How to Make a Unicorn Cake ?

How to Make a Unicorn Cake ?

Birthdays are celebrated every year, tradition dictates that the ceremony is accompanied by a beautiful and delicious cake. However, finding the ideal formula is sometimes a real headache for many people. This is why i have written this article to help you have an original and unique birthday party. Today we offer you a quick and simple recipe to make a beautiful unicorn cake for your celebrations. 🎂

Do you want to please your daughter or a child with a passion for unicorns. Simply take advantage of her birthday to offer her the bun of her dreams. If your princess loves other cartoons, you can use a figurine from each drawing to decorate the dessert during the finishing touches.

If you want to go ahead and cook your first unicorn on your own, don't waste any more time. On this page we offer you an easy, step-by-step recipe for making a 100% successful easy unicorn cake.

Making the unicorn cake : where to start ? 🦄

Unicorn Cake Where to start

Like a castle, the preparation of a unicorn cake for your daughter's birthday deserves a case study. I'm not kidding, you have to analyze several details and make choices in order to make a success of your move. Indeed, you must be methodical and avoid getting confused.

To do this, it is important to think about the base of the cake, to choose the type of unicorn you want to make. For example, the base can be a semolina cake, an upside down cake, an apple cake, a chocolate cake, or even a design cake. The aim is to choose the cake you like, or at least the one you think is quick to make.

For our preparation, we opted for a unicorn cake based on a "cake mould". Why did we choose this cake ? It is because this cake is very easy to make, it is tender, it can be preserved during several days. Moreover, you also have the possibility of arranging it in floor and of using a filling in order to give it the perfume which you wish.

NB : ⏳ for this type of unicorn, the preparation time is 1 hour and 30 minutes, the cooking time is 45 minutes, which gives a total of 2 hours and 15 minutes. ⏳

What materials do we need to prepare the unicorn cake ?

Material for a Unicorn Cake

To make this unicorn recipe, you will need the following kitchen tools :

✔️ A baking ring : which will be used to bake our "molly cake" while giving a spherical shape to the preparation.

✔️A mixer : it will allow us to shake the decoration preparation to make it homogeneous and smoother.

✔️A spoon : you can adapt it with a simple spoon or a spatula. It will mainly be used to scrape the bottom of the containers that we will use to knead.

✔️A food thermometer : this tool is more or less indispensable. However, to have the rainbow unicorn cake that we want for our daughter's or child's birthday, we will use it to measure the preparation temperature accurately. If you do not have such a tool, it is not necessarily necessary to buy it.

✔️A pastry robot : you've probably already heard of it. This electric robot will allow us to efficiently knead our ingredients.

✔️A electric whisk : can be used as an alternative to the pastry robot, this kitchen tool will allow us to stir certain mixes of decorations.

✔️A smooth 10 mm socket, a fluted socket, a small oven socket, and also 8 socket pockets : these sockets will only be used to decorate our unicorn. So you can do without some or buy more. Everything will depend on your talent of "designer".

✔️Finally, we will need a cooking plate for the preparations that will need to be heated.

NB : the role of each tool above has been given to allow you to easily adapt them according to the tools you have at your disposal. As for the preparation ingredients, they will be given to you at the beginning of each step.

➡️ The stages of making the unicorn cake in chronological order


Unicorn Cake Step by Step

Making a successful unicorn cake requires a certain methodology. This is why we have divided our preparation into 4 main steps in order to obtain the desired birthday cake.

  • First, we will make our basic cake : the "molly cake". Then we will prepare the covering frosting.
  • Then we will make the ears, eyes and horn of the unicorn.
  • Then it will be the turn to assemble each part of our unicorn cake.
  • We will finish our preparation with the decoration and arrangement of the edible figurines.

💟 Make your own unicorn cake 💟

Preparation of the Unicorn Cake

Here you are, in this part composed of 4 sub-parts, we will explain in detail each step of the preparation of our cake.

01 - Preparation of the basic unicorn cake and the covering frosting 🍰

Preparation of the molly cake

Molly cake is a cake that is very soft and at the same time has the particularity of swelling well in the oven. Indeed, this dessert will be used as the base of our unicorn cake.

➡️ Cake base ingredient

NB : the preparation ingredients can be adapted according to the size of the cake you wish to obtain. However, for a medium sized cake optimised for a family birthday or Easter, we recommend that you use the same ingredients below :

5 eggs, 220 g caster sugar, 410 g flour, 1 pinch of salt, 1.5 sachets of yeast, 41 cl single cream and 2 teaspoons of vanilla powder.

➡️ Preparation time ⏳

Preparation time : 20 minutes - average cooking time 1 hour and 15 minutes - total preparation time : 1 hour and 35 minutes.

➡️ Preparation process of our "molly cake".

In general, "molly cake" is a quick and easy recipe. Before you start, turn on the oven to reach 160 degrees.

Mix the eggs and sugar and whisk the solution until the volume doubles or triples. Remember, the goal is to make a soft cake that is as light and fluffy as possible.

In a second bowl, make a mixture of salt, flour and yeast. You can also use any spices you like, depending on your taste.

Once the first two mixes have been made, you must fot the second preparation (flour + salt + yeast) into the first (sugar + eggs), and try to obtain a homogeneous and light mixture.

After this preparation, now whip the liquid cream for 10 minutes at medium speed. The aim here is to make the mixture creamy. Then gradually mix the cream with the flour (previous mixture) to obtain a very light and uniform mixture.

Then use a pastry ring to shape the mixture before putting it in the oven at 160 degrees for 1 hour and 15 minutes. However, you can also use the baking tray if it allows you to adjust the temperature.

➡️ Tips

To save time, you can bake the "molly cake" two or three days in advance. To store it, simply wrap it tightly in cling film and keep it in the fridge.

NB : for the further preparation of our unicorn cake, the "molly cake" will be cut into four quarters, which will allow us to make a rainbow cake on top. 🌈


The glaze will allow us to cover our "molly cake" in order to make our decoration. For this preparation, we will use Swiss meringue cream. However, you can use any icing you wish.

➡️ Ingredients

5 egg whites, 225 g butter, 200 g sugar.

➡️ Preparation process

Mix the egg whites in a bowl and whisk the solution until stiff. This may take 8 minutes and should be done at medium temperature. For best results, you can use a water bath.

After this step, remove the mixture from the heat and continue to whisk until it cools well. The butter must be at the same temperature as the mixture to form a smooth cream. Otherwise, you will have a not very nice cream with a few lumps.

Note : the smoother the cream obtained, the more our unicorn cake will be pleasant to see and easy to decorate.

02 - Unicorn's ears, horn and eyes confections 🦄

Once the principle is understood, the design of the horn and ears is rather easy to achieve. Instead, follow the steps below.

Making the horn 🦄


A skewer pick (wooden or metal), golden food powder, white sugar paste.

➡️ Manufacturing procedure

For the horn, start by rolling up the sugar dough to make a long sausage. You need the thinner ends, as they will form the top of the horn.

Then, use the skewer to roll the sausage all around to form the perfect horn. It's best to start with the thicker side, leaving a small, bare end for planting the horn into the cake.

Then let the preparation dry before painting it thoroughly with golden food powder.

Ear designs 👂


White sugar dough, a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and edible golden powder.

➡️ Manufacturing procedure

Start by spreading out the sugar dough until you reach a thin thickness of about 2 mm. Then cut the dough with the pastry cutter to obtain two hearts. Fold the two hearts slightly upwards and use the edible golden powder to paint the inside.

Note : You can also prepare the ears in advance to avoid wasting time on your daughter's or boy's birthday.

Unicorn cake eyes making 👀

The manufacture of the eyes is quite simple. This preparation takes less than 10 minutes.

➡️ Ingredient

Black sugar paste.

➡️ Design procedure

Cut the sugar dough into the shape of eyes which will then be glued to one side of the cake.

Note : It is best to make this preparation on the "D" day of the ceremony. Otherwise, the dough may harden and break during assembly.

03 - Assembling the parts of the unicorn cake 🎂

Once the preparation of the components is complete, it is time to move on to the overall assembly of the cake. It is best to carry out this step on the day of the event. This will prevent any premature destruction of the preparation.

Start by taking our "molly cake" out of the fridge and placing it on a tray. If you wish to garnish the cake with fruit cream, this is the time to place the layers of cream between the slices of cake.

Now use the Maryse to cover the cake with the previously prepared icing. Take the time to spread the meringue all over the cake until it turns completely white. Then place the preparation in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Now take the cake out of the fridge and smooth out its contours to make it more attractive. "Note that this step is not mandatory. Once the smoothing is finished, put the preparation back in the fridge for another half hour.

04 - Horn cake decoration 💟

Once the cake has cooled and the frosting has set, it's time to start the final decoration.

NB : You can decorate the unicorn cake as you wish according to your preferences and also according to the event to be celebrated. Indeed, there are no rules for decorating.

In our case, we will position the horn above the cake and then embellish it with jars of fresh cream. Choose the colourings that look most appetizing to you. You can also use small white cheeses, chocolate chips. The aim here is simply to make your "cake" look delicious enough.

Once the horn has been placed, it's time for the ears. Push each of them on one side of the cake to perfect your unicorn. Place the eyes, and any other figurines you wish. In addition, use fresh sorbet, yoghurt or ice cream to form the "crest" of the unicorn.

Also think about adding white chocolate ganache to make the birthday happy. You can also divide the cream into 6 bowls and then vary the colouring of each bowl to create a unique design. Don't forget to use the fluted tip and other tips to shape your cream bowls.

You can also add some filled biscuits, almonds, or other delicacies to enhance the visual appeal of your unicorn cake. In short, your decorating kit is essentially up to you.

A few tips to make your unicorn cake a success from the very first try 💡


Making a Unicorn Cake on the First Try

It's obvious that making a unicorn cake on the first try can sometimes be difficult. However, with the following tips, you will certainly succeed.

  • Don't jump right in after reading this quick recipe. It's important to understand each principle before you start.
  • Also, if you have the opportunity, you can try to reproduce the preparation before the ceremony. This allows you to test your performance before the "d" day.
  • Making a successful unicorn cake requires a certain amount of concentration. You shouldn't improvise and try to change the right material each time. Remember to prepare yourself by carrying out the difficult steps a few days in advance.
  • If you have no experience with cakes, it is important to take the same quantities of ingredients as we do. Adding or removing certain elements can influence the final result.
  • Finally, taste each preparation to make sure that it matches your desires before continuing.

We have here a video from Chloe that explains it very well.

Conclusion on how to make a unicorn cake for a happy event 🌈

Congratulations, you have just made a sugar paste unicorn cake with us : "a real professional Rainbow Cake". Although some ingredients such as macaroons, apricots, pistachio or toppings have not been used, there is nothing to stop you from adjusting them to your preparation.

All in all, making a unicorn head cake is not complicated when you pay attention to the different steps detailed on this page. This type of preparation will certainly do your children, and especially your daughters who are passionate about the world of unicorns, a great deal of good.

Moreover, you can also use such a delicacy for Easter, Christmas and also for any joyous occasion that requires a cake.

You can also take unicorn silicone moulds for a perfect decoration.

Don't Forget your Unicorn Mould

Madison Keys

As a writer by trade and passionate about the unicorn, I like to share my knowledge and offer advice to all those new to the field.

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