Unicorn Cake Ideas

Unicorn Cake Ideas

Nothing is more exciting for a unicorn lover than to have a majestic unicorn cake to celebrate his birthday.🎂 Accompanied by a little unicorn decoration, a unicorn cake will make a birthday much more special ! Since you can only have one each year, people often invest a lot of time and effort to find the unique cake that suits them. It is said that a beautiful unicorn cake has the magic that can make your birthday wish come true. 😯 Here we present you with some unicorn cake trends that could bring pleasure and enchantment on this special day.

1) Single Unicorn Cake

We start with a classic unicorn cake that everyone would love to taste ! Despite its simple design at first glance, the special feature of this cake lies in the delicious dark and milk chocolate details. 😋 unicorn's ears, unicorn's eyes, the little rose flower between two butterflies and the name of the person in front are all made of the highest quality chocolate ! 😌 This is undoubtedly the ultimate birthday cake for any chocolate lover. Its design may seem simple but its exquisite taste can satisfy everyone from children to the elderly.

single unicorn cake

2) Pink Unicorn cake

Any woman who is a fan of unicorn and loves the pastel theme and cute style could go crazy for this charming cake. 🥰 The plain white background only accentuates the beauty of the softly coloured rose blossoms. Both have a tasty cream that no one can resist. The roses in light blue, pink and purple mix so well that it creates a beautiful wreath of flowers. It looks like it is blooming on the head of the unicorn ! 💐 The unicorn's glittering golden horn and ears only add a touch of elegance to the cake. You can be sure that this wonderful unicorn cake will attract the attention of everyone at your party. 🤭

pink unicorn cake

3) Rainbow Unicorn Cake

This unicorn cake is distinguished by its multi-coloured layers. On top of these layers is a small unicorn next to a shiny rainbow. 🌈 The design was specially created for a children's birthday party. Every child would like a colourful cake with a bright rainbow. They would be so excited that they couldn't take their eyes off this shiny cake. The friendly looking unicorn here will make the child instantly love the cake, for a little bit he will become his new friend ! 😆 This cake can be a nice surprise for children who love the mythical creature and will surely make them dream !

rainbow unicorn cake

4) Unicorn Head Cake

This is our special choice for ladies with a chic and elegant style. Unlike other typical cylindrical cakes, this cake has the shape of a unicorn head. 🦄 All details are sophisticated and meticulously hand-made. The flowers in different shades of purple blend perfectly and really match the unicorn perfectly. The theme of the cake is purple instead of other colours because purple is the colour of elegance, royalty and luxury. 😊 It is therefore the perfect cake for coquettish girls who want to make a personal statement with a unique design.

unicorn head cake

5) Cake Unicorn Pink Fondant

While all of the cakes recommended above are only single-tier cakes, this one has two tiers and can be enjoyed together by many people. What is special is that the cake does not have the shape of a unicorn, it is only inspired by the unicorn theme. 😉 Even without the unicorn logo, it is immediately recognisable that it is a unicorn cake thanks to the twisted golden horn on top and its pastel pink colour. The cake looks as if it is melting with a pastry cream with pink food colouring that runs all over it. 🤤 The decorative liquid cream can be found in random places from top to bottom. Although you can't imagine how long it takes to bake such a masterpiece, you have to admit that this unique and delicious appearance is perfect for a pink-themed party.

melting pink unicorn cake

6) Rainbow Unicorn cake with horns

Who doesn't love a sweet rainbow birthday cake, especially if the person is a unicorn lover ? It is the rainbow that inspires the colour theme of this cake. 🌈 Creating an exquisite mix of pink, blue and yellow colours is difficult and requires a high level of baking skills. Another key point in this design is the unicorn horn circle on the top of the cake. They rise up like candles. 🕯️ The number of little horns symbolises the age of the child. This little cake can surprise everyone with its creative design. It is a good choice if you are looking for something simple but still has a personal touch on the design of the unicorn !

rainbow unicorn cake with horn

The Unicorn cake : Its recipe ?

There are several ways to make a unicorn cake. But if the previous cakes have made your mouth water, then you should follow our unicorn cake recipe ! It's a great way to celebrate a happy birthday and make it magical ! ✨

We know that many of you enjoy these pastries and are very greedy ! Whether it's for a children's birthday cake, a wedding cake or a sugar dough cake, we will be adding recipes regularly so that everyone will find something for everyone ! 😌

We will try to provide you with the best cake recipes to spoil your loved ones and mark this unique event. So if you're a fan of fairy-tale treats, moist cakes and cupcakes, you'll be in heaven ! 😆 On the programme: decoration ideas for cakes, chocolate or milk chocolate cake, chocolate fondant, yoghurt cake, maybe even chocolate mousse and unicorn macaroons ! We will also teach you how to make beautiful icing and toppings, so that you can become a real little pastry chef ! 👩🍳

In the meantime, little princess, tell us your favourite cakes as a comment ! Are you more of a cheesecake, rainbowcake, chocolate cake or maybe a rolled cake with their good buttercream ? 🤤

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