What Does it Mean to Be a Unicorn ?

What Does it Mean to Be a Unicorn ?

"Be a Unicorn !" or, "Be a Unicorn in a horse field !" Have you ever heard that expression and wondered what it means ? Maybe someone told you it to cheer you up ? Or maybe you've seen it printed on a Unicorn T-shirt ? Either way, it's made you think about it and you want to know about it ! So let's see what it means to be a unicorn !

This expression can actually have many meanings. But above all, it is used as an expression that gives energy to the person to whom it is addressed. It comforts those who feel out of place and resonates with people who have a rebellious spirit and do not want to follow the masses.

Being a Unicorn : a Sign of Value !

Have you ever felt like a stranger in a group ? This is exactly what it means to be a Unicorn in a horse field. This expression means that rather than feeling left out, you should feel different in a good way ! It means that you have your own way of thinking, your own personality, and that you don't follow the herd like a sheep. The world is a big place and there are lots of people who share the same values as you. So don't ever stop looking for them - they're out there somewhere !

Lady with Unicorn

But the expression is not just about empowering different people. It can also apply to you if you have a rebellious spirit, or if you want to stand out from the crowd. You don't like to blend in ? Do you want to rebel against the herd mentality, and really be yourself ? Aren't you afraid to share your opinions, even if they are not politically correct ? Then you are the unicorn in a horse field ! 😉

Always with the idea of rebellion in mind, this sentence can give value to people who are looking for other people with similar thoughts and ideas. You can be called "weird" or "strange", but that's not your problem : you don't care ! On the contrary, you like it 😃. In fact, you fight for other people who are suffering from the same evil. The "weird" and the "strange" are your friends, and if you meet someone who fits this description, you easily find yourself compatible. It is much more fun and rewarding to be with "unicorns" than with any horse in the herd !

Become a Unicorn and Believe In Yourself !

This expression not only gives energy to others, it can also comfort people who do not have confidence in themselves ! Everyone feels uncomfortable about something. Telling someone that they are a unicorn encourages them to accept what makes them different. Don't think that feeling uncomfortable makes you feel less valuable to others. A unicorn may start to doubt herself because she doesn't look like the horses around her. But that doesn't mean the unicorn is less important than the horses. In fact, horses probably admire the unicorn for its difference, and would like to look like it ! 😊

Unicorn Walking on Water

But this feeling of lack of self-confidence can be deeper : we also often feel that we don't know what our purpose in life is. Maybe you feel lost ? Or do you feel like you don't know where you belong ? Or maybe you feel confused about what you need to do with your life ? You don't feel rewarded by what you're doing right now - whether it's school, a job, a relationship or a hobby. Maybe you feel like you're meant for more, that you deserve more ? If so, this expression may be a way to take you out of your comfort zone and push you to pursue your dreams, rather than settle for the bare minimum in life.

Aren't you worried about yourself or about what you want out of life ? If so, maybe you're struggling to fit in with others. You have self-esteem and you love what you do, but maybe you feel that you are not up to scratch in social relationships. You are constantly struggling to connect with the people around you. You try, but feel that your attempts fail or go unnoticed. Remember that you are a unicorn and the other people you are around are horses. You don't fit in as easily because you are not meant to, because you are special and unique. Your character traits are often admired by horses, rather than despised. So don't hesitate to talk about your interests instead of trying to conform to the masses. Be the unicorn you deserve to be !

The expression "Being a Unicorn" means that you are out of the ordinary !

"Be a unicorn in a horse field" can also mean that you are someone who does things off the beaten track. Do you do what you want because you want to ? You don't care if other people do it or how they do it ? Imagine you're in a group of friends who run, and you're the only one who does it for fun and not to lose weight ? In this case, you are the unicorn, because of your "out of the ordinary" behavior !

the Unicorn and Bible

Maybe you are out of the norm because of your style choices rather than your behavior ? Do you color your hair with wild colors and wear it with a unique style ? Or maybe you're the only person who wears flashy clothes, or unique pieces that only you can wear. You find accessories that attract attention and wear them with pride. Just like a unicorn with its horn ! You use these eye-catching styles and choices as a means of expression. You want to be noticed and stand out from the "horses" around you. What is the norm ? What standard ? 😃

Become a True Unicorn !

We have seen together some of the meanings that can be found for this expression. No one knows what its origin is. But with all the unicorn products and the widespread use that is made of it, it is obvious that it resonates with people. If you had the choice between being a horse and a unicorn, what would you choose ? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments !

If you have read this article, it is probably because you feel different from the others. So you are definitely a unicorn. You have to affirm your true identity. And what better way to do this than by owning your own Unicorn Pajamas ? You'll see: this is the most comfortable combination for the home. And for good reason, as you have now understood, unicorns do everything better than anyone else !

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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