What is a Baby Unicorn Called ?

What is a Baby Unicorn Called ?

What is a unicorn baby called ? Many people ask this question. Baby unicorns are not common, so it is normal that people are not sure what to name the baby of the legendary equine animal. Baby unicorns are usually called "foals". Unicorns share many things with horses, so it is normal that their offspring share the same name.

So "foal" is an appropriate word for a unicorn's cub. However, people have other names for them, because according to some, "foal" is a little too common and unimaginative. If you want to add a touch of magic, call them "spark" ❇️ for example ! There have been many stories and legends about unicorns, so it is logical that different names have appeared to refer to the legendary equine. This is especially true for the little ones : they are so adorable that language has difficulty expressing it !

1) Cute Unicorn Babies !

You don't have to be a genius to know that baby unicorns are smaller than adults 😉. However, there are other ways to distinguish them. Unicorn babies are much slimmer, have very slender legs and are less muscular than their parents.

Unicorn Family

Unicorn horns are usually long and pointed. For babies, this is not the case : on the contrary, they are short and stocky. It is difficult to see them because they are covered by their fluffy mane, as soft as silk, like a cloud ! If you can see part of their horn, you'll see that it sparkles ! ✨

The eyes of the baby unicorns are as deep blue as the ocean, with a starry touch. They are reminiscent of lagoons where peace and tranquillity reign. The eyes of the unicorn can change as it grows : yellow, red, pink, purple, or any other colour !

It is not very difficult to identify baby unicorns if you have a herd in front of you. But it is very rare to meet a baby unicorn alone : its parents will always look after it fiercely until it reaches adolescence. Even as an adult, the young unicorn will never venture too far from its family. Their parents give them names like Star, Sparkle, Magic or Shine !

Unicorn Baby

2) Baby Unicorn : Girl or Boy ?

Like horses, unicorns can have different names depending on whether they are females or males. A female baby unicorn can be called a filly like female baby horses, while males can be called foals. Sometimes the prefix "Un" can be added before each word, to show that they are not ordinary horses.

We know that a horse filly becomes a mare in five years. On the other hand, it is much longer for unicorns, which remain young for many years. It is not surprising if you know the Life Expectancy of a Unicorn. Some unicorns are twenty or thirty years old and are not yet considered adults ! In fact, with unicorns, we do not look at the passage to adulthood in terms of physical changes but rather in terms of the degree of maturity and wisdom of the unicorn.

It takes a foal 3 years to become a stallion 🐎. However, male unicorns take many more years to become adults, as do females. They like to test their strength and speed with each other but do not become adults until they have reached a certain level of power and intelligence.

Young Unicorns

If we don't know the genus of the unicorn baby, we can simply call it "foal" : this is the most commonly used term.

3) Mystic Unicorn Babies !

But perhaps the most appropriate term for a baby unicorn is "spark". It represents much better the fabulous mystical and magical aura of a baby unicorn ! What name could better describe these  shiny fursmanestails and horns ? 🌟

In their youth, you could say that baby unicorns are even more perfect than adults ! Their innocent look makes them particularly adorable. Their long, slender and unstable limbs give them a clumsy side, especially just after birth !

Small Unicorns

Have you ever seen a baby unicorn moving around ? Then you will understand why the term sparkle is perfectly suited to them. They shine like rays of sunshine in daylight. Their tail and mane seem to sparkle and their horn is so bright that it is sometimes difficult to look at it directly ! 😃

4) Shimmering Unicorns

Like horses, unicorns are given new names once they have grown up, to distinguish them from younger ones.

When they reach adolescence, the unicorn powers begin to manifest themselves. They begin to be able to disappear easily, just like their parents. It's not that they become invisible, but they have the ability to "go out" of your field of vision by distorting the rays of light, a bit like an optical illusion. Of course, this essential skill for adults takes a long time to master. Little unicorns, however, need not worry and can rely on the protection of their parents to escape from hostile creatures.

Glowing Unicorns

Once unicorns have learned to disappear, they are often called "shimmering". Unicorns see this as the first step towards maturity, a bit like a graduation ceremony in our country ! As one can imagine, unicorns shine more brightly if they are exposed to direct sunlight. However, they disappear immediately from our field of vision in a magical and fairy-tale play of light ! If you have ever seen unicorns practicing this art in a safe place, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments area 😉.

Adopt a Unicorn Baby !

We have just seen that baby unicorns (which can be named many different ways) are among the most amazing and delicate creatures on the planet. If you ever come across one, you will immediately want to protect and cuddle it ! Their innocence and beauty is unparalleled. Unfortunately, few people have ever had the chance to see the baby of a unicorn.

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As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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