Unicorn Diary

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    10 products

    Discover the Unicorn Diary

    To boost your self-esteem, to develop your creativity, to remember. There are many reasons to have a unicorn diary. Why keep a diary ?

    Here are 7 good reasons :

    1 - To take a step back : to write down your feelings so that you can see more clearly.

    2 - It's a completely neutral unicorn confidant : he won't judge you.

    3 - Improves self-esteem : don't hesitate to compliment yourself, it's good for you and your spirit.

    4 - To talk to someone close to you : someone you no longer see, for example.

    5 - Boost your creativity : write down your ideas, draw and imagine new magical worlds.

    6 - To remember : write down your best anecdotes or memories from when you were little.

    7 - Recovering from a break-up in love or friendship

    We suggest you have breakfast with tea or hot cocoa with a unicorn mug.