White Unicorn Meaning

White Unicorn Meaning

White is the color you immediately think of when you think of unicorn ! Indeed, the White Unicorn has been an inspiration for many centuries. It has served as a model for many artists : there are thousands of paintings depicting unicorns. And today, despite the many types of unicorns that exist, the white unicorn is still the favorite version of the general public ! Perhaps because it is the most beautiful and the purest.

But what does it mean ? Well, it depends on how you meet them. For example, Dreaming of Unicorn may mean that you should put a little more magic ✨ in your life ! We'll see that the White Unicorn can mean many other things.

1) What is a Unicorn ?

But first of all, you have to give the definition of a unicorn ! It is a legendary animal whose body resembles that of a horse (white, in the case of the white unicorn), and which carries a spiral-shaped horn in the middle of its forehead. This horn possesses multiple virtues and magical powers, such as purifying water from poison !

Galloping Unicorn

But that's not all: even if we could confuse her with a horse, she is much faster ! It also has a different diet : for example, it is said that unicorns eat rainbows. The Life Expectancy of a Unicorn is also much higher : it can live several hundred years, thanks to their powerful body and the magic that animates them !

You may have the impression that unicorns are a recent fashion that has been made popular thanks to Unicorn Films, especially with the Fluffy Plush from Me, Ugly and Naughty, for example. That's true, but you should know that white unicorns have also been known for thousands of years ! They have had their place in Greek mythology, and even in Chinese tradition. In fact, there is a Chinese Unicorn, the Qilin, which is completely different from the white unicorn, but which is also a very powerful legendary creature. It is said that seeing one would herald the birth or death of a great ruler.

2) What does the White Unicorn symbolize ?

The white unicorn symbolizes the perfect combination of feminine and masculine energy. Its hue is the same as that of the Moon, which has been a symbol of femininity over the centuries. The Unicorn's powers come from its horn, which is also a symbol of masculine strength and power. In a way, a white unicorn is a bit like Yin and Yang with a perfect balance !

Unicorn Horn

The color white is also generally a symbol of innocence and purity. Did you know that if you combine all the colors that exist, it gives a perfect white 😲 ? Maybe that's one of the reasons why the Rainbow Unicorns appeared! It's as if their horn captures all the lights of the world and transfers them into their immaculate white bodies !

As we have seen, the unicorn and the Moon are closely linked. Both represent the balance between softness and power, between logic and emotions, and between body and mind. They are also both linked to femininity.

It was said in ancient times that for a young girl, meeting a unicorn was a demonstration that her soul was pure and beautiful. It was therefore an encounter much sought-after by women. In the same way, the Moon has always been linked to the goddesses of fertility in most religions. For example, Queen Elizabeth I of England was compared to the Moon in many songs written by bards. For them, the queen was the ideal woman, so the Moon was a perfect way to represented ! It is not for nothing that young girls are depicted with unicorns.

Woman with Unicorn

Many Spiritual Significance of Unicorns exist. They appear frequently in Christianity and in the Bible for example. The most important is that they are spiritual guides who accompany us throughout our lives. If we believe in their power and magic, then they bring us infinite inner strength and overflowing imagination !

Finally, there is a rumor that unicorns are capable of changing shape. So it is possible that you may have met a unicorn in your life ! For example, a person who looked pure, strong and caring at the same time ? Good news : with a Unicorn Pajama, you too can change your shape and become a unicorn ! 😉

3) The White Unicorn : a Totem Animal

Totem animals are a concept that comes from the tribes of the American Indians. It is an animal with which one can identify. For example, someone who is very strong will identify with a bear, while someone who is carefree will identify with a cat or a butterfly. The American Indians believed that in life, absolutely everything was connected, especially humans and animals. In particular, they believed in the existence of animal spiritual guides.

Unicorn Animal Totem

Perhaps you feel a connection with unicorns ? It may mean that the unicorn is your totem animal. They appear to us as messengers from the angels, to remind us of our childhood. When a unicorn comes to meet us, it is to tell us that we have lost a part of ourselves. We have lost our inner child.

So we have to react : start playing, draw a Unicorn, anything that reminds you of your childhood ! Try to remember what you liked to do before. Do you still do those things, or are they just buried deep in your memory ? Remember how you felt when you took part in these activities, and try to find them again! After all, life is meant to be fun 😊.

4) The White Unicorn : a Symbol of Scotland

If you've ever been on holiday in Scotland, you've probably noticed that it's a wild, indomitable and gentle country. Exactly like the unicorn ! So it's no surprise that the Scots have chosen this legendary creature as their national emblem.

Unicorn Emblem

Legend has it that the unicorn, hunted by humans, preferred to be killed rather than be enslaved. It is therefore a very brave and noble beast ! This story resonated in the minds of the Scots and reminded them of their own destiny : they have always wanted to keep their independence from England.

The first King of Scotland, William I, was the first to wear a coat of arms with a unicorn, in the 12th century. Later, between 1466 and 1488, the unicorn was printed on the gold coins of King James III. Since 1603, the emblems of Scotland and Great Britain have been sewn together and both feature a lion and a unicorn. The only difference between the two is that the position of the two is reversed : for Scotland, the unicorn is on the left, and for Great Britain it is on the right.

5) Dreaming of a White Unicorn

If you dream of a white unicorn, it's probably because you are pure of heart ! Even though they can be intimidating at times, try not to be afraid when they come to meet you in your dream. They don't want to hurt you, but they come to protect and guide you.

Unicorn Dream

If the unicorn you meet comes to you galloping, it means that you need to bring a little more magic into your life. You may be facing a situation that frightens you. If this is the case, you must learn to trust yourself : you will see that whatever happens to you, it will make you stronger !

If, on the other hand, the unicorn in your dream is running away from you, it could be a sign that you have lost something : it could be part of the magic that animates you, a friend, or your innocence, for example. It is not always a bad sign : sometimes you need to lose something to move on to new horizons.

6) Be A White Unicorn !

Maybe you didn't know it, but it is possible that you are a white unicorn ! To find out, look to see if your date of birth is between July 8 and August 4. If so, you are a white unicorn according to Celtic astrology !

Lady with Unicorn

It is said that those born during this time of the year are natural healers or extremely benevolent people. They are also very creative, go through life with confidence and can only befriend people who are like them. Only pure-hearted people can get to know white unicorns deeply, as they carefully choose the people they spend time with.

In short, the white unicorn represents :

  • The combination of feminine gentleness and masculine strength
  • Innocence and purity
  • A close link with the Moon
  • Fertility
  • A spiritual guide
  • A totem animal, in the sense of the American Indians.
  • A protector

Join the Unicorn Movement !

Now you know a little more about white unicorns : they are mythical, strong, fast and magical creatures that take on a whole range of different meanings ! It is therefore logical that they have been worshiped throughout history and that they have become so popular today !

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Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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