Temporary Unicorn Tattoos

    10 products

    10 products

    Discover our collection of temporary unicorn tattoos.


    For a long time, tattoos were frowned upon by our ancestors, but nowadays they have become so popular that even children and teenagers can afford to wear one or more of them using these temporary unicorn tattoos.

    They can also be a good way to test a tattoo design before deciding to do it for real. They also allow you to put a lot on your body and feel cool without having to go under the tattoo artist's needle and without regretting the almost eternal skin design.

    You can have a very girly look and tattoo on your biceps or shoulder like a biker. Nothing is impossible thanks to its temporary unicorn tattoos.

    We have selected for you a wide choice of temporary unicorn tattoo boards so that you can find exactly the one or ones you dreamed of.

    You can choose between front, profile, close-up or smaller unicorn heads. They are available in white, pink, water green and nude. The unicorn's mane can be pink or multicoloured depending on your wishes and moods.

    You can combine it with icons from the fantastic world of unicorns such as rainbows, clouds, hearts, doughnuts, ice cream, magic wands, balloons, shooting stars, moons, stars.

    You will have understood that the most difficult thing will be to make a choice. Don't panic, the temporary unicorn tattoos are made to be changed often and to be able to enjoy them all.

    These temporary unicorn tattoo plates are very diversified and can also be offered for a birthday or Christmas to a child, a teenager or an adult with a child's soul.

    To please or to please you, the temporary unicorn tattoos are a great idea for all occasions.


    To have a tattoo, for many people it means to anchor on your skin, a message, a deep memory, an indelible mark of an event or something dear to you.

    At Unicorn Village, as time goes by, we begin to know our clientele on the tip of our fingers and we know very well that for many people, the beautiful and majestic unicorn evokes a lot of nostalgia and memories of all kinds. Thus, getting a tattoo of a unicorn is then likely.

    And it is for this beautiful reason that we had the brilliant idea at Unicorn-cosmique to offer you temporary tattoos that can be applied very quickly and easily with a sponge and water and these can then stay on and give you a super cool rock and roll look within a few days.

    For example, the "Unicorn heart" tattoo will make you a rock star ! Classy, glamorous and really fun, you can rediscover the innocence and carefree spirit of your youth by wearing this tattoo. Your colleagues will be totally surprised and many will want to know the why and how of this tattoo.

    What's more, our tracked deliveries are fast and FREE ! It is now up to you to take advantage of it now ! No more excuses, come on !

    Discover a unicorn mouse pad that will allow you to be more efficient when working on your computer !