Unicorn Gifs

Unicorn Gifs

You probably like looking at images of unicorns ! Who can resist the enchanting charm of the legendary horses ? Here we have prepared our selection of the best unicorn gifs for you to see them in motion. This is the perfect way to start the day in a good mood !

Sharing these gifs on social networks is a great way to show the unicorn in you ! Any normal person can only succumb to the charm of unicorns, each one cuter than the next.

Whether it's your friends or your family, everyone will love to see unicorns do irresistible things ! You can download these unicorn gifs to your PC, tablet or phone so you can watch them whenever you want.

1) Unicorn Dabbing Gif

We start with the famous Dabbing Unicorn ! Look at this style !

Unicorn Dabbing Gif

Unicorn Dab Gif

2) Unicorn Fart Gif

The famous unicorn who farts rainbows 🌈 ! Not very classy, but good !

Unicorn Fart Gif

Unicorn Rainbow Fart Gif

3) Unicorn Pooping Gif

Unicorn poop is also all colourful and sweet 🍬 !

Unicorn Pooping Gif

Unicorn Rainbow Poop Gif

4) Unicorn Glitter Gif

Look at this glittering unicorn emoji !

Unicorn Glitter Gif

5) Unicorn Gif Birthday

Use this animated unicorn gif to celebrate someone's birthday 🎂 !

Unicorn Gif Birthday

6) Unicorn Gif Happy Birthday

Another unicorn birthday gif ! Happy Birthday !

Unicorn Gif Happy Birthday

7) Unicorn Hello Gif

Use it if you want to greet someone in an original way !

Unicorn Hello Gif

8) Unicorn Cat Gif

Cat lovers will be delighted by these animated unicorn cat gifs !

Unicorn Cat Gif

Unicorn Rainbow Cat Gif

Cartoon Unicorn Cat Gif

9) Rainbow Unicorn Gif

The unavoidable unicorns with rainbows 🌈 ! You can see this trend everywhere !

Gif Unicorn Rainbow Funny

Unicorn Rainbow Gif

Rainbow Unicorn Gif

10) Unicorn Love Gif

This unicorn spreads love thanks to its magic horn !

Unicorn Love Gif

11) Unicorn Heart Gif

More images of unicorns with hearts ❤ !

Unicorn Heart Gif

Hearts Unicorn Gif

12) Unicorn Poop Ice Cream Gif

The famous unicorn poop ice cream, absolutely delicious !

Unicorn Poop Ice Cream Gif

13) Pink Unicorn Gif 

Look at this pink unicorn !

Pink Unicorn Gif

14) Unicorn Dancing Gif

Unicorns can also dance ! Even if the style of this one is particular...

Unicorn Dancing Gif

15) Gif Rhinoceros Unicorn

This rhino gives its all to become as thin as a unicorn !

Gif Rhinoceros Unicorn

16) Fairy Unicorn Gif

Simple but effective ! This beautiful unicorn walks in a pink environment in all elegance.

Fairy Unicorn Gif

17) Gif Unicorn Pool Float

The essential accessory for the summer holidays : the Rainbow Unicorn Pool Float ! We hope you already own yours !

Gif Unicorn Buoy

Gif Unicorn Buoy

18) Unicorn Twerking Gif

The twerk really seems to be spreading everywhere.

Unicorn Twerking Gif

19) Unicorn Gif Funny

How do unicorns brush their teeth ? You have the answer.

Unicorn Gif Funny

20) Unicorn Kawaii Gif

A little kawaii unicorn ball ! Isn't that cute ?

Unicorn Kawaii Gif

21) Gif Unicorn Me Ugly and Dark Me

Agnes has just learned that unicorns really exist. One understands her astonishment !

Gif Unicorn Me Ugly and Dark Me

22) Gif Agnes Unicorn

She can't believe it : this Unicorn Plush is so soft !

Gif Agnes Unicorn

23) Deadpool Unicorn Gif

Even the famous Deadpool has its Unicorn Plush. That's how popular they are !

Deadpool Unicorn Gif

24) Thank You Unicorn Gif

Express your gratitude with this gif !

Thank You Unicorn Gif

25) Magic Unicorn Gif

This unicorn uses her magic to gallop above the clouds, leaving a rainbow behind her !

Magic Unicorn Gif

If you like these colourful unicorns, you'll love our Colouring Unicorn Images ! Feel free to check it out !

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