Unicorn Rainbow Meaning

Unicorn Rainbow Meaning

Nowadays, unicorns and rainbows are very often associated, such as Tom and Jerry or Bonnie and Clyde : rainbow unicorns can be found in the form of Unicorn Pyjamas, Unicorn Buoys or Unicorn Plush for example. You can even make Rainbow Unicorn Cakes ! Although they make a pretty pair, rainbows were not traditionally associated with unicorns.

Rainbows and unicorns go well together in the sky. Both are beautiful, rare and breathtaking. They have an air of magic and are elusive : both seem to disappear as we approach them.

Magic Unicorn

The place where a rainbow touches the ground will forever elude us, and yet it is a place where all unicorns gather : they love rainbows ! This natural phenomenon called rainbows and unicorns light up our environment in a strange manner, making us believe in enchantment and illusion.

We will wonder where their link comes from and what it means ! 🌈

1) Rainbows and Unicorns : What do they mean ?

A) Rainbow and Wonderful World Unicorns

The first thing that rainbows and unicorns are linked to is perfection. If you have ever heard the expression "All is well in the best of all worlds", you will understand what this expression means ! We imagine a world of magic and colour, where everything goes well and nothing can go wrong. A new relationship, a new job, a new house, all this can be described by this phrase !

Enchanting Rainbow Unicorn

Imagine a meadow full of wild flowers and butterflies, bathed in the summer sun and a cool breeze. This is what we think of when we say "rainbow unicorn". If you've ever been tempted to use this expression to describe your life, it's all right 😊 ! Everyone needs unicorns and rainbows !

B) Rainbow and Humour Unicorns

Of course, it is also tempting for people to use it sarcastically. It is usually used when a good situation turns sour ! This time, the expression "all is well in the best of times" associated with rainbow unicorns is black humour.

This kind of thing can really highlight how unpleasant a situation is, by contrasting it with the best possible situation. The resulting sarcasm often helps to relieve negative emotions and can make something unpleasant feel lighter.

Unicorn Black Humour

These phrases are also used to remind people not to spend too much time looking through rose-coloured glasses. They point out that the real world has flaws, and that it is naive to expect perfection. Both terms describe an idealistic world, so perfect that it is clearly not realistic. Even when they are used in a non-sarcastic way, this expression usually indicates that the speaker is aware that his magic bubble is not real 😁 !

C) Rainbow Unicorns and Quotes

There are quotes in common parlance such as "it's all rainbows and unicorns", but there are also many others. Let's mention some of them here !

This sentence is from an unknown source but is worth quoting ! Most of us who love unicorns also cherish optimism. This quote teaches us that we should concentrate on the most important and beautiful things in life : those with colour, glow and magic !

Unicorn with Rainbow

"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud" - Dr. Maya Angelou

It is a quote that does not contain a unicorn, but the pleasant feeling that emanates from it can easily make you think about it ! Rainbows are appreciated for their brightness, their ability to bring happiness and their magic : qualities generally also attributed to unicorns. This sentence reminds us to try to brighten up the lives of others when they are going through difficult times.

"There are not only rainbows and unicorns". - TheWeek

A down-to-earth quotation, almost the opposite of the first : the totally opposite way in which these phrases are used is astonishing. Nobody can say that the use of the image of the unicorn and rainbows is not diverse 😊 !

Rainbow Unicorn on Black Background

2) Rainbow and memes unicorns

Unicorns and rainbows are so popular that they are being used more and more, especially for Internet humour and silly jokes. There is the constant pleasure of combining the everyday with the mythical, body humour with the majestic beast. otherwise known as the unicorn who farts rainbows or the unicorn who poops rainbows ! Lots of accessories such as the unicorn heat-reactive Mug take up this concept !

It's such a popular idea that if you Google "unicorns fart rainbows", you will find plenty of pages of drawings of unicorns or cute Rainbow Unicorn, performing an act that is otherwise considered quite taboo !

Feeding a Unicorn

hen you try to dig a little deeper into the history of the rainbow unicorn, you realise that the two concepts were first linked in 1980, and that we saw them together around the year 2000, that is to say 20 years ago ! Rainbows and unicorns seem to go well together, their association is not going to disappear any time soon !

He brought out some of the most creative memes there are. For example, you may know this unicorn cat, also called Caticorn (there are also Unicorn Mugs !). Cute, magical and colourful, we love him !

We can also quote the very funny meme "Lost Unicorn" (even if there is no rainbow), which asks us to stop the drug if we find it ! So that would mean that it is impossible to find a unicorn ? We are not sure ! At least we know that unicorns exist in dreams !

There are many others : the possibilities of expressing your feelings with rainbow unicorns are endless ! If you're feeling positive today, or if you need a little sarcasm, you're sure to find what you're looking for !

3) Rainbow Unicorn Song

This video is sweet and childish, but it shows how popular this combination is. The song represents many of the things that unicorns embody.

4) Rainbow Unicorns and LGBT Symbol

Unicorns and rainbows are also associated with the LGBT community. They have long been a symbol of diversity, and their varied colours are perfect to represent a celebration of differences ⚧.

Perhaps this is why unicorns are also associated with the LGBT movement: The idea of 'fabulous' is increasingly being explored by this community, and unicorns are absolutely fabulous. With their stunning appearance and their ability to be almost anything, they are an attractive symbol for any group, but they are particularly suited to the LGBT movement.

Rainbow Unicorn LGBT

As we have seen in the History and Legend of the Unicorn, they may be a particularly useful symbol for transsexual people. Indeed, unicorns represent masculine power but also femininity, especially through the link they have with the Moon, and this at different times in History. It is therefore logical that they are often presented as gender-neutral today.

This makes it an excellent representation of people from all walks of life and discreetly celebrates the fluidity of the genre with a much loved mythical creature.

Finally, it is possible that the LGBT community is also playing on the more sarcastic aspect of unicorns, making fun of those who say they do not exist by equating themselves with mythical creatures. Anything that brings more care and compassion to the world is great, and if it involves unicorns, so much the better !

Heart Rainbow LGBT

It seems that the human imagination knows no limits when it comes to combining mythical horses with rainbows. From mystical, multicoloured unicorns glittering in the dark woods to chubby, fluttering unicorns, propelled forward by bands of colour: the unicorns have covered just about every angle of the scene, and they don't seem to slow down.

5) Some Famous Rainbow Unicorns

Rainbow unicorns are so much in the spotlight today that it is not surprising to find them in popular culture.

For example, one can be found in the animated film Vice-Versa by Pixar, called Rainbow Unicorn ! An imaginary friend and actress, she is adorned with a mane in the colours of the rainbow. She appears in the film in a dream scene called "Fairy Dream Adventure, Part 7".

Rainbow Unicorn in Vice Versa

In 2019, an American series translated into French as "Arc-En-Ciel Papillon Licorne Chaton" (original title : "Rainbow Butterfly Unicorn Kitty") will feature an animal half cat, half unicorn, half butterfly ! A bit weird, but it can still be counted among the rainbow unicorns 😉.

In the series My Little Pony, which we explored in our Unicorn Movies, we find a blue pegasus, Rainbow Dash, which has a rainbow mane and tail !

Rainbow Dash in my Little Pony

Since you're a fan of rainbow unicorns, you must be a colouring fade ! If so, you can have a look at our Unicorn Colouring Pictures : you can make a lot of beautiful unicorns look great with your colouring pencils !

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