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Unicorn Startup : definition and origin of the term

To qualify as a unicorn startup, a company must be valued at more than one billion US dollars, or about 850,000 euros. After a fundraising round during which the site raised 355 million US dollars, ManoMano is now estimated to be worth 2.6 billion dollars.

What is a unicorn startup ? - Definition by Unicorn Village

In the world of startups, the term unicorn refers to companies valued at more than 1 billion dollars. The unit of emphasis is valuation, which has absolutely nothing to do with turnover. A company can be valued at several million dollars and not have achieved a single euro in turnover. This was the case with Facebook, for example, which "valued" its user community long before it made any money. Welcome to the wonderful world of the digital economy.

Tales and legends about unicorns startup

The unicorn is the mythical animal of the digital economy : everyone talks about it and few people have actually come across one.

  • Venture capitalists (VCs) look for them every day, and sometimes miss them, like here with AirBnB.
  • Politicians use them to make people dream.
  • Entrepreneurs, who before all wanted to create the "New Facebook of..." (heard a thousand times), now want to create the new unicorns.

The term "unicorn" was coined by Aileen Lee. In 2013, this Silicon Valley VC demonstrated that very few companies, described as "nuggets", could be valued at more than $1 billion : hence the term "Unicorn", which was used in an article published by the site TechCrunch, which has also become famous. Therefore, being in this "select group" is important for all new start-ups, as it is a huge opportunity for visibility to analysts and especially to potential shareholders.

Currently, there are nearly 200 unicorns worldwide. At the top of the list are American and Chinese start-ups. Europe, on the other hand, is still lagging behind, as its start-ups are still experiencing certain difficulties, in particular a problem with raising funds for financing, etc. Do you know the "zebras" ?

Unicorn Startup

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