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    95 products

    Magnificent unicorn dresses to wear for all occasions

    Although it is well known that children love unicorns, adults also follow the trend of the unicorn in order to regain their childlike soul in a certain way, even if only for the time of a party. Yes, that's right ! Unicorn pajamas can be worn at home as well as at a carnival or costume party. And best of all, the unicorn dress can be worn for any occasion. We offer you the possibility to discover a whole collection of unicorn dress for girls with models for all ages and styles.

    Our unicorn dresses for girls, more than just clothes, will transform you into real princesses worthy of the wonderful world of unicorns !

    A unicorn dress to be beautiful and trendy

    The unicorn, that magical unicorn horse, is everywhere. It has even taken over the world of haute couture and fashion-weeks. Models have paraded with unicorn eye make-up in the colours of the rainbow. In our unicorn online shop, we propose you to discover the most beautiful dresses for girls with the effigy of this animal as magic as mysterious, while being a symbol of happiness and purity.

    If it is the little girls who particularly appreciate it, but the older ones also adore it. You will find this magical horse with its unique horn and its beautiful colours, always in soft shades and pastel shades, on cups, nails and hair, but also on many useful accessories for everyday life and on all textiles. Today, we present our collection of unicorn dresses for trendy girls, dresses that will be the perfect outfit to be chic and elegant for any occasion.

    In our rainbow-coloured unicorn dresses, your happiness will be within reach. Dressing in a pretty unicorn dress with your little princess will please you as much as your beautiful little girl. Why not enjoy these wonderful moments with your child while being trendy at the same time ? Let yourself be carried away by the magical world of unicorns through our new collection of unicorn dresses for girls !

    The different unicorn dresses for all tastes, styles and ages

    Your little girl wants a pretty unicorn dress ? Then you should know that for a child, unicorns are omnipresent in our time. For a teenager, owning unicorn clothes is also a must. An adult woman will not be excluded either, because the values of a unicorn dress are as rare as they are magical. Yes, the unicorn dress can be worn as a magnificent ceremonial outfit, as well as a perfect disguise for parties and carnivals.

    A vast choice of unicorn dresses for your little princesses

    Children love unicorns ! This is an undeniable fact of our time. If this magical horse already appears as a favourite character of children in cartoons and films, they will be even happier to have them among their favourite clothes in their little girl's wardrobe and in their dreamy little boy's dressing room. If little girls look their best in their unicorn dresses, boys will be delighted to have their unicorn suits or trousers.

    If you are then looking for a girl's unicorn dress, you have come to the right place. In our collection you will surely find this beautiful princess unicorn girl dress that can be delivered with the matching hoop. This is a pretty unicorn dress that is perfect for a little girl under 10 years old. The choice is wide, because you will find different models, such as a girl unicorn dress with adjustable straps or ribbon straps that can be tied in a beautiful bow tie at the back. In polyester or chiffon, the unicorn dress can also be decorated with a colourful knitted tutu for the skirt. An elastic bodice top will also look great with applied details such as cartoon characters or 3D flowers. A teenager or little girl can perfectly wear this unicorn dress with tutu to look graceful and yet very charming.

    Unicorn girl dress for all styles

    Girl unicorn dresses are also available in many different sizes, as well as in a wide variety of styles and colours. Because with mythical creatures everything is possible, so with unicorn dresses for adults, the only limit will certainly be the imagination of the designers.

    You will find in our collection beautiful dresses in polyester or cotton or poplin, dresses that can be worn in winter as well as summer dresses with their thin straps. An excellent choice will also be the purchase of a dress and leggings set. A hooded model in sequin and top-of-the-range polyester is also a good choice to dress up in a pretty unicorn dress in optimal comfort and with the greatest softness. A rainbow-coloured unicorn print bodysuit will make you look even sexier and cooler. For winter, opt for the unicorn jumper dress, a model with long sleeves and with checks, prints or stripes.

    Dresses with short or long sleeves, or even sleeveless, the unicorn dress is ideal for an evening out, especially with models whose length can be adapted to leggings, as well as it can be worn during the day to enhance your fun side and a little bit more offbeat. The dresses in our unicorn collection for girls are adorned with the most beautiful patterns and prints. You will be delighted to discover those that will fit you perfectly and will find their place in your wardrobe to be trendy while being elegant and casual.

    But then again, we opt for a high-definition dye. This way, you'll have only unicorn dresses with a great liveliness of colour, even after several passes through the washing machines. The fabrics are also very durable and resistant. You will be able to choose from a wide range of fabrics :

    • cotton
    • satin
    • velvet
    • muslin
    • poplin
    • sequin
    • linen

    Whether you are looking for a unicorn dress for special occasions or for everyday wear, you will be spoilt for choice when you discover our unicorn dress collection for girls.

    Unicorn night dresses for peaceful nights in comfort

    A unicorn dress can be worn for any occasion. The current trend is to wear overalls or shirt dresses, and some of the models in our collection are also available in the latest fashionable cuts and styles. But a pretty unicorn dress can also be revealed in beautiful models in night dresses. So if you are looking for a unicorn nightgown, look no further, as we offer them in different models within our unicorn dresses collection.

    Unicorn nightgowns are a much better alternative if you want to have a great night's sleep while living out your passion for these magical unicorn horses. You will have a choice of material, size and cut. Indeed, if for little girls and baby girls a unicorn nightgown is made of cotton or polyester, the models for adults will be made of spandex or polyester.

    In terms of colour, pink, purple and white will be more present. However, you will find models in different colours to suit all preferences. The unicorn night dresses for winter will be embellished with long sleeves and a length beyond the knees for the great generality of the models. Warm-season models have short sleeves and sometimes even thin straps. In all cases, our unicorn night dresses are also designed to offer excellent comfort at night.

    A unicorn dress to wear for all occasions

    Whether you are looking for a flowing dress or a sequined dress, a cocktail dress, a sweater dress or a denim dress, for you or your little princess, you will certainly be satisfied with our collection of unicorn dresses. With the different styles and patterns of our unicorn dresses, you will certainly be able to wear one for every occasion, from a birthday party to a wedding ceremony or cocktail party. They are also an excellent choice as a baby girl dress for a baptism or first communion. Thanks to its beautiful pastel colours that perfectly symbolise peace and happiness, the most chic models will also be perfect as dresses for bridesmaids. If you want to live your passion for the unicorn to the fullest and show it in broad daylight, nothing prevents you from choosing one for your wedding dress.

    From the short and sexy unicorn dress for girls to the long sleeveless or bare-shoulder dress with skater skirt, you are bound to find the perfect unicorn dress to wear for any occasion to stand out even more while being chic and glamorous !

    Discover our Unicorn Dresses for Girls. A magical selection of dresses to dress like a Princess and embody the Unicorn at a birthday party, a fancy dress party, a carnival or a ball. Find the perfect tutu unicorn dress for your little girl from our 2020 collection of Unicorn dresses !

    Cover our many models of unicorn dresses for girls ! You will find in our collection more than 50 references of dresses to dress or disguise yourself in kawaii unicorn fashion! Find the ideal unicorn dress for your child, whether for a special event (like a birthday or a fancy dress party) or simply to wear during the mild seasons.

    Which princess unicorn dress model to choose ?

    The choice of children's dresses is large and very diverse. To help you, here are the different models we offer at Unciorn Village :

    Unicorn disguise dresses : These types of dresses are ideal for dressing up for a festive event, such as a birthday party, carnival or a fancy dress party. They are usually hyper colourful dresses, most of them multicoloured and accompanied by a headband to complete the outfit. They are wonderful children's costumes to be equipped for an even more fun party !

    Unicorn dresses with tutu : These dresses include a top with unicorn motifs, as well as a tutu-shaped bottom. They are generally suitable for the mild or warm seasons such as spring and summer. The tutu allows little girls to keep a very good freedom of movement to play and enjoy the beautiful days.

    One-piece long unicorn dresses : These unicorn dresses have been made in one piece to offer an original and supple outfit. It is the kawaii and light garment to wear at home or for outings outside.

    Discover short or long unicorn dresses for birthday or summer for little girls

    If you are looking for a birthday unicorn dress, then the length of the dress is not decisive. Instead, choose a model that suits your daughter, in terms of colours, patterns, accessories, cut or other. If you are looking for a summer unicorn dress, to take advantage of the beautiful days and mild temperatures, then opt for a short sleeved unicorn dress, like a skirt (or a long but light dress). Tutu dresses are also a good compromise ! To dress like a Cinderella princess, a unicorn dress will do honour to the kingdom of the legendary creature. A supple and elegant garment for festive occasions such as birthdays, carnivals or fancy dress parties !

    Unicorn dresses for girls : chic dresses for all occasions

    At Unicorn Village, we want to accompany you throughout your days, season after season, with a studied and unique wardrobe. That's why our designers work on a line of formal wear in summer and winter. Designed so that all body types can find the ideal dress, the cuts are either straight with a pretty neckline or short and fitted at the waist, for the most daring. Cut in soft and fluid materials such as viscose muslin or silk, you will find the cocktail and party dresses collection, ideal as a wedding guest, declined in fresh, natural or vitaminized colors. Plain or printed, they are inspired by the major trends of the moment: floral dresses, asymmetrical, flared, fully pleated, decorated with bows or decorated with lace or embroidery. You can find them in different colors : purple, black, green, powder pink, blue, red, floral or polka dots. Accessorize these pretty dresses with a matching jacket for a resolutely chic and feminine silhouette.

    Short unicorn dress or long dress, how to choose ?

    The Unicorn Village wardrobe has been designed to fit all body types and ages. Big sizes as well as small sizes. The same goes for the cuts of our winter dresses. Long, short or midday dresses, each cut has its own style. The long dress for a feminine look, a bohemian side especially if it is adorned with a beautiful floral print, country and ruffle inserts. Wear this dress with a suede leather jacket in our new camel color, flat ballet flats and a raffia tote bag for your everyday looks, or a multi-row necklace and a pair of wedge sandals for a date night or a drink with friends. For those who want to air their legs, opt for the short dress. A straight cut and a round neckline for the wiser ones opting for a casual look, accessorized with a pair of dad-shoes and a vintage denim jacket. Or a tight dress for the more daring. The midday dress, in other words the mid-length dress, plays the in-between. Choose it with a striped print, it can be worn over a swimsuit and accompany you for your beach days and lazing around, floppy hat and sunglasses screwed on your head.

    Trendy and eco-responsible unicorn dresses

    Fashion reinvents itself by taking inspiration from the classics and giving them an infinite twist. For the spring and summer season, rediscover the denim dress, cut from a very fluid cotton with a second-skin effect, buttoned in front with brushed metal snaps, because all the details are important at Unicorn Village. The little straight dress with unique prints: floral, polka-dot or geometric, they are carefully thought out in our workshops to bring you unique outfits, an affirmed and personalized style. The long-sleeved shirt dress in cotton poplin, feminized by its high waistline and fancy thanks to its tone-on-tone belt to be tied in front or back, according to the desire. Finally, the timeless wrap dress with its wrap-around neckline, designed in satin viscose in bright blue colors. Long or shorter, it can be worn for all occasions: casual but still elegant with a pair of flat mules, trade them in for slingbacks with small heels and large costume jewelry in wood, metal and natural stones. The Unicorn Village team is committed to creating an increasingly eco-responsible brand. For our dresses, cottons, viscose, linens are chosen meticulously and their manufacturing followed from A to Z so that from the producer to the customers, nothing escapes our watchful eye.

    We have ultra-soft unicorn slippers to walk comfortably in your main residence. It's still more practical to walk with this than barefoot !