Top 20 Unicorn Cakes

Top 20 Unicorn Cakes

Unicorns have always been popular with young girls ūü¶Ą, and we're sure she's been begging you to make her a unicorn cake ūüéā - don't worry, we've got you covered with a top 20 unicorn cakes that you can make at home ūü•į !

Whether it's¬†cupcakes¬†or¬†tiered cakes, unicorn cakes are very¬†important¬†ūüĒĚ. Take a look at all the fantastic and magical cakes below !

Top 20 best unicorn cake ideas to make for birthdays !

Top 20 2-tier unicorn cake

If you're looking to recreate the¬†unicorn emoji¬†ūü¶Ą as a cake, then this is the tutorial for you !

Top 19 small unicorn cake easy to make

Small Unicorn Cake Easy to Make

We found this unicorn cake on Pinterest, and we love the way the unicorn was created on two levels. Rainbow hair, hearts and a pretty border finish off this unicorn in style !

Top 18 unicorn cake with face

Unicorn Cake with Face

You lack the¬†time¬†or¬†skill in baking¬†‚ĚĒūü§Ē Turn a¬†simple cake¬†into a unicorn cake like this version of A multi-colored buttercream mane, unicorn horn, ears and a few floating eyelashes are all it takes to make a drastic difference compared to a regular homemade (or¬†store-bought) traybake.

Top 17 unicorn cake with heart

Unicorn Cake with Heart

Although this one is available as a Craftsy kit, you can be inspired by the finished product to make your unicorn cake.

Top 16 unicorn chibi cake

Unicorn Chibi Cake

This may be one of the¬†prettiest unicorn cakes¬†of all time ! The Givrant¬† artist uses a¬†dome-shaped¬†cake to create this unicorn cake, embellished with¬†pastel buttercream¬†hair and¬†cartoon-inspired eyes - gorgeous ! ūüėć

Top 15 unicorn cake for children

Unicorn Cake for Children

The signature of a unicorn cake is the magic and glittering unicorn horn.

How to Make a Unicorn Horn Cake

This fun unicorn cake idea comes from Pinterest - all you need is a simple white cake and strands of multicolored fondant 'hair' that you can simply put up. A silver horn, cute little unicorn ears and a few wired stars complete this magical look.

Unicorn Cupcakes

These cupcakes, as seen on Party Delights, can be enjoyed at any unicorn birthday party - even if they're almost too good to eat !

Top 14 unicorn cake (cupcake) with horn

Unicorn Cake (cupcake) with Horn

Top 13 unicorn cake (cupcake) mini

Unicorn Cake (cupcake) Mini

Top 12 unicorn cake (cupcake) on ice cream cone

Unicorn Cake (cupcake) on Ice Cream Cone

Top 11 unicorn cake with blue icing

Unicorn Cake with Blue Icing

Top 10 unicorn shaped cake

Unicorn Shaped Little Cake

Top 9 Unicorn cake high end

Unicorn Cake High End

Top 8 unicorn cake for birthday girl

Unicorn Cake for Birthday Girl

Top 7 unicorn cake to make at home

Unicorn Cake to Make at Home

Top 6 unicorn cake with white icing

Unicorn Cake with White Icing

Top 5 multicolored unicorn cake

Multicolored Unicorn Cake

Top 4 unicorn cake cute

Unicorn Cake Cute

Top 3 unicorn cake 2 floors realistic

Unicorn Cake 2 Floors Realistic

Top 2 unicorn cake with candy

Unicorn Cake with Candy

Top 1 magnificent unicorn cake

Magnificent Unicorn Cake

Here is our Top 20 unicorn cakes, I hope you will choose one of these. If not, we'll meet again tomorrow for a next blog in the theme of unicorns. If you want more unicorn cake pictures.

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As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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