Unicorn Alarm Clocks

    10 products

    10 products

    Let yourself be gently awakened by a Unicorn Alarm Clock that will remind you to always look on the bright side of life from the very first moments of your day.

    A unicorn alarm clock, the only alarm that allows you to leave the bed with joy and cheerfulness.

    It may not be known, but abruptly pulling a person out of the arms of morphine can have negative repercussions. In the case of children, it can even cause fear and insecurity reflexes in everyday life. That's why it's best to wake up in a natural way. For this, what better than an intelligent alarm clock to get you out of your sleep ? Even better, have you thought of a unicorn alarm clock for a gentle and joyful awakening ?

    For those who don't know, the unicorn accompanies all its fans on a daily basis and makes them feel good. Although it is not visible, this support is provided by unicorn decorations and gadgets such as an alarm clock. Beautiful and elegant, the latter plays the double role of decoration + alarm clock. In other words, it embellishes your children's room in a special way while serving as an alarm clock in the morning.

    As a clock, it has the particularity of having melodies to choose from and optimised for a successful start to the day. If you are in the habit of starting the day off on the wrong foot, this gadget will help you break this habit. Also, thanks to its colourful lighting, it will serve as a small nightlight for a more soothing sleep.

    For true fans of the white horse with its twisted horn, you will love this collection of unicorn alarm clock cubes. Whether it is for our bright models or the children's alarm clock radios, you will have everything you wish for.

    Make your children happy with this unique and beautiful unicorn alarm clock.

    For children, the effect of the fantastic universe of the unicorn is greater ! Indeed, they define themselves in the purity of this atypical animal and wish to have a souvenir of it. Therefore, offering them such a device will create unparalleled emotions. Likewise, if you have relatives who do their utmost for the horned and wingless pegasus, this unicorn alarm clock is also a valuable gift idea.

    Another advantage of having or giving a unicorn alarm clock is that it is not a trivial act. More often than not, the unicorn forgets no one and rewards all those who care about it. In other words, just having such a device in your home is a guarantee of peace and love.

    And last but not least, our models do not focus entirely on the aesthetic side of the thing. For the most part, we have also taken into account the practical and functional side of the device. For more details, each of our alarm clocks is designed to work as long as possible and in an optimal way. To take stock of the practicality, we will simply say that you will have no trouble using your unicorn alarm clock. Indeed, whether you want to activate the alarm or manage the night light, you will have a fingertip button to do so each time.

    If you want to watch TV, you definitely need a unicorn sofa to rest after a hard day at work.