Unicorn Trend

Unicorn Trend

Unicorns have been our favourite creatures ever since we were born. Whether they are adored by children or adopted by the LGBT community, there is no doubt that unicorns have been around for an extremely long time and are here to stay ! 😊

The trend of unicorns began centuries ago, when people believed that their horns had several different magical healing powers. This was only the beginning of our unicorn craze. Today, the unicorn trend has been popularised by the '80s cartoon "My Little Pony", Primark and the leading coffee brand Starbucks creating products that revolve around the theme of the unicorn. This trend has been further boosted by our extensive use of social media such as Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.

1) Appearance of the Unicorns

The very first appearances of the unicorn in texts and paintings come from Mesopotamia, but this graceful and majestic creature has made its way into ancient Indian, Chinese, Korean, Persian and Anglo-Saxon cultures. In fact all countries consider it to be a deity !

Unicorn Antique

In these ancient stories, most of which are true, it was said that the horns of unicorns had magical healing powers and that they could purify poisoned water. So people's curiosity began to grow. It was said that in order to catch a unicorn, you needed the help of a virgin. Only pure and innocent young women could approach and tame unicorns.

In ancient Greek writings, some texts have been found with the first example of a description of a unicorn. Doctor Ctesias wrote in the 4th century about unicorns as we know them today. He said that he met creatures that looked like a great horse, even though they were much more powerful than all the horses he had seen before. They were white in colour, had red heads and hypnotic turquoise blue eyes. He also described their horn which was over 30 cm long and was multicoloured like a rainbow ! 🌈

At the time, no one could have predicted how popular unicorns would become in the future. But what is certain is that they have become immensely popular in our time and the curve will continue to increase, we hope with all our hearts !

antique unicorn

2) Unicorns Become Popular

With the famous Starbucks which offers a delicious and colourful Frappuccino Unicorn, Primark which sells the most beautiful adhesive nails for unicorn and Instagram which has an incredible number of #unicorn or #unicorn tags, we can be sure that the unicorn trend is not going to disappear anytime soon ! 😊

The beginning of the unicorn trend is closely linked to our media consumption. Before the Internet, we began to know and love unicorns thanks to the cartoon "My Little Pony". The unicorn fashion then took off when the internet made its appearance. We all had our favourite pony ! We had for example the "Princess Celestia" who wore a fabulous rainbow mane. But there were plenty of others !

In 2017, this cartoon made a big comeback with new designs so that the new generation could also grow up watching these ponies as well. Parents who grew up with this cartoon also had a lot of fun watching a newer version with their children.

my little poney unicorn

For the generation that grew up in the 80s, this trend brings nostalgia and memories of the programmes of their youth. For the younger generation, unicorns are synonymous with wonderful imaginary worlds to explore. Fairytale worlds where nothing is impossible ! It also inspires us to believe in much more than can be seen 😉.

3) Unicorns Are Becoming a Trend

With the terrible Internet, the unicorn trend has become easily accessible to anyone with a computer or mobile phone. On Youtube you will find a whole host of tutorials about unicorns. You can find everything from amazing and colourful unicorn make-up tutorials, tutorials on unicorn cupcakes, unicorn paintings, unicorn Halloween costumes, and even tutorials on rainbow unicorn slime. Isn't that great ?

unicorn make up

Even a food blogger in Miami said she started the unicorn trend because she started making toast with cream cheese on the theme of unicorns. She mixed cream cheese with beet juice and blueberry extract to create lilac, fuchsia and turquoise colours, creating toasts that would remind people of mermaids, rainbows and unicorns 😄 ! It's amazing that someone taking pictures of their toasts could start such a trend. What we do know is that she also grew up watching "My Little Pony" and most likely found her inspiration there.

I think that images of unicorns are clearly anchored in our brains and so every time we see one we find comfort in them ❤️️. Some cafés have also taken the initiative to create unicorn-themed places where you can choose a Unicorn Pyjama once you enter the shop ! Some even have a selection of rainbow horns that you can choose and even buy later.

unicorn style

It is clear that unicorns have become unavoidable and the merchants know it. With a little help from celebrities like Katy Perry with music videos where everything is made of candy and having Nicky Minaj riding a Unicorn Buoy in one of her music videos, more and more items are being created every day to satisfy our thirst for unicorns. Basically, we all want an inflatable unicorn for those hot summer days, whether it's for going to the beach or the pool ! 🏊

4) The Unicorn Way of Life

If we can't have a real unicorn at home, we will certainly take something to replace it ! What could be better than an object that matches our passion and lifestyle ? Many people might feel guilty about being part of the unicorn trend with their unicorn key rings or unicorn decorations !

unicorn pyjamas

Unicorn products are especially popular with girls under 18 years of age. Even if there are plenty of women after 20 years who are still passionate about unicorns ! Unicorns give women a feeling of power because it is a big and strong animal that cannot be defeated. Some people think that it infantilizes our generation by bringing back rainbows and childhood memories, but for many women, unicorns are synonymous with power.

Who says your coffee cup at the office has to be black and can't be a rainbow-themed Unicorn Mug ? Most adults find that it brings a spark of colour back into everyday life that can turn grey and dull in adulthood.

The working environment for adults has been very strict in recent decades. Working in an office means wearing a grey or blue suit and being surrounded by boring pale colours. This generation is changing that, with big companies like Google, Netflix and Yahoo adopting colours. Office workers feel a relief working for these companies since the rules are no longer so strict. In these companies, anyone could have to wear a unicorn suit without risking being fired !

anime unicorn

Whatever the reason why unicorns have become a trend, it doesn't hurt anyone, and to be honest, most people have a smile on their face when they see a product or outfit related to unicorns. Unicorns have spread love to our current generation, so let's hope they stay here for a long time to come ! No one would be upset to see their school teacher waddling around in a unicorn outfit. I am sure that unicorns will only bring more magic, enchantment and glitter into everyone's lives ! 😏

Adopt a Unicorn Plush and Join the Movement !

We have seen that the unicorn trend comes from far away, even if it has strongly accelerated in the last few years, to our great pleasure ! We hope that this article has made you want to join the most magical movement in the history of mankind ! ✨

So to help you take the first step, we have reserved a whole collection of unicorn plush for you. These are perhaps the most emblematic products of this fairy-tale trend ! Just click on the image below to discover them.

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