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    13 products

    Choosing your unicorn cap

    The ideas for gifts around the unicorn are vast. Young princesses are more and more fans of this imaginary animal. Among the unicorn clothes, the cap remains a must. This accessory can be used for young and old, boys or girls. The colours of the hat are vast : pink, blue, black or rainbow. The cap can be made of cotton or synthetic. The back of the unicorn cap can be ventilated on the back to let the head breathe during the summer or in case of strong heat. The rounded shape of the cap will either already be formed or can be adjusted to your taste. All caps are adjustable in size.

    Unicorn cap suitable for all occasions

    The Unicorn Cap is the essential accessory of the feminine and also masculine wardrobe to complete your style, whether it is hip-hop or urban streetwear. We offer you magnificent Unicorn Caps with an original look, ultra trendy and carefully made !

    We offer you magnificent Unicorn caps with a neat original look, very trendy and rigorously made ! Our range of Unicorn caps comes in a wide variety of shapes, designs, colours and very different looks. Whether your headgear is with uniform or coloured Unicorns (pink, green, red, navy blue, mottled grey, black, green, brown...) curved or trucker, classic or snapback, multisport or casual, simply give style to all your outfits and fashion accessories.

    Unicorn cap to protect yourself with style

    Whatever your style for dressing in summer or winter, you will find the ideal Unicorn cap at Unicorn Village. Discover also on our online shop, the new collection of original Unicorn tee-shirts to dress up trendy with your Unicorn cap.

    Summer is coming, so protect your head from the sun's rays by wearing one of our Unicorn Caps, and sublimate your style of clothing !


    You will surely find the cap of your dreams in our shop ! That you are looking for :

    • unicorn cap pink
    • unicorn cap for girl
    • unicorn baseball cap
    • rainbow unicorn cap

    There's more than enough to make your future fairy-tale look stand out !


    Summer, spring or sunny days in autumn or even winter with an original cap is the height of coolness. But you still have to have the crazy cap style that suits you best, don't you ?

    Our Unicorn Caps will fit you perfectly, whether it is with our large choice of different colours or our different designs that will make you the man of the summer, the man of the evening who will make a lasting impression !

    For fans of the famous American cartoon series from the town of Springfield, a unicorn cap with a delicious pink donut design is waiting for you.

    Likewise, for fans of Deadpool or Japanese manga, unicorn caps only wish to be worn by someone of your own caliber.

    In addition to making an impression, you will make many people fall back into the carefree spirit of their youth, a rare thing in these times, and that's a great plus for you !

    Plus, the amazing thing to know is that at Unicorn Village, delivery is FREE !

    What more do you need to avoid succumbing to coolness incarnate, smile, fun and carefree ? Even doctors can't prescribe what our unicorn caps are ready to offer you !
    Equip yourself with a pleasant Unicorn and Kawaii Cap thanks to our extensive collection of headgear. Quality embroidery for a rainbow summer.
    Our unicorn caps have been carefully selected to guarantee you maximum comfort and protection during the summer. Cheap, and designed for women, men, children and babies, they will look great on you.

    In baseball or snapback style, the unicorn hats are lovingly embroidered. To protect yourself from the sun or to approach a streetwear style, you are bound to find the one that suits you ! Quality printed for outstanding durability. Wear with a matching t-shirt for more style and allure. Adjustable size, or one size fits all, these caps for women, girls, children and men will amaze you.

    Don't go out without your unicorn cap.

    Demand the best of the rainbow universe, with a selection of unique and fantastic unicorn caps. Cheap, quality and original, travel in the universe of unicorns all summer long. Find the model that suits you, unicorn that dab, unicorn that poops, rainbow unicorn and kawaii. To choose the cap size that fits you, refer to your head size. Anti UV these caps allow you to enjoy the summer while keeping a relaxed style during the holidays. Better than a sun hat, they prevent perspiration and all this for a cheap discount price for quality !

    Summer is coming, prepare yourself now by getting as many unicorn crop tops as possible !