Unicorn Beanie

    10 products

    10 products

    Visit our Unicorn Beanie Set to keep your head warm during the winter. For women, girls and children, soft and comfortable to wear.

    What better than a unicorn beanie to spend the winter. In various colours (multicoloured, pink, blue) you will find your favourite beanie in this collection. Cheap, with pompom, crochet, there is something for everyone ! So face the winter with the rainbow unicorn on your head to give you courage !

    The furry unicorn beanie is the original fashion accessory. Made of fleece and with a horn instead of a pompom, the unicorn hat for women and children is perfect to fight against the cold. One of the essential fashion accessories for a unicorn fan's wardrobe. Casual, in polyester depending on the model, and free delivery, they are perfect for all icy occasions ! Whether for winter sports to replace a hood or in your everyday life.

    Melt for a Unicorn Beanie

    Thanks to our unicorn beanie, you can be sure to spend a milder winter. In the warmth, under your favourite mythical creature. Cheap, opt for a unicorn beanie for skiing, horse riding, outings, or simply your favourite activities ! This collection is suitable for men, women, teenagers, children, little girls and babies. There is something for everyone !

    Winter is synonymous with cold, snow and therefore Unicorn Beanie ! It's time to dress up with a warm and fairy-tale headgear !


    You will be irresistible with a Unicorn Beanie adorned with a magnificent pompom ! You will find here :

    • Unicorn Beanie Baby
    • Unicorn Pom Beanie
    • Unicorn Beanie Pattern
    • Unicorn Winter Beanie
    • Unicorn Toddler Beanie

    No more reason for your little ears to get cold !

    Choosing your Unicorn Beanie

    The ideas for gifts around the unicorn are vast. Young princesses are more and more fans of this imaginary animal. Among the unicorn clothes, the cap remains a must. This accessory can be used for young and old, boys or girls. The colours of the hat are vast : pink, blue, black or rainbow. The cap can be made of cotton or synthetic. The back of the unicorn beanie can be ventilated on the back to let the head breathe during the summer or in case of strong heat. The rounded shape of the cap will either already be formed or can be adjusted to your taste. All beanie are adjustable in size.

    The Unicorn Beanie : The magical winter hat that will protect you from the cold !

    If you are looking for a cosy, warm and uniquely styled winter hat, then our Unicorn hats will melt you down ! 😊 Especially popular during the cold winter days, our Unicorn hats knitted directly from Wonderland will bring you magic and enchantment. It will embellish your outfits by bringing a touch of enchantment and will harmonize perfectly with other winter accessories such as gloves, mittens, a scarf or a beautiful winter coat ! After putting on one of our Unicorn beanie, we can assure you that you will be at the cutting edge of fashion and will be the envy of many ! 🤭

    Why buy a Unicorn Beanie ?

    The reasons are simple ! Firstly, as real winter headgear, our Unicorn beanie will keep your little head warm on cold days ! Don't worry about your ears, they also protect them like a real earmuff ! But also, wearing a Unicorn beanie is a sign of belonging to the fantastic world and of your love for this mythical creature ! 🦄 These winter hats will make you truly unique by making you shine like a star thanks to their pastel-coloured sequins and sequins ! 

    What types of Unicorn hats can I find ?

    At Unicorn Village, we have a wide selection of Unicorn beanie for all kinds ! From the charmingly designed Unicorn beanie for girls, through the sober and elegant Unicorn beanie for men to the Unicorn beanie for women decorated with a pompom and multicoloured sequins, there is something for everyone ! 😌 Moreover, except for the Unicorn beanie for babies, our winter caps are one size fits all ! Their polyester material guarantees you optimal protection against the cold. So let yourself be charmed by their warm soft fur and plunge into a world full of magic by putting on these fairy-tale ski hats ! 😄

    It's getting hot so it's time to opt for unicorn shorts which are ideal for sports !