet Covers

    110 products

    110 products

    Discover our Unicorn Duvet Covers ! Ideal for a child's or little girl's bedroom, unicorn bedding brings magic to the heart of the decoration ! Designed in Cotton or Microfiber, the unicorn duvet covers will amaze you with their softness ! Available in sizes 140x200cm, 200x200cm, 240x220cm for single beds or double beds.

    A unique selection of unicorn duvet covers for the bedroom !

    Made up of duvet cover and pillowcase sets, this collection features the most cute and comfortable bedding available. Designed for single beds or double king-size beds for 2, the sizes are varied : 140x200cm, 200x200cm, 220x240cm, and the patterns are diverse : Rainbow unicorn, cute, star pattern and heart. For the pleasure of children, girls, women and teenagers.

    These duvet covers are accompanied by pillowcases with cute prints. The perfect bed cover for a child or adult bed. These sheet covers wash like linen in the machine. Made of polyester cotton, you won't be able to do without them ! Pure cotton for maximum comfort. The must-have textile for a child's or teenager's bedroom or for a baby's bed.

    Duvet covers 1 person, 2 persons, 140x200cm, 200x200cm, 220x240cm.

    Thanks to our Unicorn bedding, brighten up your bedroom, enjoy the protection of the unicorn horse and choose a comfort and tenderness during your sleep. Indeed, the unicorn is a beautiful animal that protects you. Moreover, by its purity, it will purify all your nights. A magnificent unicorn bedding set.

    Whether you are a child or an adult, you deserve the best. That's why Unicorn Village offers you the best unicorn bedding sets for a softer sleep. Whether you have a single bed or a double bed, you'll find the right unicorn bedding set for you. Plus, all our blankets are quality and suitable for all skin types (even the most sensitive).

    Discover the number 1 Unicorn Duvet Cover collection in the USA ! Add a touch of magic to your bedroom while decorating your bed in the most magical way !


    If you're looking for a great Unicorn Bedding that doesn't take up any space, you absolutely have to get a Unicorn Bed Cover ! Soft and comfortable thanks to their microfiber texture, they will sublimate your room while sending you quickly to the kingdom of dreams ! Some people leave their comforter without a cover, but that's a mistake: the Unicorn Duvet Cover is a great way to give life to a room while enjoying an unmatched softness. Don't neglect your sleep !

    Whether you need a 1-Person Unicorn Duvet Cover or a 2-Person Unicorn Duvet Cover, you're in the right place ! At Unicorn Fantasy, we offer covers for all possible and imaginable bed sizes (220x240, 140x200, 90x190, etc.). Whether you are alone in a single bed or you are a king with a king-size bed, you will find what you need :

    • Unicorn Duvet Cover Twin
    • Unicorn Duvet Cover Cotton
    • Pink Unicorn Duvet Cover
    • Unicorn Duvet Cover Uk
    • Unicorn Duvet Cover Nz
    • Unicorn Duvet Cover Ireland

    You're bound to find something you like when you explore our collection 😊 !

    Softness of the fabric

    Polyester fabric, such as microfiber, has been selected for our sets because it has many advantages. Indeed, it benefits from a great flexibility that the so-called natural fibers such as cotton or linen, which can sometimes be rough, do not have. This elasticity gives it a great softness. Thus, your duvet covers will always remain pleasant to the touch and cozy. This will also be the case for all your bed linen, sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases or bolster covers which will be made of this material, or of pure organic cotton. This is all the more important for linens intended for a child's bed.

    No wrinkles

    Synthetic fibers, such as polyester or microfiber, offer many qualities. They are much easier to maintain than satin, cotton sateen, flannel or percale. The flexibility of this fabric allows it to unfold easily. No more ironing ! You can install your duvet covers directly on your bedding with its pillowcase or pillowcases in the case of a double bed, and you will obtain a magnificent result, without any folds that could spoil the decorative effect of your bed linen. In the same way, in the morning, your comforter and its cover will be laid out as on the first day with a simple tap.

    Composition of the duvet cover

    Your modern duvet covers are a superior quality product. Indeed, its seams are reinforced, in order to guarantee its solidity. Its texture is made of high density polyester, microfiber type. The choice of this material allows your printed cover, even reversible, to keep its colors and patterns intact. It is also what gives it its softness and facilitates its maintenance. As a reminder, there is no need to iron it. All our bed sets, with or without flat sheet, have the same characteristics and will match easily with any plain fitted sheet.

    Find everything you need to have a bed worthy of the legendary creature with the magic horn with our unicorn bedding category !