Unicorn Make-Up

Unicorn Make-Up

The iridescent beauty products and the holographic makeup they inspire are more brilliant than ever ! Although you can decorate yourself with shine and pastels at any time of the year, it's entirely appropriate to take out cosmetics with the effigy of a unicorn for special events such as Halloween for example. With a little unicorn make-up tutorial that will help you take advantage of the glitter and rainbows, you can transform yourself into a fantastic horse ! 😊

Rather than worrying about what you're wearing, let your makeup be the centre of attention. A unicorn look that doesn't require a costume (although we'll see a few examples), is perfect for beauty lovers hoping to show off their makeup skills or partygoers desperately looking for a last-minute costume. The look can be as simple or as complex as you like, whether you stick to the rainbow 🌈 or give it your all by building a sci-fi unicorn face ! There's no problem when it comes to adorable mythical equidae. For occasions like Halloween, don't hesitate to make yourself look scary with dark or zombie make-up. To give you some ideas, we have prepared our Top 30 unicorn make-up !

30) Simple Unicorn Makeup

We start with a simple and rather discreet make-up (for a unicorn make-up !). A white horn adorned with pearls, a foundation with a gradation of pink and blue for an elegant look !

Simple Unicorn Makeup

29) Unicorn Makeup Easy

Another rather sober and effective make-up but which will mark the spirits ! Use a pink foundation and match it with some shiny decorations that you will spread over your face.

Unicorn Makeup Easy

28) Easy Unicorn Makeup for Little Girl

Here's an example of how to turn an already adorable little girl into an absolutely irresistible princess ! What better than a beautiful rainbow to decorate this little face ?

Easy Unicorn Makeup for Little Girl

27) Unicorn Makeup Adults

Multicoloured braid, silvery horn, rhinestones and sequins, all the ingredients of the sublime unicorn make-up are combined ! 😍

Unicorn Makeup Adults

26) Evil Unicorn Makeup

Do you prefer Black Unicorns to White Unicorns ? Don't worry : join the camp of the evil equids with this dark unicorn make-up !

Evil Unicorn Makeup

25) Unicorn Makeup Eyes

We zoom in on the eyes with this unicorn make-up full of fantasy ! In addition to the mascara, hang lots of little decorations on your lashes !

Unicorn Makeup Eyes

24) Unicorn Makeup Girl

This unicorn make-up will delight the smallest among us ! With its bright colours and rainbow, you'll have a fairy-tale look !

Unicorn Makeup Girl

23) Cat Unicorn Makeup

Here is a rather unusual make-up since it mixes the themes of the cat and the unicorn. We could also call it catihorn make-up ! 🐱

Cat Unicorn Makeup

22) Purple Unicorn Makeup

Purple lovers will be conquered by the beauty of this unicorn make-up ! Hair, flowers, foundation, everything is in your favourite colour !

Purple Unicorn Makeup

21) Unicorn Makeup Kids

Our friends the boys ♂️ are not forgotten in this Top. Here is an example of what unicorn make-up can look like !

Unicorn Makeup Kids

20) Womens Unicorn Makeup

We come back to our lady friends with this most feminine unicorn make-up.

Womens Unicorn Makeup

19) Unicorn Makeup Looks

Turn into a real winged unicorn with this unicorn make-up !

Unicorn Makeup Looks

18) Unicorn Birthday Makeup

You want to be the most glittering and bling-bling for your birthday party ? Then there's no need to hesitate, you need this unicorn make-up !

Unicorn Birthday Makeup

17) Unicorn Makeup Colorful

Let's continue with this unicorn make-up full of colours and decorations ! It's hard to make it more striking. This one is reserved for those who don't like discretion ! 😉

Unicorn Makeup Colorful

16) Unicorn Halloween Makeup

If you're looking for a Halloween costume, think about this unicorn make-up that will make you look like a witch ! 🎃

Unicorn Halloween Makeup

15) Unicorn Scary Makeup

We stay with the Halloween theme but this time with a make-up that will give you an even scarier look !

Unicorn Scary Makeup

14) Unicorn Zombie Makeup

Sow terror on Halloween day with a real zombie unicorn costume ! 👻

Unicorn Zombie Makeup

13) Unicorn Horn Makeup

Decorate your eyes in the most beautiful way with this unicorn horn makeup !

Unicorn Horn Makeup

12) Unicorn Beautiful Makeup

Become a unicorn girl with a mischievous look with this pink and pastel blue unicorn makeup !

Unicorn Beautiful Makeup

11) Unicorn Magic Makeup

If you have to go to a carnival, and you want to look as whimsical as possible, then this unicorn make-up will surely please you !

Unicorn Magic Makeup

10) Unicorn Makeup Eyeshadow

Give a touch of magic to your eyes by decorating them with white clouds and stars !

Unicorn Makeup Eyeshadow

9) Unicorn Makeup for Little Girl

Another example of transformation into a little unicorn girl !

Unicorn Makeup for Little Girl

8) Unicorn Makeup Ideas

This glossy unicorn make-up shows how black can be combined with any other colour : the result is magnificent !

Unicorn Makeup Ideas

7) Pink Unicorn Makeup

This make-up is dedicated to all pink lovers ! Hair, foundation, everything matches your favourite colour !

Pink Unicorn Makeup

6) Cute Unicorn Makeup

What could be better than drawing a cute unicorn directly on your face ? Simple but beautiful ! 😍

Cute Unicorn Makeup

5) Unicorn Makeup Flowers

Become a true floral beauty by adopting this type of make-up ! 🌼

Unicorn Makeup Flowers

4) Unicorn Rainbow Makeup

Rainbows are an inherent part of the legendary horse : so don't miss this part ! Here's how to sublimate your eyes with the colours of the unicorn's favourite dish.

Unicorn Rainbow Makeup

3) Unicorn Glitter Makeup

Become a sparkling unicorn with this make-up made of rose and glitters !

Unicorn Glitter Makeup

2) Unicorn Princess Makeup

If you have long, beautiful hair and big lashes, here's the best way to sublimate them ✨ !

Unicorn Princess Makeup

1) Makeup Unicorn disguise

All the elements of the best make-up are there: foundation, pink hair and lipstick, and glitter ! With of course the unicorn headband that goes well and the angel wings as a bonus 👼.

unicorn makeup

This Unicorn Make-up Top 30 is now over : we hope you liked it ! As you can see, with a bit of imagination, it is possible to make a multitude of different looks : the possibilities are endless ! Do not hesitate to tell us if you know other unicorn make-up in the comments area 😉.

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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