Spiritual Meaning of Unicorns

Spiritual Meaning of Unicorns

Unicorns are among the most popular mythical beasts in existence, and certain spiritual meanings are attached to them. Depending on the person, they can represent many different things. They are seen as an allegory of Christ's journey in Christianity, for example. They are also a symbol of innocence, hope and good fortune for many ancient cultures, and this belief continues to this day.

If what unicorns mean to you is totally different from what we are going to talk about in this article, that is perfectly normal ! These legendary creatures have a special meaning for all of us. It is interesting to look at what we have believed through the ages about unicorns, but keep in mind that what you believe is just as important 😊 !

1) Unicorns in Christianity

But what do unicorns have to do with Christianity ? The first part of the answer comes from a translation in the Bible that mentions unicorns. The King James Bible mentions them several times, although recent translations replace the word unicorn with another horned animal.

unicorn religion

At that time, the word "unicorn" must have had a completely different meaning than the one we know. It literally means "a horn", yet many animals possess a horn : the rhinoceros for example, which was at one time considered to be a unicorn as we can see in the History of the Unicorn. Finally, it is not surprising that the Bible evokes this word, and there is little chance that it is our white horned horse.

It is interesting to note, however, that the unicorn symbolises the life of Christ. It is therefore understandable why they are associated with innocence and purity as virtues. In the same way, the magic of their horn, which heals and purifies water from poison, can be compared to the healing powers of Christ. Just like the male power, which has long been associated with unicorns.

unicorn symbolism christianity

Immortality is also a common feature between unicorns and Christ. Indeed, the latter rose from the dead, and was therefore immortal. To draw a parallel, unicorns are able to pass between the world of the living and the world of the dead, just as Christ bridged the gap between earth and paradise, and between mortals and God.

2) Tribal Meaning of Unicorns

Unicorns also have meaning for many peoples living as tribes. Most of them have positive meanings : the most common of these is that of inner strength and mysticism. It is indeed believed that unicorns are capable of bringing out the inner power of individuals !

It is also thought that unicorns represent the opening of a third eye (symbolic, of course !). An eye that is turned towards ourselves, i.e. the deep exploration of our being. People who manage to become one with the spirit of a unicorn would thus be able to access a great knowledge of their inner self as well as a great capacity for introspection.

tribal unicorn

But that's not all : in most tribal cultures, unicorns represent :

  • The purity of mind and body
  • Serenity
  • Honesty
  • The majesty

People who are able to befriend unicorns, especially with a mental bond, are highly respected.

3) Spiritual Meaning of Dreams with Unicorns

If one explores the meanings of dreams with unicorns, one learns that seeing a unicorn in a dream is something very powerful. It is usually their clearest form of manifestation to humans. Since unicorns are fearful, seeing them in dreams allows clear communication.

Today we know that seeing a unicorn in a dream is not insignificant, and is not like other dreams which are mostly meaningless. Their purpose is not necessarily to show the dreamer which path to take, but to remind him that there is a path, whatever his situation, and that he can move forward. Unicorns are therefore a symbol of hope because their light helps to illuminate the path, in benevolence and peace.

spiritual meaning of dreams with unicorns

So we come back to Christianity : just like unicorns, Christ was considered a companion and a teacher. Have you ever dreamt of a unicorn, for example with a unicorn dream catcher ? If so, it probably wanted to push you to continue along the path you are on, and to remind you to always keep hope ✌️ !

As has been said, unicorns are a symbol of power. Meeting them in a dream also means that you have to do something about them. This is the case in most cultures : it is thought that something radical will change for the dreamer. Unicorns are therefore companions who accompany us through our trials and tribulations.

If you dream of a unicorn attacking you or being aggressive, it is a sign of bad luck. When you meet the unicorn, it will be furious if you have done something that offends its innocence and purity. This means that you have done something wrong and you must make up for it.

unicorn spiritual meaning

4) The Unicorn : a Spiritual Guide

 As a spiritual guide, the unicorn will bring you a deeper awareness of yourself. It gives you an incredible gift : the ability to see everything around you without judgment, to accept situations as they arise and to ask yourself what experience you can draw from it.

Let the unicorns bring you this state of fullness and attention. They will create magic in your life. Your totemic spirit that guides the unicorn will bring this magic into your daily life, encouraging joy and happiness, finding time to play and remembering your qualities as a child. It will bring happiness to your world.

As a spiritual animal guide, the unicorn will bring you strength and power. Believe in its power and magic, but above all believe in yourself 💪 ! The unicorn will give you the confidence to do whatever you want to do, and to be who you want to be.

unicorn spiritual guide

The spiritual guide of the unicorn will bring you closer to the world of spirits and angels. Let the unicorn take you on a magical journey of discovery 🎇 !

5) Unicorn Colour

As you probably know, there are many types of unicorns. The white unicorns, which are the best known, are usually a sign of good luck. If you see a unicorn, it probably means that everything is going well for you, or that you will soon be able to overcome difficulties.

Black unicorns do not mean the opposite, although that is what people usually think. Rather, they carry the meaning of inner strength and power. If you see a black unicorn, it will probably be there to remind you that even if you are facing a challenge, you have the strength to triumph.

colour of the unicorns

You may see unicorns of other colours, or even completely different types such as the Qilin, the Chinese unicorn. Remember that each of us has a particular interpretation and connection with unicorns : we all see them in a different way. The meaning you give them is just as important as the meaning they have taken over the centuries.

6) Unicorns in Religion : Atheism

We have seen that unicorns were linked to Christianity : why talk about atheism which is the opposite ? It is because atheism is also part of what unicorns symbolise. And atheism is also part of spirituality.

Recently, a symbol of atheism has appeared : the Invisible Pink Unicorn. It is a contradictory term because it actually has no meaning : how can a unicorn be both pink and invisible ?

spiritual unicorn

This is a frustrating sign for atheists, because this invisible pink unicorn is paradoxical. In fact, it symbolises the impossibility of proving the non-existence of God and religions. In the same way that it is not possible to prove the inexistence of a hypothetical invisible pink unicorn !

7) The Unicorn Today

Nowadays, unicorns generally have very positive connotations. They are said to bring luck and happiness to anyone who manages to meet one of these rare creatures ! If you meet one, know that it will be a unique moment and that you should spend as much time as possible with it, because it is a gift from God.

Seeing a unicorn brings joy, peace and satisfaction. These creatures are so pure that they emanate a sense of tranquility, which is contagious to all those around them !

the unicorn today

Over the centuries, unicorns have therefore represented many different things, depending on their context, colour and mood. For the vast majority of cases they are positive signs, although an aggressive unicorn can show you that you need to make amends for a mistake you have made. As a whole, unicorns are guides who teach you that you must continue to follow the path you have taken. They protect all those who have faith in them.

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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