Unicorn Decorations

    239 products

    239 products

    Our Unicorn Decorations

    If you're a fan of unicorns, this is your chance to show it to your family and guests by having the Unicorn Decoration everywhere ! Decorate your room with :

    • Unicorn Painting
    • Unicorn Wall Stickers
    • Unicorn Lamp
    • Unicorn Stickers
    • Unicorn Night Light
    • Unicorn Alarm Clock

    Discover our "Unicorn Decoration" collection - the perfect place for people who need to add a touch of unicorn to their decoration !


    We have selected for you the best decorations currently on the market.

    You will be able to create a very cocooning universe thanks to our decorations and also display on your skin like a decoration " your affection for unicorns thanks to our unicorn tattoos.

    You will find in this section, a collection of unicorn lamps. Different styles are proposed to create a warm, romantic, trendy atmosphere or to always have a night light in your room. In pastel colours to be in harmony with the fairy world of unicorns.

    A collection of unicorn wall stickers has also been chosen to brighten up your walls with unicorns, each one more beautiful than the other. These different models of stickers meet the desires of the youngest but also the oldest. Our unicorn wall stickers are in light tones to brighten up your bedroom or living room with a touch of magic.

    The unicorn bedding collection is a must to have a top unicorn atmosphere in your room. A wide range of unicorn duvet covers with matching pillowcases are available to create a romantic or rather kawaii atmosphere. Different sizes are sold in our shop.

    These first 3 collections are fully assorted so that you can combine them and reproduce your personal unicorn universe as you wish.

    The collection of ephemeral unicorn tattoos has been added to this section because they are considered as an ornament of the skin and therefore part of the decoration, even if it is not interior decoration. A multitude of ephemeral unicorn tattoos are available to put on your skin for a realistic rendering and a sublimated style.

    If you are looking for gifts to give to your friends or family for a birthday or Christmas, these collections of unicorn decorations are excellent ideas.

    Everyone likes to be in the warmth of their home to feel reassured. There is nothing better than the universe of the unicorn to make your flat, your house or simply your room very welcoming.

    You may not know about the unicorn, but you've probably heard of this colourful and magical creature.
    So why not bring some magic to your party ? Unicorn decoration is a unique way to add fun and colour to your event. It can be a little difficult to choose the ideal Unicorn because there are many wonderful varieties and they all have different personalities. But if you really want to stand out, you should definitely use Unicorn birthday decorations !

    You can find many different types of unicorns but let's start by talking about the one you probably know birthday party or disco etc. Unicorns are known for their beautiful royal hair, majestic horn, small plates and majestic tail. What better way to give your party venue a very special look than with a magical mini Unicorn Decoration! In the shape of an oversized pinata filled with sparkling, cheerful iridescent strands and a gold leaf heart, this wonderful decoration is an incredible addition to your magical unicorn-themed party. Simply place it in your party venue as an elegant centrepiece, (bell), order some to hang on hooks on a wall as an artistic decoration or place several in a vase to make a lush centrepiece at the reception; tropical, room decoration etc. The possibilities are endless ! Add this magnificent decoration to your children's party to create an unforgettable moment that the children will keep forever !

    In this collection you will find unicorn clock, unicorn chair, unicorn cushions for your living room. But also unicorn moneyboxes to put away your savings, night lights for the bedside table, bed linen to dress up your duvet. Finally, we have also thought of your walls with a magnificent selection of wall stickers and floors with non-slip mats for the living room, bedroom or bathroom !