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    22 products

    22 products


    Being late ? Yes, but with class, it's better all the same, do we agree ?

    Although with the accessory that we're going to advise you at Unicorn Village today, you won't be able to be !

    You will then always be on time and on top of that, with a certain laughing smile !

    Why is that? Because from now on, we offer several kinds of Unicorn Clocks in several colours just for you and your good mood !

    Take for example a "Fantasy Unicorn Clock", it is a guarantee to be inspired and to have a beautiful smile every time your curiosity asks you to look at the time.

    Of course, you see the time, but instead of a despicable background like the other ordinary clocks, you get a beautiful image of a whimsical Unicorn !

    Powerful, pure and protective, it gives you the time as well ? What do you want as an extra ? A coffee ?

    Brightening up a room with this clock on the wall will then become one of your favourite games.

    Surprise your guests too by sublimating your dull wall with a clock worthy of the name that will make everyone happy !

    And that's just what we say, but our deliveries are very fast and they are FREE !

    Go and see what time it is at Unicorn Village and see you soon !

    Unicorn wall clocks to always be on time.

    Often overlooked, wall clocks are making a comeback. There are all kinds of them, but we have unicorn decorations made especially for you. Owning a wall clock from the fairytale world of unicorns is something that everyone dreams of having. Thanks to this wall decoration you will never be late again ! Brighten up your interior with a sublime clock that is out of the ordinary. This wall clock comes directly from the wonderful and idyllic world of unicorns. With this accessory you will never miss an appointment again. Fall for its refined and sumptuous elegance. What's more, it will make your children want to read the time quickly and simply. They will be supported by their favourite horned animals. In addition to allowing you to read the time, it will harmonize your interior. Make your home a real corner of paradise by opting for unicorn wall clocks.

    When combined with unicorns, these clocks will bring the divine beauty of these white horned creatures into your home. By putting them in your child's bedroom, you can be sure that your child will have a wonderful night. He will be protected by these favourite animals and he will dream of love and happiness. You can combine them with any type of wall and decoration. In the end they will always bring love, relaxation and harmony to your home.

    Unicorn decorations for all tastes

    Creating your own interior design is a much sought-after fact these days. Everyone would like to add their own personal touch to their living space. Everyone is looking for the decorative object that will allow them to change their daily life. By opting for our wall accessories you will find the decoration that will change your lifestyle. By choosing to integrate our wall clocks into your interior you will be sure to always be in harmony with your home. In our shop you will find the ideal unicorn clock created for you. You will have the possibility to create a unicorn world in your own home, which will delight young and old alike. Creating an idyllic and wonderful place has never been easier for you. We have a wide range of clocks for you to choose from. This to help you choose the one that will change your daily life and your interior. These clocks will help you to achieve a touch of enchantment in your home. Whatever the colour, model or size of these clocks, they will bring a touch of magic to your home. They will bring rainbows into your life and into the lives of the people who come to visit you. You can be sure that we have the right wall ornament for you !

    A unicorn shop with affordable decorations

    Simplify your purchases by opting for the Unicorn Village shop. The online unicorn site where you will find all the cheapest unicorn articles of the moment. At the heart of our shop you will find unicorn products made especially for you. Rest assured, in our store all your payments are perfectly protected. Our goods are guaranteed 100% unicorns. Come and take advantage of our low prices for a maximum of happiness !

    Use a unicorn candle on a birthday cake or when you have a power failure. It's even very romantic for a date !