Unicorn to Colour

Unicorn to Colour

As a follow-up to our article on unicorn drawing, we have prepared a whole series of the best unicorn pictures for you to colour in ! You can try to draw them if you feel like it, but the quickest way is to print them. Click on them and a new window with a large unicorn colouring set will appear !

Are you ready ? Grab your unicorn pencil case and let's go ! ✏️

1) Easy Unicorn Colouring

easy unicorn colouring
Let's start by warming up ! This closed-eyed unicorn with stars shouldn't be a problem for you : you can colour it in easily.

2) Colouring Unicorn Kawaii

colouring unicorn kawaii

A little more detailed but still quite easy : colour a smiling kawaii unicorn ! To make her tail look nice, use 4 different colours.

3) Rainbow Unicorn Colouring

rainbow unicorn colouring

Apply yourself to the colouring of this beautiful unicorn under a rainbow and a star, because it can be beautiful ! Use 6 different colours for the rainbow 🌈. For example, you can use a yellow colour to make the unicorn's golden horn.

4) Colouring Unicorn Mandala

colouring unicorn mandala
colouring mandala unicorn

This time, here are two images of mandala unicorns to colour in. Given the level of detail, you will have to be patient, but the result can be grandiose ! You can skip it and come back to it later if it's too difficult at the moment.

5) Colouring Princess Unicorn

colouring princess unicorn

The unicorn princess is really cute, so put some pretty colours on her ! To help you, we have unicorn shoes that you can use as inspiration if you want 😉.

6) Barbie Unicorn Colouring

barbie unicorn colouring

Barbie invites herself to the party ! You will have to colour her in addition to the unicorn. Make her beautiful blonde hair !

7) Colouring Unicorn Cat

colouring unicorn cat
colouring cat unicorn

These two unicorn cats seem to have eaten too much kibble ! This did not prevent them from joining the unicorn clan 🐱. By the way, you can have a look at our collection of unicorn mugs.

8) Colouring Siren Unicorn

colouring siren unicorn

And now, here is a unicorn mermaid to colour in ! Yes, we shouldn't forget our aquatic friends. Have fun with these unicorn t-shirts.

9) Unicorn Head Colouring

unicorn head colouring

For a change, we offer you a realistic unicorn colouring. Finally, the head only, because it is already not so easy. But we trust you ! You're looking for pleasure, why not a unicorn watch.

10) Colouring Unicorn Mask

colouring unicorn mask

Colour the unicorn mask of your dreams ! And please, you can even wear it at your next party. Isn't it great ?

If you are interested in the mask theme, have a look at the unicorn masks in our shop. They are a must for dreaming of unicorns !

11) Colouring Unicorn Emoji

colouring unicorn emoji

Back to easy unicorn colouring with the classic but no less famous emoji unicorn ! Do you like to use it all the time ? Then you'll love having a unicorn emoji to colour in ! You can also check out our blog article about the meaning of the Unicorn Emoji, if you are interested 😉 !

12) Colouring Kawaii Panda Unicorn

colouring kawaii panda unicorn

Unicorns are becoming so fashionable that all animals want to imitate them ! This colouring of unicorn panda will allow you to diversify your range of designs a little. Use a unicorn alarm clock to get up early in the morning !

13) Colouring Unicorn Pony

colouring unicorn pony

If you're coquettish, you'll love colouring this little unicorn pony ! Most of the work will be on the tail and mane. Use a nice colour gradient !

14) Colouring Unicorn Baby

colouring unicorn baby

This cute baby unicorn is just waiting for you to be coloured. Don't forget the little heart on his bib ! Colour it in a unicorn diary.

15) Colouring Unicorn Halloween

colouring unicorn halloween

For Halloween, we have prepared this mini unicorn witch with a starry magic wand for you ! It is the only unicorn wearing a hat.

16) Colouring Unicorn Donut

colouring unicorn donut

If you're a fan of sweets and Unicorn Cakes, then you'll love this unicorn donut design ! Colour it in the colours that whet your appetite !

17) Unicorn Colouring Which Makes a Dab

unicorn colouring which makes a dab

Impossible not to wear a unicorn drawing that makes a dab, a great classic ! You can also take your inspiration from our unicorn school bags.

18) Colouring Cupcake Unicorn

colouring cupcake unicorn 

We continue our drawings for the culinary amateurs by proposing you a unicorn cupcake drawing to colour in ! This colouring tutorial is sure to make you hungry. We wrote an article on unicorn cake ideas !

19) Colouring Manga Unicorn

colouring manga unicorn

Let's move on to something a little different : a manga unicorn picture ! This particular style will please you, we are sure you will like it 😉.

20) Colouring Unicorn Seated

colouring unicorn seated

We return to a more kawaii look with a sitting unicorn to colour in. There are finer lines inside the thicker strokes, so colouring is not as easy as you might think !

21) Colouring Caca Unicorn

colouring caca unicorn

Ah, the famous Unicorn Poop, we were waiting for it! It may not sound glamorous but they are an integral part of the legendary equidae.

Watch out for this colouring of unicorn poop kawaii : remember that unicorns poop rainbows and sweets ! We're not lying to you : look at this Unicorn Poop Cocoa for example ! So put away your brown pencil, but you can take out all the others 😉.

22) Colouring Unicorn Fairy

colouring unicorn fairy

Can we make it more magical ? No, impossible ! Then do yourself a favour : print out this colouring book of fairy with unicorn and put your most beautiful colours on it ! Who knows, maybe one day your dream will come true and you will ride a unicorn like this fairy ?

23) Difficult Colouring Unicorn

difficult colouring unicorn

And now, something a little more difficult : the drawing of a woman and a unicorn ! This colouring is the most difficult of all because it is teeming with details (flowers and clouds). You'll have to get the others right before you tackle this one. It may take a while, but it's worth the effort !

24) Colouring Kawaii Unicorn Ice Colouring

colouring kawaii unicorn ice colouring

After the effort, comfort ! You're going to love this Unicorn Ice Colouring. It's full of little multicoloured nuggets ! If you want to learn how to draw Unicorn Ice Cream, follow our step-by-step tutorial ! You even have a colouring example at the end, if you want some inspiration. Enjoy your meal !

25) Colouring Baby Unicorn

colouring baby unicorn

We continue with another unicorn baby. Very cute, it has wings decorated with beads ! You will also have the opportunity to make beautiful eyes for him, in blue for example (but you can choose what you want).

26) Colouring Chibi Unicorn

colouring chibi unicorn

This Chibi unicorn looks nice but all exhausted ! Give her some pep by colouring her in the most enchanting way !

27) Colouring Narval Kawaii

colouring narval kawaii


It wouldn't be nice to forget the unicorn's aquatic cousin : the Narwhal ! Also called Unicorn of the Seas, it is a species living in the Arctic, before one or more horns, hence its nickname. Here is the kawaii version. You can learn how to draw a Narwhal with our tutorial, if you are interested !

28) Narval colouring

narval colouring

We continue with the narwhal but this time in a much more realistic and detailed version ! Can you believe that it is indeed the same animal ? And yet it is indeed the case ! Nature definitely has some surprises in store for us !

29) Colouring Unicorn Dolphin

colouring unicorn dolphin

In fact, it is not certain that the Unicorn Dolphins exist. But everything is possible with legendary beings ! And this animal is so awesome that we couldn't help but put one on 😃.

30) Colouring of Christmas Unicorn

colouring of christmas unicorn

Well, everyone knows that Father Christmas comes to deliver his presents in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. But did you know that sometimes he likes to ride his unicorn ? So you can call his mount the "Christmas Unicorn" 🎅.

31) Colouring Hamburger Unicorn

colouring hamburger unicorn

We come back to the culinary specialities ! Well, it's not a very local dish, but we imagine that you would like to taste a Unicorn Hamburger and colour it ! Enjoy your meal !

32) Colouring Unicorn Cake

colouring unicorn cake

After the main course, dessert ! Who doesn't love a good big Unicorn Cake ? Nobody, right ? Then you're bound to enjoy colouring one ! If you want to know how to make one, don't hesitate to read our blog article on this subject.

33) Colouring Hello Kitty Unicorn

colouring hello kitty unicorn

Hello Kitty walking around on her kawaii unicorn, isn't that cute ? Wouldn't you like to be in her place ?

34) Colouring Kawaii Unicorn

colouring kawaii unicorn

Another kawaii unicorn, but not just any unicorn : this one has a hell of a style or rather fairylike ! Behind her disco glasses, she is swarming with little details. Colouring it is not as easy as it seems !

35) Colouring Unicorn Adult

adult unicorn colouring

Given the complexity of colouring, this one is rather reserved for adults, but you can take up the challenge, if you dare ! The result is bound to be superb !

36) Winged Unicorn Colouring

colouring unicorn ailee

Another difficult colouring, but you know it : the harder it is, the more beautiful it is ! Just look at the look : can you imagine the result once this unicorn has been coloured ?

37) Unicorn on Rainbow Colouring

colouring unicorn on rainbow

Back to the adorable ! This little unicorn looks delighted to frolic on her rainbow. She's just waiting for you to come and give her some colours !

38) Colouring Unicorn and Castle

colouring unicorn and castle

Look at this frame with its fairy-tale atmosphere ! It looks like this unicorn is in the middle of a fantastic adventure made of princesses and magic. Add your touch of colour to this scene full of fantasy !

39) Colouring Unicorn and Flowers

colouring unicorn and flowers

As you know, unicorns love flowers ! After all, it's normal : they are very coquettish creatures. If you are too, you'll love colouring in this picture !

40) Unicorn and Mermaid Colouring

unicorn and mermaid colouring

When she is not like a fish in the water, the little mermaid likes to walk around on her unicorn (but at the same time, who doesn't ?). Do yourself a favour and imagine yourself in its place by colouring it !

41) Colouring Unicorn and his Baby

colouring unicorn and its baby


What could be more adorable than a family of unicorns ? Quickly colour in this picture of a unicorn with its baby, full of tenderness and love !

42) Colouring Agnes and her Unicorn

colouring agnes and her unicorn

Agnes has finally been able to get her hands on the Fluffy Unicorn Plush ! "It's too genial" ! Add some colours to this mythical scene !

43) Unicorn Cloud Colouring

unicorn cloud colouring

The clouds also exist in a cute version ! This colouring is very simple : you will be able to rest for a while. Take pleasure in colouring this Unicorn Cloud Kawaii Drawing ☁️ !

44) Colouring Pegasus Unicorn

colouring pegasus unicorn

The union of a pegasus and a unicorn gave birth to this magnificent creature ! The grace it exudes and the power of its magic are fantastic !

45) Colouring Pusheen Unicorn

coloriage pusheen unicorn

Pusheen Unicorns are among the cutest creatures in existence ! All round and sparkling on her little cloud, she's waiting for you to come and give her colours ! If you like this little creature.

46) Colouring Smiley Unicorn

colouring smiley unicorn

Another version of the famous Unicorn Emoticon ! With a slightly feminine side and closer to the kawaii style.

47) Unicorn Zen Colouring

zen unicorn colouring

Patience and meticulousness will be your best allies to colour in this unicorn design teeming with small details !

48) Colouring Unicorn Me, Ugly and Naughty

colouring unicorn me ugly and mean

Another version of the Fluffy Unicorn Plush, all alone this time ! Yes, she knows how to stand on her own four legs. It's a clever toy ! You should know that we have the original Fluffy Plush from the film on our shop. You'll be able to think you're Agnes : isn't that great ?

49) Colouring Lady with Unicorn

colouring lady with unicorn

Here is the famous Unicorn Lady inspired by the Middle Ages but in an epic and adventurous style !

50) Colouring Unicorn Cute

cute unicorn colouring


Big adorable eyes, little bow tie, stars and enchantment : all the ingredients of the cutest unicorn in the world are present ! Enough to finish in all beauty 😊 !

We hope you enjoyed our Top 50 and had a lot of fun ! To give you some more ideas, you can have a look at our collection of unicorn plush, each one more colourful than the next.

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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