Unicorn Boots

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    30 products

    Do you like unicorn boots ?

    Whether in town or on a hike, in the rain or on a boat, unicorn boots will never go out of fashion. Mummy and Daddy love the protective side of these unicorn high boots as much as the fashionable part they bring. And it's not the children who will say otherwise. A visible boot finishes off an outfit with just the right chic or fairy toe.

    Unicorn boots for children

    The strong point of the boots is that they can be found in many variations. From the unicorn rain boot in ultra-resistant rubber to the more upscale and fragile suede boot, the models are different. For a mixed and pleasant style, simply combine a classic leather boot with raw denim. Girls will surely prefer a more feminine look with colourful boots under a shorter skirt. Santiags mix with the most daring denim dresses and zipped boots with the simplest wallet skirts.

    The perfect unicorn gift !

    Let's face it, even if your children love their boots, they don't spare them ! So to make unicorn boots last a long time thanks to their magical powers, we give them a minimum of maintenance : we feed the leather with shoe polish, we waterproof the suede models and we think about having a spare pair of laces for the laced versions. Your children will thus be happy to finally be able to put on their favourite boots for many great adventures in the rainbow world of the white horned horses !

    Unicorn women's boots, heavenly and divine

    Dressing a part of the legs as if to better refine them, women's unicorn boots reveal your atypical side. They keep your legs warm during winter and/or mid-season. In rainbow, majestic or romantic mode, assert with them your colourful and sequined outfit.

    The perfect shoes for the cold winter weather

    Winter unicorn shoes that are both usable and pleasant. This selection brings together magic boots for your outdoor activities. As waterproof as leather, the rubber fits perfectly into the material of the rain boots, cleverly printed for a touch of fairytale, the unicorn snow boots match your trousers and your ski coats for winter sports. In their low version, they even fit in the city on cold days.

    A woman's story

    Boots, the best companions for women (and girls).
    Boots are regularly among women's favourite shoes. Participating in the femininity of a look, boots have been magically dressing women's legs for decades. The 1960s were certainly the most striking period for this type of footwear. It was with the fashion houses that unicorn boots were imposed as the flagship pieces of Parisian women's wardrobes. Worn in Paris as in London, with short skirts, women's boots became the emblem of a period. In suede or leather, they directly evoke modernity and women's liberation. Nowadays, boots keep the wind in their sails. The models are often brought back into fashion each season. They have been updated for many years. Equestrian design continues on its way, to the point where it appeals to all parts of society. This model is easy to wear and has the advantage of being very pleasant, as the heels are only a few centimetres long. Together with slim jeans and a pretty blouse, the equestrian boots are a fairy-tale style that won't go out of fashion !

    Have fun with unicorn boots.

    Deep down inside, you want to spend a rainy day next to these white horned horses, having fun in puddles. Would you like to spend magical moments playing with beautiful mythical creatures ? Do your feet need supernatural protection ? Then you've come to the right unicorn site. With these shoes you can have fun in the water in unicorn style. The Unicorn Boots come directly from the unicorn's native planet, they will always be with you to bring you the happiness, joy and enchantment you need.

    Boots made for you !

    In our unicorn shop we offer you a wide choice of Boots. Just like unicorns, we want you to find your happiness when you browse through our website. We hope that you will be able to find the perfect item for you. That's why we offer many different colours and designs, all different from each other, leaving you a wide choice to find what you are looking for.

    Unicorn boots for girls

    Unicorn girl rain boots are very trendy. Their plastic construction in no way detracts from the beauty of the unicorn's magical patterns. Their interior is soft and fluffy to be able to walk and run in all circumstances.

    Some pairs of boots have small, elegant handles, making them easier to put on and take off. Children become more independent and parents are delighted.

    Unicorn rain boots

    Women's Unicorn Rain Boots have a more or less flat heel and a notched sole to prevent slipping in the rain or on wet ground.

    You'll always be warm and dry thanks to these fashionable rubber boots.

    The colours are varied so that men, teenagers and boys can also enjoy these waterproof rain boots.

    Which Unicorn boots to choose ?

    Whether you are an adult or a child, rain boots are always a great idea as they fit with all styles of clothing and keep your feet dry.

    As for the choice of boot, it is best to choose a design and colour that you like. To choose the right size of boot to buy, it's best to choose a size larger than the size of the boot you're buying, as socks are often a little thick and the foot tends to swell. If you want to feel comfortable all day long, follow this advice.

    To go perfectly with our clothes, if you are a woman, you can put on unicorn leggings that will fit your shape perfectly.