Unicorn Love

Unicorn Love

If you are reading this page, you are certainly a fan of unicorns ! They're great, aren't they ? You will never cease to be amazed by these magnificent creatures, both by their majestic appearance and their magical powers ✨. In this article, we will try to find all the reasons why everyone loves mythical equids !

The Origin of Unicorns

Where do unicorns come from ? The answer is simple : from all cultures ! Almost every part of the world has its own unicorn, or its own idea of what a unicorn is. Of course, not all unicorns look like the white unicorn that we know so well, but almost all of them have a single horn on their forehead, and are associated with positive things like luck, goodness, purity and innocence.

For example, the Qilin, the Chinese Unicorn, has nothing to do visually with the white unicorn, but it has the same qualities. South America also has its unicorn, which is called camahueto. It looks like a bull and has a horn on its forehead. In Africa, we find the African unicorn, the okapi. In Ancient Greece, unicorns were considered to be real creatures. Already in those days you could see them running through forests and mountains to catch rainbows ! 🌈

origin of unicorns

Unicorn Speed

In most legends, unicorns are known for their extraordinary agility and lightning speed. They are said to be almost impossible to tame or even catch, except for those with a pure heart (such as virgins, for example). No land animal, mythical or not, can compete with their prodigious running speed.

This speed makes the legendary horse a fabulous guide and guardian. Very few humans have been able to see unicorns since mankind has existed. However, it is more common to see unicorns in dreams. Especially if you dream that you will one day ride a unicorn, this is a very good sign for you 👍 ! Unicorns like to gallop by rivers, in mountains and meadows, and they pass so fast that you can only see silver rays. In a way, unicorns were born to run !

unicorn speed

Unicorns Eat Rainbows

In recent years, unicorns have become naturally associated with rainbows. It is easy to understand : both are rare, magical, and represent life, innocence and energy. Another similarity : both seem to disappear when you get closer to them ! Unicorns and rainbows have a lot in common, which is why we now often talk about Rainbow Unicorns !

Unicorns have a diet that is similar to that of horses but is much more varied. As herbivores, they eat all sorts of things, including rainbows ! This is their favourite food. Even for unicorns, it is very difficult to catch a rainbow : they have to use all their speed and agility to hope to reach the spot where they touch the ground and nibble a few pieces. In this respect, its cousin the Pegasus has an advantage because it can use its wings to catch the rainbow in full flight !

unicorn eating rainbow

Baby unicorns are particularly fond of rainbows. Their parents sometimes bring them back a few pieces of the precious food because their little ones are not yet fast enough to catch it ! 😊

Unicorn Babies

Baby unicorns are given many different names, but we prefer to call them "sparks". This is probably the term that best describes these fabulous little creatures. Their shiny fur and bright eyes really make them look like sparks when the sun hits them. This word also usually refers to the beginning of something beautiful : the spark precedes the flame.

unicorn babies

As they grow up, young unicorns become capable of escaping from our field of vision like their parents. No sooner do we think we have seen something than we realise that there is actually nothing in front of us, except a kind of slightly distorted draught. At this age, the fur of unicorns becomes a little less shiny but still acts like a mirror.

Unicorn Heals Wounds

An incredible power that the different unicorns around the world share is their ability to heal wounds. If one day you are seriously injured, then you can survive if a unicorn comes and touches you with its horn ! The healing will only take a few seconds. Their gentleness and kindness are perhaps the main reasons why they are believed to have such a power. But even in ancient times, when unicorns were considered to be dangerous creatures, they were still associated with the ability to heal.

Unicorn horns have always been believed to be able to cure poisoning. In the past, nobles were often poisoned, either because of political intrigues or because of poor culinary preparations. It is therefore understandable that these people were interested in unicorns and especially in their horns. Unfortunately, unscrupulous hunters did not hesitate to kill Narwhals to recover their horns. They sold them by making people believe that they were unicorn horns.

Unicorn Heals Wounds

 Unicorn horns also have the ability to purify poisoned waters. They are such pure creatures that a simple contact with their horn is enough to purify everything nearby ! Moreover, they help their habitat (be it mountains, meadows or forests) to remain healthy by their mere presence.

Unicorns are Incredible Creatures !

It is difficult to say what is most incredible about unicorns, they are so great ! If you know of anything else that unicorns can do, don't hesitate to tell us in the comment section. One thing is for sure : these magnificent equidae are not lacking in resources and are always there to surprise us. Their benevolence and beauty are legendary, and whatever era we look at, we find them everywhere and at all times borrowed from them.

Now you know that unicorns light up their habitat with their magical presence. Would you like to enjoy all their sweetness and magic in your own home ? Then you're in the right place : we have all the unicorn items in our shop !

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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