Unicorn Pixel Art

Unicorn Pixel Art

Everybody loves drawing a unicorn ! But it's not always easy, especially when you don't know how to draw too much. In this case, the best thing to do is to start with Pixel Art, which makes it easy to reproduce even the most complicated drawings !

What is Pixel Art Unicorn ?

Pixels are small squares that make up digital screens. Today's screens have a high resolution so you can't see them unless you get very close ! Pixel Art therefore consists of making a drawing using small colored squares (or in black and white, if you like). It's an easier way to draw, but just as stylish ! 😊

What is Pixel Art Unicorn

As you can see, the pixel art drawings are very reminiscent of old video games like Super Mario Bros (1985) or Pong (1972), which inspired them. Now you can make pixel art for just about anything, and of course unicorns are part of it ! Today, we are going to present you our Pixel Art Unicorns, classified by order of difficulty. The first ones have few pixels and are therefore easy and quick to do, while the last ones are more detailed.

How to make a Pixel Art Unicorn ?

The first thing to do is to decide how you are going to do the drawing. Yes, if you start filling in the squares at random, you'll never get away with it ! So see if you prefer to do it from left to right, right to left, bottom to top, etc. The easiest way is probably to do it from top to bottom.

Then, if you start in pixel art, it will be much easier to do it line by line. When you get more experience, you can start doing two lines at the same time, for example, but don't skip the steps !

Last but not least: make sure you stay in your square when you color it. If it's bigger than the other pixels, the final drawing will be much less beautiful : it's all about precision !

It's time to take your unicorn pencil case with your colored pencils ! You'll also just need sheets of paper with small squares. For the most detailed pixel art, A4 sheets won't be enough, you'll need much larger sheets.

Another solution is to draw on a screen, if you prefer ! You can for example try the excellent Pixilart site which will allow you to do so. It is very intuitive ! You also have a Pixel Art Unicorn Colouring App on Android and a Pixel Art Unicorn App on iPhone.

1) Pixel Art Unicorn Easy and Fast

Pixel Art Unicorn Easy and Fast
Let's go for your very first unicorn art pixel ! We start with something very simple : a little unicorn head with pink and blue mane. There are only a few pixels, you should be able to do it easily !

2) Pixel Art Unicorn Easy

Pixel Art Unicorn Easy
We continue with a complete unicorn this time. You will need shades of pink and purple for the mane and tail, blue for the hooves and yellow for the horn.

3) Pixel Art Baby Unicorn

Pixel Art Baby Unicorn
You probably recognize the little kawaii unicorn sitting down ! You will have the opportunity to do it again later in a more detailed version, but we are still at the warm-up stage !

4) Small Pixel Art Unicorn Easy

Small Pixel Art Unicorn Easy

Now that you know how to do it, we can start making more advanced drawings. This little unicorn has wings and a rainbow mane !

5) Pixel Art Unicorn Easy and Small

Pixel Art Unicorn Easy and Small

We find the kawaii unicorn sitting with a little more pixels.

6) Pixel Art Unicorn Rainbow Easy

Pixel Art Unicorn Rainbow Easy

This little unicorn is beautiful with its bright blue tint and flaming mane ! Her touching purple eyes will melt you 😍 !

7) Pixel Art Unicorn Head Easy

Pixel Art Unicorn Head Easy

This unicorn head is funny : its mane looks like a banana bunch ! You won't have any trouble drawing easy unicorn pixel art !

8) Pixel Art Unicorn Kawaii Easy

Pixel Art Unicorn Kawaii Easy

This kawaii unicorn art pixel drawing is a little less simple than it seems : it has a lot of color variations (red, yellow, green) be careful and the result will be superb !

9) Pixel Art Cloud Unicorn

Pixel Art Cloud Unicorn
Don't you think this little unicorn cloud in pixel art is cute ? It's waiting for you to come and draw it and give pretty colors to its cheeks !

10) Pixel Art Cat Unicorn

Pixel Art Cat Unicorn

Did you dream of having a unicorn cat in pixel art ? You're in luck : our feline friends are joining the party ! This good big cat is now waiting for you to draw him ! Meow !

11) Pixel Art Narwhal

Pixel Art Narval

And now here is the Narwhal, the unicorn of the seas : he comes to bring you his love! So don't disappoint him and make a magnificent pixel art out of it. If you want to know how to draw a Narwhal, you can read our blog article about it.

12) Pixel Art Unicorn Christmas

Pixel Art Unicorn Christmas

Here is the best pixel art to make during the holiday season ! As we saw in our Coloring Unicorn Images, our favorite bearded man in a red suit loves to ride his Christmas Unicorn !

13) Pixel Art Donut Unicorn

Pixel Art Donut Unicorn

It's well known, unicorns love donuts ! Maybe you do too ? In that case, you'll love doing this pixel art !

14) Pixel Art Unicorn Kawaii

Pixel Art Unicorn Kawaii

The return of the kawaii unicorn ! This is the version we know best and it is also the most detailed version of our top. Make him a pretty rainbow mane !

15) Pixel Art Lama Unicorn

Pixel Art Lama Unicorn

You know it : all animals envy unicorns and llamas are no exception ! Especially llamas with glasses. This one has had the intelligence to join the clan : reward him by drawing him as he should !

16) Pixel Art Unicorn Cute

Pixel Art Unicorn Cute

Look at this grace, this elegance : this cute unicorn is certainly in your image ? Then you have to succeed in this pixel art : do it carefully !

17) Pixel Art Emoji Unicorn

Pixel Art Emoji Unicorn

Do you use Emoji Unicorn in all sauces ? Then it's time to show your fanaticism towards the famous Unicorn Smiley by making a magnificent pixel artwork in his effigy ! If you want to know more about the meaning of the Emoji Unicorn, please read our blog article about it !

18) Pixel Art Cake Unicorn

Pixel Art Cake Unicorn

The great gourmets will be delighted at the idea of making this pixel art ! This piece of cake is so cute and sweet : you're going to love it! If you want to know how to make a Unicorn Cake, don't hesitate to read our blog article about it 🎂 !

19) Pixel Art Poop Unicorn

Pixel Art Poop Unicorn

Did you know that unicorns eat (among other things) rainbows ? It is therefore logical that they defecate this type of turd, to our great pleasure ! And yes : even the Unicorn Poop 💩 is a wonderful thing !

20) Pixel Art Unicorn Multicolor

Pixel Art Unicorn Multicolour

Difficult to make a more colorful unicorn than this : look at this thick and shimmering mane !

21) Pixel Art Big Unicorn

Pixel Art Big Unicorn

Is it a fire-breathing dragon ? But no : it's just a long-necked unicorn vomiting rainbows ! Don't forget that unicorns, even if they are legendary, are also living creatures like us ! Sometimes they get indigestion.

22) Pixel Art Unicorn Pink

Pixel Art Unicorn Pink

What could be cuter than a pink unicorn with round shapes ? Get your crayons ready : you'll need every shade to make its rainbow tail and mane !

23) Pixel Art Unicorn Cat

Pixel Art Unicorn Cat

Here is a gray cat for all feline lovers ! If you like Unicorn Cats, this picture should please you : take a look at it !

24) Pixel Art Unicorn Head

Pixel Art Unicorn Head

This unicorn art pixel looks like a portrait made by a painter ! Except that the artist, here, will be you. Turn yourself into Vincent Van Gogh and get to work !

25) Pixel Art Ice Unicorn

Pixel Art Ice Unicorn

Who wouldn't like to enjoy a good ice cream in any flavor with a unicorn head ? It has to be delicious ! If you try this pixel art, you'll have to be patient : there are a lot of pixels to fill in, but don't be discouraged !

26) Dabbing Unicorn Pixel Art

Dabbing Unicorn Pixel Art

We were all waiting for him : the famous unicorn who dab, more fit than ever ! And also more multicolored : you'll have to take your brightest colors to make this pixel art ! The result can only be great !

27) Pixel Art Unicorn Seated

Pixel Art Unicorn Seated

We often find drawings of seated unicorns : they love this position. This is normal : who doesn't like to rest ? It's more comfortable than running, isn't it ? If you think so, then do this colorful pixel art ! Unusual thing : the unicorn has a green horn.

28) Pixel Art Panda Unicorn

Pixel Art Panda Unicorn

We complete our range of animals with this. How do you say it again ? Pandahorn ? Pandihorn ? Whatever, say Panda Unicorn Kawaii ! In any case, the rainbow horn suits them wonderfully ! 😏

29) Pixel Art Unicorn Rainbow

Pixel Art Unicorn Rainbow

This unicorn seems to burn with a rainbow flame and that's what makes it absolutely beautiful ! We are approaching the end and this pixel art is quite complex. But the longer it is, the better it is, isn't it ? So be patient and apply yourself to make this Rainbow Unicorn Pixel Art !

30) Pixel Art Unicorn Difficult

Pixel Art Unicorn Difficult

We arrive at the most difficult Pixel Art Unicorn ! Set aside a long time to do it because it will take you a long time. But if it is successful, you will be able to hang it in a frame, it's a real work of art !

Join the Young Unicorn Movement !

As a budding artist, if you surely have a pronounced taste for drawing ! At least that's what we hope if you've managed to make one or more of these unicorn pixel art. Maybe you have done them all ? In that case, you've totally mastered this particular style of drawing : congratulations ! 👍

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