Unicorn Rainbow

Unicorn Rainbow

Why is our white horned animal often associated with a rainbow ?

The gentle, soothing vision of a rainbow stretching across the sky has honoured the posters found in cots and old people's homes, but now this phenomenon is growing and taking on new and radically different meanings. The unicorn is also experiencing its evolution. The two often blend together to form unique and inseparable images. There are many images of unicorns on a rainbow or rainbow colour on the internet, facebook or Instagram. Why do the two come together in girls' favourite games and drawings ? Where does this fashion of the unicorn diverted from its magical and benevolent world come from ? In other words, discover the evolution of unicorns that fart rainbows.

Meaning rainbow and unicorns

This same joyful unicorn takes on a slightly different meaning, for Anglo-Saxons, when rainbows come into play. The expression "rainbows and unicorns" or "rainbows, butterflies and unicorns" is a sarcastic way of describing a situation that has gone wrong. Of course, you can also use it seriously when your new relationship makes you feel like you are walking on clouds.

Meaning Rainbow and Unicorns

In pictures and drawings, the unicorn is very often associated with the colour rainbow.  

Beautiful Unicorn Rainbow

Unicorn poops and vomits a rainbow

Do you know the fashion for memes ?

It is a concept taken up and exchanged on the internet. It diverts and parodies many concepts and characters to create a buzz. It is thus this phenomenon which largely diverted the unicorn and the rainbow.

Unicorn Farting Rainbows

Some unicorn memes have created images and drawings using the humor of the animal's bodily fluids. From a prideful unicorn stallion that spends his time throwing up rainbows as he crosses the sky to tiny unicorns that throw delicious colored candy. Modern culture has been able to divert situations with humor and talk about "poop" by making it light and fun.

Unicorn Rainbow Poop

Never wonder why unicorns smash rainbows : it's the combination of a legendary magical creature and a nasty little everyday act that creates a very funny joke. Sometimes the meaning of a meme is really on the edge of convenience.

Unicorn Vomiting Rainbow

How the Unicorn and the Rainbow develop

Majestic unicorns and rainbows have started to be famous since the end of the 1960s, but they became associated with our culture in the beginning of the 2000s.

The important points of development are :

  • The series and original toys of My Little Pony : The range of toys includes some side characters with rainbow or unicorn horn patterns.

Little Unicorn Rainbow

  • The new My Little Pony series : There are many fans of the series today. So it's not surprising that some of the biggest memes on the Internet are rainbow ponies of characters like Rainbow Dash.
  • Characters like Lady Rainicorn from Avent Time : This secondary character from a popular children's show has also made the rainbow his own.

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