Unicorn Bathrobes

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    40 products

    Unicorn bathrobe for children (girl - boy) and adults (woman - man), find tenderness after your bath.

    Do you want to find tenderness after getting out of the shower ? Forget the idea of your sad little towel that won't satisfy you. Indeed, the mythological animal is there to accompany you. Yes, a unicorn never abandons its fans ! If you love her, she loves you back. That's why unicorn dressing gowns will always be there to cuddle you.

    Indeed, thanks to the elegance and comfort of these pyjamas, your exits from the shower will never be the same again. In addition to keeping you warm, they will keep you comfortable and in a good mood all day long. The icing on the cake, they are multifunctional ! So you can use it as nightwear, loungewear, home wear and more.

    Unicorn bathrobe for women and children : an elegant, comfortable and inexpensive terry towelling kimono. 

    At " unicorn-village.com ", only your pleasure interests us. Whether you are a girl, boy, woman or man, our unicorn bathrobe collection has everything to please you. Indeed, you will find bathrobes of all sizes and styles. Whether you are looking for a long sleeve bathrobe, a short sleeve bathrobe or even a unicorn hooded bathrobe, you will find yours at a small price here.

    What's more, our shower pyjamas come in a multitude of colours for your greater good. Indeed, whether you want a pink unicorn bathrobe, a rainbow bathrobe, a white-blue bathrobe or even a galaxy coloured bathrobe, you will find yours in our shop. Don't hesitate to please your loved ones by offering them a multifunctional pyjama. If you want, you can also buy pyjamas for your children, spouses, and all the members of your family.


    Who doesn't like to feel comfortable at home, to be warm and very comfortable. Child as well as adult, everyone has the right to have their bathrobe, also called dressing gown, to be cocooned at home. And boys are not excluded, they have the right to succumb to the crazy magic of the unicorn.

    In any circumstance and in any season, whatever the situation, you will like to wear your dressing gown that you have chosen to feel good.


    Little girls or young girls will be able to dry themselves, warm themselves up and be the prettiest unicorns by finding in this collection the most beautiful and warmest indoor garment of the moment.

    Moreover, with the choice between the multicoloured rainbow print, with stars, kawaii, striped or plain and many others, they will be happy to be able to leave their bed without being cold and watch TV in their soft flannel or cotton bathrobe.


    Teenage girls, young women and more mature women will be able to express their fantasy and originality thanks to one of her clothes enveloping them in softness and warmth.

    The trendy and very different patterns with the unicorn horn in relief on the hood will keep her childlike soul a little longer.


    Do you need a reason to wear a beautiful, warm and soft bathrobe ? No, but if we had to express this choice, it could be :

    When you take a hot shower or bath, you quickly get cold when you come out. The bathrobe is there to dry us off and warm us up very quickly. When the alarm clock rings and you have to leave your warm duvet, only a bathrobe, which also doubles as a dressing gown, can comfort you effectively. And if you are lucky enough to swim in a pool, you know that you will get goose bumps as soon as you leave the pool if you don't have your bathrobe waiting for you. If you feel like strolling in front of the TV or if you are unfortunately ill, the only thing you will feel comfortable in is the unicorn bathrobe. It will keep you warm and give you a bit of fantasy on this sad day.

    Its cotton and flannel construction is ideal for all these situations because it feels so soft and cuddly that you can't do without it. Moreover, the long sleeves and the hood reinforce the protective side that we love so much.


    Our collection of unicorn bathrobes in our online shop is in constant evolution to offer you always the newest and trendiest bathrobes of the moment.

    Take advantage of the special offers and free delivery to equip yourself before the cold weather arrives and you are frozen. You can match it with unicorn slippers. We are sure that as a unicorn fan you know exactly what you need to stay warm in a magical and original way.

    The Best Unicorn Bathrobe

    Pleasant and ultra soft to the touch, warm and comforting, the unicorn bathrobe is both protective and cute. We love its enveloping shapes, its large belts or its beautiful hoods. It can be worn in the bathroom, for spa relaxation or simply at the pool. This garment can be plain or printed, it has many varieties, kawaii or with a horn. It has become an incredible unicorn inner garment, it dares floral patterns or lush animal horn prints.

    The horn bathrobe, this ally of well-being

    Adjusting to refined silhouettes, these unicorn indoor garments reassure us and warm us when we get out of the bath while accompanying us during our rest. Made with the magic of unicorns, they are breathable, insulating and absorbent. Enchanting and colourful, they give many possible combinations with beachwear as well as nightwear. Embellished with badges or bordered with piping, they have become pieces of great style. You can therefore choose between hooded or collar-collar models, straight cut or kimono shaped. And thus create delicate harmonies or subtle contrasts.

    Unicorn bathrobe, the soft and comfortable garment

    A unicorn bathrobe is the perfect garment to dry off or easily protect yourself from the cold outside before and after a swim or a nice bath afterwards. Made of soft material, the terry unicorn bathrobe is both absorbent and ultra cute. Large and long-sleeved, with or without belt and pockets, in a longer or simply mid-length version, it will adapt to all styles and all bathrooms. To enjoy it longer, you can wash the bathrobe at 40°C, so the longer it is tumble-dried, the softer it will become. This unicorn garment is currently on display in our unicorn bathroom linen shop.

    Magically soft unicorn bathrobes for adults

    Short or long, your choice is yours ! These unicorn bathrobes for women will give you optimal pleasure according to the current fashion. The unicorn style is not the only strong point of these magical bathrobes which follow you after your bath or also in your bed. The beauty of the materials as well as the sponge of our unicorn bathrobes has made the image of our unicorn shop, Unicorn Village. Browse also the unicorn fleece bathrobes for women. To meet all your requirements, Unicorn Village proposes you the discovery of the embroideries on the bottom of the sleeves as well as the atypical side of this bathrobe. Our unicorn website offers you a wide range of unicorn bathrobes and dressing gowns to wrap you in softness after your bath. Several sizes are available for purchase, our high quality bathrobes are made of cotton, bamboo viscose or polyester. We pay great attention to the design of our unicorn bathrobes to give you a perfect comfort and great absorbency.

    Discover our Unicorn Bathrobes for Children and Adults. Ideal for getting out of the bath or shower, they keep you dry in an absorbent and silky Cotton poncho ! A superb dressing gown. Combined with slippers, Unicorn Bathrobes offer warmth and comfort ! For Girls, Women and Men.

    The largest collection of cute Unicorn Bathrobes. Opt for the perfect unicorn bathrobes to stay warm after your bath or shower. Made of quality cotton, absorbent, and comfortable, you can count on these cute kawaii bathrobes.

    Soft and as absorbent as a sponge, these unicorn bathrobes are perfect for getting out of the bath. They will undoubtedly replace the classic towel which has no sleeves and is just as kawaii in style. The bathrobe dressing gowns make it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant. Whether it is for a woman or for bathing a baby or a child, getting out of the water will no longer be a torment !

    Which unicorn bathrobe to choose

    It depends on your personal taste, your favourite colour, and also on the unicorn pattern you like best. Choose your bath cape, or your bath poncho ! The material of these bathrobes is as absorbent as a sponge. Made of cotton polyester, these unicorn bathrobes will make bathers happy. Ideal for cocooning at home to ensure a smooth transition between the bath and the TV.

    A nice gift to give to a unicorn enthusiast. So that each princess has her own cosy outfit of choice.

    For girls and babies these bathrobes are comfortable and quick drying. These unicorn bathrobes are hyper absorbent ! They will allow you to stay warm and dry when you get out of the shower or bath. That's the main purpose of a bathrobe, to be able to dry quickly, while remaining comfortable and silky to the touch.

    All the bathrobes in this collection have in common a meticulous manufacturing process. These models made of organic cotton offer the best quality of manufacture on the market. Better than bath ponchos, they will perfectly fit your wet body after the shower.

    Can you think of a better feeling than snuggling up in your warm Unicorn Bathrobe when you get out of the bath ? Sometimes the best things are the simplest !


    Do you want to warm up after a good shower ? Wearing ultra-comfortable clothing at home ? There are a thousand reasons to own a Unicorn Bath Outlet, for young and old! All sporting radiant colours and a hood, they will wrap you in a soft and caring magic. You will find all kinds of Unicorn Bathrobes in this collection :

    • Unicorn Bathrobe Girl
    • Unicorn Bathrobe for Adults
    • Uicorn Hooded Bathrobe
    • Pink Unicorn Bathrobe
    • Rainbow Unicorn Bathrobe

    So no more cold sensation after the shower : it's time for softness and smoothness !

    A large choice of Unicorn Bathrobes

    Unicorn Village offers you long and absorbent Unicorn Bathrobes or short and light models made of noble, pure cotton quality material. Winter is coming soon, so you should think now about getting a quality bathrobe for a warm night's sleep. In fact, this is an indoor garment that you can wear on many other occasions : in your bedroom, in the bathroom, after bathing, at the beach, at the swimming pool, in the morning when you wake up or on Sunday afternoon.

    The materials of our Unicorn Bathrobes

    Before buying a unicorn bathrobe, you should first consider the material. It is the guarantee of your comfort and well-being and also the element that determines the quality of this bathroom accessory. A unicorn bathrobe made of honeycomb cotton, for example, combines softness and lightness and allows you to move freely.

    A terry cotton unicorn bathrobe, on the other hand, is thicker and airier and can perfectly help you dry off when you get out of the shower as it absorbs water like a classic bath towel. Finally, a microfibre unicorn bathrobe is renowned for its ability to keep you warm and also for its unique softness and comfort.

    The different cuts of our Unicorn Bathrobes

    The second criterion not to be neglected is the cut of the unicorn bathrobe. In fact, this type of bathrobe looks like a classic bathrobe, i.e. it closes with an elasticated belt and buttons and can have a long sleeve, a hood and pockets. But what makes it special is the fact that its hood has a horn, two ears and two eyes to recall the characteristics of the imaginary animal.

    However, it is important to point out that some unicorn bathrobes for women do not have a hood but rather a shawl collar or kimono collar and some unicorn bathrobes for children are fitted with ponchos to optimise their comfort during the cold seasons.

    Colours and patterns for all your desires

    Remember that the unicorn comes from a wonderful world located near the rainbow and the stars and illustrated with beautiful colours. Therefore, you should choose a pastel colour or a slightly childish colour to show your passion. And if you also want to give your child a unicorn bathrobe, you can choose the pink model for little girls, the grey model for boys or the white model for babies.

    Ideally, you should choose a unicorn bathrobe that reflects your style. To give you an idea, for example : the unicorn hooded bathrobe with golden horn and ponytail, the unicorn head print bathrobe and the unicorn print bathrobe that gallops over the rainbow.

    Many functions of our Unicorn Bathrobes

    Also, be aware that there is nothing better than having a multifunctional bathrobe, i.e. one that has several functions. The reason for this is simple, because thanks to it you can get out of the bath and use it to dry yourself, as it is an absorbent nightgown.

    You can also wear it during your day of relaxation or during your little outings to the beach with your family to spend pleasant cocooning moments in a comfortable outfit. Not to mention the fact that this unicorn bathrobe is also a good pyjama and a good disguise for Halloween parties and carnivals.

    Several sizes and morphologies

    An adult model is not suitable for teenagers and children, and a unicorn bathrobe for women is not suitable for men.

    Normally, a bathrobe should always stop at the knees and your chest size will determine its size. For example, a chest measurement of 80 to 89 cm corresponds to size S and a chest measurement of 80 to 89 cm corresponds to size M. Above these measurements, you should wear a size L or XL.

    Where can I buy a Unicorn Bathrobe ?

    You will find in our selection of unicorn bathrobes for women, for little girls, for babies or for men, designed for your cocooning moments. All you have to do is make your choice ! You can even think of offering one to all the members of your family to share the feeling of comfort it brings you and to consolidate your solidarity and the ties that bind you together.

    Luckily, you may also come across some bathrobes on special offer in our online shop. And don't hesitate to order them just when you see them so you don't miss them !

    When winter arrives it's time to cover yourself with a unicorn coat made to keep warm even during the coldest periods !